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The Blame Stops Here
A Challenge to Both Presidential Candidates

By Scott Rohter, August, 2012

These should be the words of the man who becomes the next President of the United States. “If I am elected President of the United States, I promise I will stop the blame game that goes on in Washington. I will not blame someone else for the problems that our Nation is facing. I will not blame Congress. I will not blame the previous administration, regardless of whether it was Republican or Democrat.

I will not blame the problems that our country is facing on those who have gone before me! I will not try to pin the blame on anyone. Harry Truman once quipped that the buck stops here! My pledge to you is this. If I am elected President of the United States, not only will the buck stop here, but the blame will stop here too!  A Romney-Ryan Administration will accept full responsibility for what goes on under our watch.

From the moment that I take the oath of office and swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, I promise that I will not blame anyone else, and I will not tolerate anyone in my administration who does. We will set a new course for our Nation and a higher standard. The blame game in Washington D.C. must come to an end!

You will not hear me blame President Obama for his past mistakes. You will not hear me blame George Bush. With the help of your representatives in Congress we will endeavor to fix what has gone wrong in America, and we will attempt to bind up the Nation’s wounds. As your President I will accept full responsibility if we fail. The blame stops here!

For far too long in Washington, the blame game has been going on. The White House blames Congress. Congress blames the White House. The current President blames the last President. The Democrats blame the Republicans. The Republicans blame the Democrats. And everybody blames George Bush! It’s politics as usual in Washington. Well those days are coming to an end. They have to come to an end! The blame game is over. The time for blame is over! A Romney-Ryan Administration will accept full responsibility. I will take ownership, and I will accept the blame if we fail. And With God’s help we will not fail.”

Editor’s Note:   It occurs to me that Americans of all partisan political stripes are tired of watching the blame game being played in Washington D.C. We are tired of seeing long time Washington insiders blame each other for all of the Nation’s problems. We are tired of watching one political Party blame the other political Party. And we are ready for someone to step up and lead, someone with big shoulders who will stand in the gap and accept ownership for the things that go wrong during their administration.

I believe that Mitt Romney can be that man! I believe that if Mitt Romney would base his 2012 Presidential campaign around the principle of restoring accountability to Washington and ending the blame game, that not only would he win in 2012, but America would win as well.

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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