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“Theodore Roosevelt said, “A great democracy must be progressive.” And it was he who caused the Republican candidate for President in 1912, the incumbent William Taft, to lose to the Democratic candidate Woodrow Wilson. This ushered in the entire 'Progressive Movement', which we are still fighting to this day! So can we Republicans please refrain from quoting Theodore Roosevelt anymore!” –Scott Rohter

Beyond Compromise!
The Significance of This Moment in American History

-by Scott Rohter, July 2011

“We must beware of a small group of selfish individuals who would clip the wings of the American eagle in order to feather their own nests.” –FDR

"There is a time for everything and for every purpose under Heaven".  This is a paraphrase from Eccl 3:1. The 2012 Election is NOT the time to compromise on core conservative values!  Now is the time to call upon the courage of conviction, and to stand for something truly significant!  It is also time to fight for the principles of limited Constitutional government and personal responsibility that our founding fathers knew were essential to the very survival of this Republic!  These values have made our country a model for the whole world for over 235 years!  The course of American history and the lives of future generations of unborn Americans depend upon it!  Lately these values have come under increasing attack!  American prosperity and the uninterrupted flow of liberty to our descendants requires our uncompromising allegiance to traditional republican forms of government, and our unwavering attention to every aspect of this election and to every detail of each candidates background, and their positions on all the issues, especially in the Primary!  We must not let the Lib-Media design this election, dictate the issues that will be important, and pick our candidate for us once again! This election is not just about jobs!

Many political anomalies have been perpetrated on our floundering Republic under the current Democratic administration with their monopoly on power that they enjoyed in Washington D.C. during the first two years of President Obama’s term of office!  These transformational changes, to quote the President’s own words, were forced upon a very divided and reluctant population, under the guise of bringing ‘hope and change’ to a discouraged and disillusioned country.  And for that we can also thank the George W. Bush Administration for eight very disappointing years!  It has been said that Jimmy Carter gave America Ronald Regan.  It is also true that George W. Bush gave America Barack Obama, and Barack Obama only beat John McCain by getting the “anybody but another four more years of Bush,” VOTE! But there was never any real mandate for any of the transformative changes that were brought in by the election of Barack Obama and the Democrats in the 111th Congress!  Therefore, the 2012 Election is about resetting the clock!  It is about overturning every one of these unwanted changes starting right at the top with ‘the mother of all changes,’ ObamaCare!  Then we can go right down the entire list: The repeal of Don’t Ask- Don’t Tell, the bombing of Libya, the Administration’s illegal immigration non-enforcement policy, the Administration’s legal actions against the State of Arizona to stop Arizona from enforcing existing Federal Immigration Law, the Justice Department’s non-prosecute policy whenever it comes to any high-profile black on white crime, the President’s rather weak position on the sanctity of marriage, and the Justice Department’s refusal to defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), the Administration’s Project Gunrunner to sell guns to Mexican drug cartels to undermine our 2nd amendment.

I already hear the sell-outs in the media, the campaign advisors, and even the muckity-mucks in the Republican Party, trying to reshape this election by limiting the substantive issues, and restricting the discussion to just improving the economy and creating more jobs.  Don’t get me wrong.  These are important issues, but they are the usual stuff of every election.  However, this election is different!  We are at a watershed moment in our Nation’s history!  If they are successful in re-defining this election, and limiting the issues to just jobs and the economy, then The Establishment will also be successful in advancing their own candidate, Mitt Romney, as the Republican Party’s standard bearer in 2012. That would not be in our own best interest, because Mitt Romney is not a real conservative!  He is just another progressive Republican!

The Elite Movers and Shakers, who are hard at work right now defining and reshaping the issues for the 2012 election, are doing so in order to make it more likely that one of their favorite sons, either Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney will win the Republican Primary.  It looks like Newt’s campaign is self-destructing right now. Thank goodness for small miracles, but don’t count him out just yet!  However, Mitt Romney is quite another matter. Since he is still viable, all of their focus will now probably shift to him!  But every issue in this election is important, not just jobs and the economy!  And we need to select a formidable candidate to lead the Republican Party who is good on most, if not all, of the substantive issues, starting first and foremost with the repeal of ObamaCare!  We must not pick another RINO Republican to lead the ticket in 2012, who invented the very model for Universal Healthcare in Massachusetts, that President Obama used to design his National Healthcare Plan. And what’s worse is that O’Romney Care even pays for abortions!  WARNING: Mitt Romney also refuses to sign the Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life Pledge! (Who would have guessed?)

If this Election is allowed to be just about jobs and the economy again, then even I have to admit that Mitt Romney doesn’t look so bad after all.  But if it is also about repealing ObamaCare, and getting rid of individual healthcare mandates, then we need a President who will actually sign that legislation if it is passed!  If it is also about paying down the National Debt and eliminating the annual budget deficits, or arresting the decline of the moral and social fabric that is unraveling our country, then the Mitt Romney luster quickly loses a lot of it’s shine!  You can’t do this with a President who only pretends to be conservative, but who is actually a closet progressive, one who signed into law, as the Governor of Massachusetts, legislation creating universal healthcare that funds abortions!  You can’t do this with a President who refuses to sign the Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life Pledge!  You can’t do this with a President whose plan is to compromise with Democrats!

We don’t need ‘The Great Pretender’ at this crucial moment in our Nation’s history!  What America needs now, more than ever before, is the real thing, ‘The Real McCoy,’  an honest to goodness Constitutional conservative, with the courage of their convictions,  and a spirit of no compromise, not just another fake designer knock-off, from the shelves of dubious distinction and questionable values sold to us by the Media, whose intentions are to compromise and to reach across the aisle to make deals with Democrats!  And that is just what Mitt Romney said he would do last week, if he was elected our 46th President!  He said he would reach across the aisle to make deals with Democrats in ‘the spirit of national compromise.’

We’ve already had enough compromises from the Republican Party! We need Republicans who will hold their ground, and who will finally stand for something!  In truth, all of that compromise is what gave birth to the TEA Party Movement to reclaim the Republican Party and our country!  We don’t need another Bob Barker in the White House, making deals! We need a President with the fortitude of a modern-day Stonewall Jackson, or a Sheriff Joe Arpaio, of Maricopa County, Arizona, who demonstrate the courage of their convictions!  Yes, there is a time for everything and for every purpose under heaven,… but this is NOT the time for compromises!  We need to go Beyond CompromiseWe need to be above compromising! This is not the time for making deals! We need to recapture the lost territory that we have ceded to the 'liberal agenda' in America’s Progressive Slide to Socialism. (Please see the attached link.) 

Now is the time to stand for more than just Big Business or Big Government, for Republicans or Democrats!  If there was ever anything worth turning off our television sets for all across America, and getting up off our derrieres, or taking time away from perfecting our golf game, than this Election in 2012 is certainly worth it!  In this most critical moment in our Nation’s history, we will discover what kind of people we are, and what kind of stuff we are made of, and whether or not we are even worthy of keeping this Republic! May God help us all if we fail to understand the significance of This Moment in American History!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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