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Two Sides To Every Story
What the Heck Is Going On In Libya Under Obama
Starting Off On the Wrong Foot
-by Scott Rohter, October 2011

“I have no pleasure in the death of him that dieth, saith the Lord God,
wherefore turn [from your wicked ways] and live.”
  Ezekiel 18.32

The Obama Administration seems quite pleased with itself, and everybody else seems very happy, now that Moammar Gadhafi is dead.  There are pictures all over the world of Libyans celebrating his death in the streets!  Obviously his death is no great loss to the world, and only a few of his surviving family and friends are even alive to mourn the loss of this contemptible dictator!  (Note: some of his family members were also killed in the eight-month long rebellion.)  This is the standard way of thinking, but there are always two sides to every story. I would like to try to point out the other side to this one. 

First of all, our American reputation has been besmirched!  Why do I say that?  We made a deal with Gadhafi after 9/11 that if he gave up his weapons of mass destruction, including his nascent nuclear weapons program, and he agreed to reform his old ways, i.e. stop being a sponsor of state terrorism, then we would welcome him back into the world wide community of nations, and we would resume normal diplomatic relations with him.  Does supporting a rebellion in Libya and bombing Colonel Gadhafi's military seem like normal diplomatic relations to you?  He gave up his WMDs, and he stopped sponsoring terrorism, and he is dead today because he trusted us!  Not that I am mourning his death.  I am not!  His death may be no great loss to the world, however I still value my country’s reputation!  I only mourn my country's loss of honor and integrity, and our descent into a rather Machiavellian foreign policy, where the ends justifies the means!

The United States pulled the rug out from under Gadhafi, after he complied with all of the terms of our agreement!  That won’t convince many other countries or world leaders to sign any more agreements with the United States!  The US and NATO bombed his tanks and planes, and disabled his military with months of relentless bombing, and we left him defenseless and unable to even quell an internal rebellion in his own country!  We set him up for his fatal downfall!  It was a NATO bombing mission that stopped his convoy dead in its tracks, as he was trying to escape from the city of Sirte, on Libya’s Mediterranean coast.  We may just as well have pulled the trigger on the gun that actually killed him, while he was still begging for his life!  He had surrendered, and he was in custody, and he posed no threat to anyone, yet he was summarily and brutally executed on the spot!  This lawless and uncivilized act of executing an unarmed, and defenseless old man, who had surrendered, and was in custody, not to mention the fact that he was also a deposed head of state, is reminiscent of what the bloodthirsty Bolsheviks did to the last Russian Czar, Nicholas II and to his entire family! The Communists simply lined them up and shot them all, without a trial, and without so much as a single charge being brought against any member of the royal family!  All of the Romanoffs were murdered.  It was considered a sufficient enough crime for the Empress, and her children, to be the wife, and the heirs of the deposed Russian leader!  Guilt by association was the order of the day, and summary execution was the required method of punishment.  The Russian Republic got off on the wrong foot, with no respect for the rule of law, and with innocent blood on their hands, and to this very day, the leaders of Russia still have no respect for law and order! 

Libya is starting off on the wrong foot too, and in very much the same way that Russia did, and in all likelihood the Libyans will end up in the same situation as the Russians are today, i.e. living under a form of tyranny!  The lawless and uncivilized act of shooting an unarmed man who is in custody, and who poses no further threat to anyone, without a trial, and without any charges being brought against him, is a big step backward, not forward, in the annals of history!  It is an affront to any pretense of civilization.  And it makes the United States look bad, as well as untrustworthy, to be the allies of such miscreants, who would kill an unarmed prisoner in cold blood without a trial, and then parade his mutilated body around on the hood of a pickup truck!  Then they proceeded to store his bloodied and mutilated corpse in a meat locker for four days for everyone to see.  We are responsible for this atrocity, this blotch on civilization, or at least President Obama is! He is responsible for rendering Colonel Gadhafi defenseless and helpless, and delivering him up to those bloodthirsty savages!  They are no better than he was!  There is no question that if President Obama had asked the Libyans to capture Gadhafi alive, and hold him over for trial, that they would have done it, because they are beholden to us!  So what is President Obama trying to cover up now?  Are we going to have his body buried at sea too, just like we did with Osama's? I’m just kidding, of course.  Those brutal savages will bury him wherever they want, if they don’t feed his mutilated corpse into a wood chipper first!  But how do you think this looks to other countries around the world, and to other heads of state, when the leader of the free world appears to condone this type of behavior from our allies, and we have such a vacillating, Machiavellian foreign policy, like we currently have under President Obama?  This is Barack Obama’s foreign policy message to the whole world.  If you put your trust in the United States of America, we will betray you and sell you out!  This Machiavellian foreign policy of expedience is the same message that you will find throughout the writings of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, and Saul Alinsky! The message is the same: The ends justifies the means!  There are no rules!  It is not how you conduct yourself, or how you play the game that really matters.  It is only whether you win or lose in the end that counts!  That was Karl Marx's message to the world, and it is the message of all of his followers, from Lenin to Obama!  Yes Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Antonio Grimche, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers, Van Jones, and even our President Barack Obama all follow the same principles. The ends justifies the means, and it is only winning in the end that counts!

In addition to not inspiring any other country in the world, or any other world leader to ever trust America again, we are lowering the bar for acceptable international behavior, and setting a bad example, not of American exceptionalism, but of blatant disregard for law and order, and disdain for generally accepted standards of human behavior! This is much worse than anything that ever went on at Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo Bay, that the Democrats were always complaining about!  The alleged atrocities that occurred at Abu Ghraib do not even compare to shooting a captured head of state, who is a prisoner of war, while he is begging for his life!  And you don’t hear a single word about it from any Democrats!

Why did the Obama Administration nearly go crazy last week over the thwarted Iranian attempt to assassinate a Saudi diplomat in Washington, when they are really not much better than the Iranians are, or at least their current Libyan allies are not!  I can't wait until the next election! The sooner we get Barack Obama out of office, the better I will personally feel.  Then we will certainly have our work cut out for us, just trying to restore our credibility, and trying to repair America's tattered reputation in the eyes of the world!   The Democrats used to say that George W. Bush ruined America’s reputation overseas.  They said that Bush was acting like a Texas cowboy.  Will somebody please get a big mirror and put it on the front lawn of the WhiteHouse, so that these guys can actually get a good look at themselves! Obama is acting like a Chicago gangster!  At least under President Bush, Saddam Hussein and the other members of his regime actually got a trial, and they were charged with crimes before they were speedily dispatched!  You can’t say the same thing for what is going on in Libya under Obama!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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