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Eugene/Springfield - News & Views

Ankle Deep Snow Leaves Many Oregonians Flat Footed while State and Local Officials Procrastinate
December 2013

Eugene EmX – Rapid Transit Fetish - May 2012

EmX: Traffic Congestion Made Worse by Designated Bus Lanes - April 2012

Envision Eugene... or Appreciate Eugene - April 2012

Oregon House Bill 4111 - News Blackout - April 2012

Re-Envision Eugene:   Alternative Vision - April 2012

In the Final Analysis, Rob Handy and Peter Sorenson Were Found Guilty! - April 2012

Paving the Way for Urban Development by Paving Right Over Life, Liberty, and Property - April 2012

Seven Appointed By One - Appreciate Eugene - April 2012

Oregon House Bill 4111 - Committe Hearing on General Government and Consumer Protection
February 3, 2012 video                    

River Road/Santa Clara Property Owner's Association Anti-Annexation Ad from around 1998

Register Guard Not On Board Anymore  -  Reading the Tea Leaves - April 2012

Peter Sorenson and Rob Handy are Still Running for Re-election Even Though They Were Both Found Guilty of Violating Oregon’s Public Meetings Law - April 2012

The Neely’s in Concert 2010

A Message to Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy and the Eugene City Council - March 2012

Oregon House Bill 4111 Foreclosure Reform Bill Passes Legislature - March 2012

Property Rights Under Attack in Oregon by State Constitution - Looking back at HB 3453 and SB 929 - March 2012

Slapped Down by the Judge, But Not Knocked Down / Handy or Maybe “Not So Handy” - March 2012

Lane County Republican Party – Worthy of Consideration - February 2012

West Eugene EmX Update! - February 2012

Art Robinson for Congress – One less Reason to be Afraid - The Road less Traveled - February 2012

Living in Fear in Eugene, Oregon - January 2012

Register Guard Story, They’re on Board Should be Retitled We’re on Board - January 2012

A Clash of Views Over Education - December 2011

What Can We Do About the Occupy Eugene Movement? - November 2011

Results of West Eugene EmX Online Poll - November 2011

Eugene West 11th EmX Support Trend - Lindholm Polling - September 2010 - November 2011

Congressman Peter Defazio Addressing Occupy Portland - YouTube Video - November 2011

Lane County Budget Shortfall Projected at $7.8 Million for Fiscal Year 2011-2012 - June 2011

The Lane County Commissioners Plan to Go On a 'Retreat' - June 2011

The City of Eugene Income Tax Is Defeated! -  So Who ReallyWon? - May 2011

In the Final Analysis, Rob Handy and Peter Sorenson Were Found Guilty! - May 2011

Is There a Big Bulls-Eye Painted Right On the Back of Our Lane County Board of Commissioners?
- May 2011               

Just More of the Same Old Kind of Liberal Intolerance and Bias? - April 2011

Don’t Push the Reset Button, Pull the Plug - Part 2 - April 2011

A Eugene Area Conspiracy  -  The Little City that Couldn't Let Eugene Vote on the EmX - April 2011

Are the New Lane County Commissioners Already Compromising on Principles? - April 2011

Residents of Eugene Should Defeat the City Income Tax on Principle, Not on a Legal Technicality!
- March 2011                

Should the Lane County Board of Commissioners Be Downsized From Five Members to Three Members?
- February 2011  

Our “Handy  Dandy” Lane County Government Violates Oregon Public Meetings Law- January 2011

Are you Ready for a City Income Tax Eugene? - January 2011

Prospecting for Water on the McKenzie River - Speculating on Big Development - December 2010

Funding the Goodpasture Bridge Repairs with Federal Money - December 2010

The Lane County Planning Commission and the Water Quality Canard - November 8, 2010

Don’t Push the Reset Button, Pull the Plug Out of the Wall! - Part 1 - October 2010

Liberty Bank Failure-Papé Name Turns to Mud – FDIC and Home Federal to the Rescue - July 30, 2010

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