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How About a Department of Peace Instead of a Department of Defense?
-By Scott Rohter, April 2011

Some liberals have opined in the news lately, that instead of having a Department of Defense, our country should create a new cabinet level department called the “Department of Peace”. And we should just abolish the existing Department of Defense. By doing so they claim that we would be less likely to engage in any more un‑constitutional wars oversees of our own choosing. Here’s my analysis.

I don’t see anything wrong with having a Department of Defense. Just like any other Government Department, it’s probably rife with corruption and inefficiency, and could be improved. But our country must always be ready and able to defend itself at all times! However just having a strong defense won’t guarantee our victory anywhere, not in any game man has ever created, or in any confrontation that two sides are ever a party to! If all we possess is a good defense, then the best that our side can ever hope to achieve, on any ball field where games are played, or on any battlefield where wars are waged is a tie, zero-zero!

In order to win, whether it’s in a game, or in real life, in order to prevail we must possess more than just a good defense! And that is precisely why it is said, by coaches and generals alike, that the best defense is a good offense! So may I propose a much better idea than a “Department of Peace.”  I propose that we modify the existing Department of Defense! I think we should start by changing its name to reflect it’s expanded role and responsibilities in the world. I suggest that the new name should be, the “Department of Offense and Defense.” I don’t want it to be just reactionary anymore, responding to threats to the peace after they occur, like a police department, who responds to a crime after it is committed. I mean you don’t call the police department until the burglar is already in your house, and the theft is either in progress or already has occurred, right? I would much rather see a more pro-active Department of Offense and Defense that would actually respond to potential threats to world peace before they occur, and act on them before any civilian’s life is ever endangered. Oh I forgot, there already is an organization like that. The United Nations! You liberals never cease to amaze me!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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