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Kill Switch – Gun Grab
By Scott Rohter July, 2012

Apparently President Barack Obama has a kill switch for the Internet!  He can personally cut off internet service to millions of American homes, and he can single handedly stop hundreds of millions of Americans from communicating with each other via the net with just a figurative mere flip of the switch. And to make matters even worse, he can do it all without any Congressional oversight or legitimate Court order! I know how much the Democrats hated George W. Bush with his big Texas swagger, but even George W. Bush with all of his Texas swagger didn’t try to do that!

Nope! The Democrats who controlled Congress gave that un-Constitutional authority to Barack Obama in 2009-2010 during the first two years of the little dictator’s reign, I mean term. Now why would an American President feel like they needed to shut down the Internet anyway? And why would a democratically elected and Democrat controlled Congress feel like they needed to grant him the power to do that?...That’s a very good question.

The first time I ever heard of a kill switch for the Internet was way back in the so called “glory days of the Arab spring.” The term was being used in reference to the now deceased little dictator, Muammar Khadafy and the Libyan uprising that swept across his country like a perfect desert storm and swept him out of power. All of the dissidents who were rising up against Khadafy all over his little desert sheikdom were corresponding with each other via two American inventions, Facebook and Twitter. It was speculated that Khadafy had a kill switch for the Internet somewhere inside his Tripoli headquarters, and if things ever got too bad for him, he could silence all communication in his country with the single flip of a switch.

The media all over the world and the public recoiled in shock and disbelief at the thought of someone acutally being able to silence the Internet! Service providers and search engines alike were simply unprepared for the idea that a little dictator like Khadafy could arbitrarily pull their plug, and cut off communication between people on Facebook and Twitter, or via email and texting with some kind of a kill switch that he had secreted away in the basement of his personal compound.

Well guess what? Our little American dictator, Barack Hussein Obama now has one of those same kill switches, not in his Tripoli compound, but quite figuratively at his disposal in Washington D.C. or at arm’s length! Do we need an “American dictator” to be able to shut down the internet whenever he chooses? If so, tell me why?

I think instead that We The American People need a “kill switch” of our own to force a shut down the Federal Government whenever they don’t follow the Constitution to the letter, or when they stray outside the bounds of their proscribed Constitutional authority, or when they have “gone wild” like a bunch of co-eds in Florida on Spring Break!

But why just give the President a kill switch for the Internet? Why didn’t Congress give him a kill switch for the mainstream media and the cable news networks as well? Ah,… but therein lies the rub! Why didn’t our Democrat controlled Congress feel the need to give their own “Prez” a kill switch to shut down the liberal controlled corporate media; ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN and NPR? Do you think that they might not be quite as worried about the mainstream media, who are for the most part large Democrat donors, or was it just that they felt they couldn’t get away with it?

Personally I think in addition to having a kill switch for Congress and the White House, the American people should also have our very own kill switch for the corporate mainstream media who own and control them! Oh, but I almost forgot….We already do! We can turn off the mainstream media any time we want with just the push of a little button on the remote control… So why don’t we try doing that a little more often?

It’s such a pity that we can’t do the exact same thing with Congress and the White House! (Push a little button and turn them off too.) We should be able to just shut off the Federal Government whenever we feel threatened by it as we have recently been with the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act, and the more recent danger from the Senate possibly ratifying the Law of the Sea Treaty, and now with the highly unpopular United Nations “Gun Grab Treaty”, the so called Arms Control Treaty.

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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