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Stop the Spin – An Open Letter to the Romney Campaign
By Scott Rohter July 2012

I am going to vote for Mitt Romney in November and I hope that all of my fellow Republicans will get out and vote for our Party's nominee too, but his campaign team just has to stop promoting all of the spin. It just isn’t true to say that John Roberts is a genius, and Romney is not going to win his way to the White House by having his campaign staffers lie to us just the same way that the Democrats do! John Roberts is no genius. He is not even a conservative, so stop trying to tell us that he is! If John Roberts was a smart conservative, he would have put a stake right through the heart of the Affordable Care Act when he had the opportunity. If he had done that then the failure of Obama's signature piece of legislation would have been the nail in Barack Obama's coffin in November, or at least a millstone around his neck! Do you really think that Justices Scalia, Thomas and Alito are stupid, all three of them??? “A bird in hand is better than two in the Bush.” That’s what I believe! Justice Roberts should not have missed the golden opportunity to pull the plug on Obama Care when he had the chance! If you were out in the woods deer hunting and you came across a big eight point buck standing right there in front of you and you had him dead to rights in your gun sight, you just wouldn’t let him walk away would you? One is not likely to get another such golden opportunity like that.

If The Affordable Care Act had been rejected as un-constitutional by the United States Supreme Court then it would have branded Barack Obama’s signature piece of legislation as a failure, and he would have been branded as a failure along with it! Now instead, he is looked upon as a success by all of his colleagues and political backers on Capitol Hill, so they will only continue to support him financially and politically! If his signature piece of legislation had gone down to defeat, then just like the rats that they are, his political supporters would have fled from his sinking ship and his political purse strings would have dried up. Please stop all of the spin coming from the Romney campaign! And tell our Republican Presidential nominee to stop the spin also. That is not the way he is going to beat Barack Obama, by lying to us just the way Obama does. I want Mitt Romney to win. But he won’t get elected by giving us a spin job just the way the Democrats do!

Finally if you think that Justice Roberts is so smart and such a great conservative, then how do you explain his other recent votes: Roberts voted against Arizona along with the other liberal members of the Court (except for Kagan who recused herself) on three of the four aspects of Arizona's tough illegal immigration law. And then the Chief Justice voted once again with all of the liberal members of the Court to uphold Obama Care... Please be realistic! Justice Roberts is not a conservative! If Mitt Romney is going to do well in the General Election then he must start by telling us the truth!! Otherwise a lot of us will only vote for him, but we are not going to get out and work for him!

Supposedly the author of this political spin on the Supreme Court Decision was “I.M. Citizen”. That is just a moniker...Whenever a legitimate political commentator or pundit writes an editorial piece, or an opinion, they put their name on it just like I do. If you don’t believe me, consider this... Does George Will attribute his articles to a fictitious moniker, or Charles Krauthammer? Of course not! The moniker “IM Citizen” means that the article was written by the Romney campaign, and it is nothing more than pure political propaganda!

So far the only place I see promoting this silly propaganda that Scalia, Thomas and Alito are all dummies, not to mention all the liberal members of the Court, and that Justice Roberts is by far the smartest man on the Court, in the room, or even in the whole country is the Romney campaign, with the one possible exception of Ken Cuchinelli. Perhaps Mr. Cuchinelli is too wrapped up in the whole issue surrounding Obama Care to actually take notice of just how the Chief Justice voted on Arizona's SB 1070... or maybe he doesn’t care... I don’t know. I can’t read his mind! But I do know one thing for sure. I am a real conservative. And John Roberts is not!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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