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“If men were angels then government would not be necessary!” –James Madison

“If we don’t restore trust to the political process by which we govern ourselves, millions of Americans are going to lose all respect for government.” - Scott Rohter

Should Newt Gingrich be Considered as a Vice Presidential Running Mate for Donald Trump?
- May 2016

America's Favorite Little Tree - The Christmas Tree and the Factors that Drive Our Behavior
- December 2014

Climate Science - Is it Really Science or is it Not Really Science at All? - June 2014

From a Bully Pulpit to the World's Biggest Bully - Has the United States Become the Biggest Bully in the World?
- June 2014

Little Pawns for "Big Oil" - Why are the World's Biggest Bullies Vying for Influence over Ukraine and over Access to the European Energy Market?
- April 2014

Is "Marriage Equality" the Great Civil Rights Issue of Our Time? - Five Little Words of Jesus - March 2014

Three Hundred Years - What Does the Future Look Like for the United States of America?
- February 2014

The 50th Anniversary of Lyndon Baines Johnson's "Great Society" - President by Mistake or Just a President who made Mistakes
- February 2014

Is Christianity Getting a Makeover as Gay Rights, Social Justice, Liberation Theology, and Female Clergy Take Over the Churches?
- December 2013

Congressional Budget Betrayals - The Ryan / Murray Bill and the House Republican Sellout
- December 2013

Paul Ryan and Patty Murray Congressional Budget Deal - Is it a Compromise or a just another Republican Sellout? - December 2013

U.S. Government Bans Bull Crap - The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011 - December 2013

Will 2014 be Just Another Turkey Walk or will it be Mitch McConnell's Final Swan Song? November 2013

Fractious Factions: A Conservative - Libertarian Bridge - April 2012 - Updated November 2013

Alphabet News Networks and Talk Radio’s Crackers - March 2012 - Updated November 2013

Transparency - The Way Barack Obama Sees it. - November 2013

Government Shutdown - That's One Small Step for Conservatives,
One Giant Leap for the Republican Party... I Hope.
- October 2013

Government Shutdown, Slim Down, or Show-down? - October 2013

President Obama's Vitriolic Disinformation Campaign Against Bashar al Assad of Syria - September 2013

Barack Obama - The Chief Scoundrel in the World - August 2013

Barack Obama Plays another Round of Golf as the Middle East Continues to Burn - August 2013

His Father's Son - Rand Paul Shows his True Libertarian Colors. - July 2013

WePluribUS - It's More than Just a Little Social Site... It's a Big Change in the Paradigm. - June 2013

The "Chinafication" of America - June 2013

Too Different Worlds and Two Different Americas - April 2013

Stop Hispanic Language & Culture from Taking Over Anymore of North America - April 2013

Taking Ownership of Our Lives and Our Country Again - March 2013

Postmortem Election Analysis - Were We Set Up To Fail? - November 2012

Barack Obama - Alternative Version of Reality - October 2012

Taxes are Not the Prime Factor in Creating Economic Growth - September 2012

Mitt Romney’s  Forty-Seven Percent Comment - September 2012

Democrat Party "Love Fest" in Charlotte - September 2012

"From Tunausea to Indonausea" – The Center of their Muslim World - September 2012

A Jew Looks at the Muhammad You Tube Video - September 2012

Muhammad, King of Medina - September 2012

The Barack Obama Story - A Modern American Fairy Tale that Did Not Come True - September 2012

A National Political Convention to be Ashamed of - September 2012

Morton Blackwell's Open Letter Protesting Rules Changes to Rule #12 - September 2012

Republican National Convention Rules Changes and Dirty Tricks - September 2012

The Blame Stops Here - A Challenge to both Presidential Candidates - September 2012

Mitt Romney Contingency Plan - Two Small Stepping Stones - September 2012

President Obama's Biggest Flip-flops - September 2012

Mitt Romney – Going With the Wind - August 2012

Misspeak in Missouri - Congressman Akin's Little Snafu - August 2012

Prominent Newspaper Editor Arrested in Egypt and Tried for Criticizing Mohammed Morsi - August 2012

Anita MonCrief Emerging Corruption Website Hacked and Forced to Shut Down! - August 2012

Marco Rubio's Presidential Aspirations - Senator Yes... President NO! Constitutional Crises... HELL NO!
- August 2012                            

Politics and War Without Pain – The Party of Drones - August 2012

Money in Politics: A very Poor Yardstick by Any Standard - August 2012

Barack Obama is The Great Pretender President - August 2012

The Ghost of George W. Bush - August 2012

From Caesar’s Death to Jesus’ Birth - August 2012

"The Penalty in the Affordable Care Act is Not a Pig." It is Not a Tax Either! - Scalia Interview
- August 2012                            

Kill Switch - Gun Grab - July 2012

"Party of Asses"... Democrats are More Willing to Tell Lies than Republicans, New Study Shows
- July 2012                    

Aurora Colorado Shootings by Young Progressive Democrat - July 2012

A Rose by Another Name…A Penalty is Still a Penalty, No Matter What they Call It - July 2012

Just Say No to Dhimmitude - It Has No Place in America - July 2012

Duplicitous: Chief Justice John Roberts - The Gift of George W. Bush that Keeps on Giving
- July 2012

Stop the Spin – An Open Letter to the Romney Campaign - July 2012

“Dear John”: How Conservatives got Robbed by John Roberts - June 2012

Supreme Court Rules on Arizona Illegal Immigration Law, SB 1070 - An Analysis - June 2012

God Bless the Parents Who Drugged Us - June 2012

Slavery and the Consequences of Slavery  -  Dialogue between Conservatives - June 2012

Fighting for Our Political Lives - June 2012

Here Comes the Judge Again - U.S. Supreme Court Set to Rule on Patient Protection Affordable Care Act
- June 2012   

The Politics of Division: Re-Selling the Old Idea of Racial Inequality - June 2012

Arizona's Tough New Illegal Immigration Law - The Supreme Court is Set to Rule - June 2012

"Cake Walker" - Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Wins Recall Election by a Wide Margin - June 2012

Wisconsin Recall Election - Scott Walker is Poised to Win - June 2012

What Choice do we have? - June 2012

Wasted Opportunity  -  Who Pulled the Plug on the TEA Party? - June 2012

The Fanatical Face of France - May 2012

The Union of Corp. Gov. - May 2012 (reposted from November 2010)

Reince Priebus – Wisconsin Shenanigans - May 2012

"Mush heads" in the Middle - Undecided Voters are the Target of a Huge Last Minute Media Blitz
- May 2012                   

Michael Morton: Convicted on Circumstantial Evidence Alone - May 2012

Barack Obama: Occupying the White House But Not Made in America - May 2012

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on Trial - May 2012

It’s About Time to Start Revitalizing the Republican Party - April 2012

Only Pandering, Insincerity, and Political Expediency Do I See - April 2012

Obama Secret Service Suffers From More than Just a Lack of Morale - April 2012

NPR and the White House Have Been Taken Over by an Alien Entity - April 2012

Failure to Communicate or a Failure to Convince - April 2012

No Connection to the Past - April 2012

Iran at a Crossroads - April 2012

Fractious Factions: A Conservative - Libertarian Bridge - April 2012

Alphabet News Networks and Talk Radio’s Crackers - March 2012

A Clear Choice - March 2012

Birthday Present and Final Reward - March 2012

Barack Obama  -  Growing Up Socialist in a Capitalist Country - March 2012

Newt Gingrich Political Action Committee "Winning the Future" is Just Spinning the Past - March 2012

Mainstream Media Election Bias  –  What Has to Change? - March 2012

Dishonesty is Not Only an Imperfection. It is a Disqualifier! - March 2012

Milking the Republican Primary for Every Last Cent! - March 2012

Freedom - The Best Antidote for What Ails Us - February 2012

“Rocket Man” and “The Man on the Moon” - February 2012

Drastic Problems Require Drastic Solutions - February 2012

Lane County Republican Party – Worthy of Consideration - February 2012

U.S. Government Entitlement Programs: Are They Good or Bad? - February 2012

The Many Faces of Newt Gingrich - February 2012

Nibbling Away at Our Bill of Rights - February 2012

A Way Around the Mainstream Media - February 2012

Post 9-11 World of Fear – Living on Edge! - February 2012

Art Robinson for Congress – One less Reason to be Afraid - The Road less Traveled - February 2012

Cowering Conservatives in the Republican Party - February 2012

Headline Reads, Barack Obama Wants Smaller Government - January 2012

Newt Gingrich: The Greatest Title of All – Honest Man - January 2012

Newt Gingrich: Misplaced Notion of Party Loyalty - January 2012

Political Purification - January 2012

Red Solutions or God’s Green Earth - January 2012

Freedom and Limited Government  - Till Death Do Us Part! - January 2012

America’s National Security  or  A Politician’s Job Security? - January 2012

Vote for an Honest Man, Not for Newt Gingrich - January 2012

Hollywood is Changing Our World While Keeping Us Misinformed and Entertained - January 2012

A Presidential Picture is Worth a Thousand Words - January 2012

World Wide Intellectual Property Pirates and American Intellectual Property Rights - January 2012

Kiss of Death - John McCain Endorses Mitt Romney - January 2012

The Real Newt Gingrich Video from Frank on Vimeo - September 2009

Learning the Rules of the ‘Political Road’…  It is Not a Hard Choice - January 2012

Thomas Jefferson – Life, Liberty, and… the Divisive Issue of Slavery - January 2012

Iran: Dropping Terrorism or Dropping the Bomb? - January 2012

Last Two Standing - ‘Newt-Romney’ - January 2012

Newt Gingrich: Serial Hypocrisy Video - January 2012

The Ging‘Grinch’ that Stole Christmas... Almost - December 2011

Counterfeit Conservatives - Newt Romney - December 2011

Ding Dong, Taepo Dong, and So Long Kim Jung-Il - December 2011

Newt 'World Order' Gingrich - December 2011

The Inverse Relationship Between Freedom and Big Government - December 2011

A Twisted Tutorial - December 2011

Perspectives on a Third Party - December 2011

Cheating Your Way to the Top of the GOP Primary - December 2011

A General Consensus Among Republicans.  Is There Any? - December 2011

The Justice of Inequity - December 2011

The Crippling Legacy of Slavery – How America’s Original Sin of Slavery Still Affects Us Today
- November 2011                      

Newt Gingrich: Consummate Politician and Quintessential Progressive Establishment Republican
- November 2011                

Newt shows his true colors, again - Jospeh Farah, WorldNetDaily - Editorial - November 2011

The Biggest Entitlement of All - November 2011

Losing the Bigger Ideological Struggle With Socialism - November 2011

I Am Woman!  Apparently I Have to Roar. Gender Bias in the Republican Presidential Primary
- November 2011                          

Congressman Peter Defazio Addressing Occupy Portland - YouTube Video - November 2011

What to Do About Occupy Wall Street.  Who are the Occupiers and Who Are the 99% - November 2011

EU Bailout of Greece or Not? A Very Unfortunate and Dangerous Time for the World - November 2011

What the Heck Is Going On In Libya - Starting Off on the Wrong Foot - October 2011

Real Campaign Finance Reform that You Can Believe In - October 2011

What is the Proper Role of the Federal Government? - October 2011

Another Round of Quantitative Easing, or Another Round of Phony Conservatives? - October 2011

What Keeps Americans Free From One Generation to the Next? - October 2011

Describing Democrats in 25 Words or Less! - October 2011

Occupy Wall Street Vs. the TEA Party - A Comparison - October 2011

Pay to Play - Financing the Republican Campaign Message - October 2011

The Occupy Wall Street Gang Vs. The Wall Street Gang - October 2011

What Is Wrong With Our Current Health Care Delivery System and the Government Solution?
- October 2011

Snow White and the Seven Republican Dwarfs - October 2011

Suspending Elections - A Glimpse into the Mindset of Beverly Perdue, Barack Obama, and the Democratic Party
- October 2011&

Little Red Lying Hood and the Big Bad Wolf - October 2011

Rules for Reds – Exposing the Soft Communism of the Democratic Party - September 2011

Two Political Parties Can Ruin the Economy, and the Country Just as Easily as One - September 2011

Two Special Congressional Bellwether Elections - September 2011

Al Sharpton, How Stupid You Really Are - September 2011

Barack Obama is Turning the Oval Office Into a 24 Hour ATM Machine - September 2011

Destiny Calls, Are You Listening? An Open Letter to Glenn Beck - September 2011

Barack Obama’s American Jobs Act, or Barack Obama's Own Job Act? - September 2011

The Key to a Healthy Economy - September 2011

The Standard by Which We Will Judge the 112th Congress - August 2011

Blessed Are the Children - August 2011

Farther To The Left Too! - August 2011

How Would You Like Your Government, Supersized Or Down Sized? - August 2011

From Death Panels to Debt Panels - August 2011

A 'Friendly' Little Interview with Michele Bachmann on Meet the Press - August 2011

Michele Bachmann Wins Iowa Straw Poll – Please Remember to Duck, Michele! - August 2011

The Most Important Qualification to Be President - August 2011

The Summer of Muslim Discontent - The So Called "Arab Spring" - August 2011

Just When You Think That The Federal Reserve Board Is About Out of Tricks... - August 2011

Not the Democratic Party of Your Fathers! - August 2011

Fixing Our American Federal Debt Crisis - It’s As Easy As One, Two, Three! - August 2011

The Freedom to Lie - Unwanted Propaganda ‘Blitzkrieg’ - August 2011

The Budget Control Act of 2011: (SB 627) 'The Bonehead Boehner Bill' - A Postmortem - August 2011

Budget Control Act of 2011 - Is This the Best Deal That We Can Get? - August 2011

Unfit to Lead?  -  Are They Making New Qualifications to Be President? - July 2011

A Debtor Nation is a Slave Nation - Is America Still the Land of the Free? - July 2011

Addicted to Revenue - Does the U.S. Government Have a Spending Problem?- July 2011

Lib and Let Live - July 2011

Why Does it Always Rain In Washington D.C.? - July 2011

Going Deeper into Debt - Is the Federal Debt Ceiling Necessary or Not? - July 2011

Beyond Compromise! The Significance of This Moment in American History - July 2011

An Historic Moment in New York History- New York Legalizes Gay Marriage - July 2011

Mitt Romney: Can Anything Really Conservative Come From Massachusetts? - June 2011

Congressmen Anthony Weiner - Conduct Unbecoming a Member of Congress - June 2011

Henry Kissinger On China is Revisionist History! - June 2011

Harold Camping, Family Radio, and Bible Prophecy - May 2011

Two RINOs Out, Two RINOs In! - Trump and Huckabee Out, Gingrich and Romney In - May 2011

Newt Gingrich Update - May 2011

Is a Constitutional Convention Necessary? - May 2011

Obama, Osama, and the Deep Blue Sea - May 2011

Trump: Herald to Victory or Call to Defeat? - April 2011

Michele Bachmann - Michelle Obama, What’s In a Name? - April 2011

A Government Shut Down, Is Ok With Me! - April 2011

Chronicling America's Progressive Slide to Socialism - Graphic - April 2011

Cutting the Federal Budget. Are we Ever Going to get Serious About the National Debt? - April 2011

How About a Department of Peace Instead of a Department of Defense? - April 2011

Big Government Advocacy and Original Intent - April 2011

Martin Luther King and Lewis Farrakhan – Power on Earth or Poison on Earth? - April 2011

Libya: Should America Get Involved In Another War In the Middle East? - March 2011

'Newt'worthy or Not? Is Newt Gingrich the Best Candidate for President in the Republican Primary?
- March 2011            

War on Drugs and the Black American Family - March 2011

NPR, PBS, and Commercial Radio & TV – The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg - March 2011

The National Debt and Economic Slavery: A Political Parable - February 2011

Democrat Legislators in Madison, Wisconsin Hold State Legislature Hostage - February 2011

The Arizona Shooter and Our Broken Legal System - The Law is an Ass! - February 2011

Illegal Immigration and Legal Immigration - February 2011

The Passenger in the Box  -  The Perfect Solution to Profiling for Terrorists at the Airport - February 2011

Prevailing in Pensacola - Florida Sues Federal Government Over Obama Care - February 2011

Let’s Get Serious About Cutting the Federal Budget and the National Debt - February 2011

Is Michelle Obama Turning Into a Modern Day Marie Antoinette? Food, Diet and the Public Health
- February 2011                 

Colonizing America in the 21st Century Style - Illegal Immigration from Mexico - February 2011

Ben Bernanke, High Priest of the Not Too Mighty Dollar - February 2011

Rahm Emanuel Seeks to Become Mayor of Chicago - Is There any Danger of Vote Fraud in 2012?
- February 2011                

The Free Market, Socialism, and Monopolies: A Comparison - Februray 2011

Victims of Success-Who is to Blame for America’s Downfall? - January 2011

All that is Good and Bad About America is on Display in Arizona Shootings - January 2011

Defending Sarah Palin and The Tea Party - The 2012 Election Season Begins - January 2011

Arizona Shootings / Democrats and Liberal Media Rush to Play the Blame Game - January 2011

There is No More Honor in the US Navy, Capt. Owen Honors - January 2011

It’s Supposed to be a Pastime Not a Life Time - January 2011

Words Have Meanings - The Value of Real Estate and the Value of Money - January 2011

Shooting Down a “Lame Duck Congress” with Reform Legislation - January 2011

The Difference Between Liberals and Conservatives - January 2011

Gay and Lesbian Activists Planning Their Next Victory After Don't Ask - Don't Tell - December 2010

The Victims of 9/11 Health and Compensation Act - The Real Scoop - December 2010

Victory in Virginia – Winning One for Limited Government - December 2010

The Omnibus Spending Bill 2010 - An "Obamanible" Snow Job - December 2010

The Wiki Leaks Revelations and Scandal - December 2010

Democrats Seek Bipartisanship to Repeal "Don't Ask Don't Tell" - December 2010

The Dream Act: A Real Nightmare - December 2010

Tax Cuts are Still Tax Cuts and Democrats are Still Playing Class Warfare - December 2010

After the 2010 Victory, What Next? - December 2010

A Temporary Truce Between Liberals and Conservatives - December 2010

All the Men are Playing Ball - Poem, December 2010 

The First Chinese Rocket to the Moon – Unmasking the New World Order - December 2010

The Beginning of National Health Care - The Last Generation of Americans to Take Care of Themselves
- November 2010     

Federalism and Deliverance - The Nullification Option - November 2010

The Unlegislative Branch of Government - It's Time for a New Birth of Freedom - November 2010

The Union of Corp. Gov. - November 2010

Government is Not Your Uncle Sam - November 2010

President Obama's Worst Decision - August 2010

Immigration - Illegal and Legal - Audio on Vimeo

An Open Border - America's Achilles Heel - Poem 1996

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter