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Listen to the People More Often
A 'Friendly' Little Interview with Michele Bachmann
By Scott Rohter, August 2011

This morning on Meet the Press, or as I like to refer to them, as Meet the ‘Duh Press’ the liberals really went after Michele Bachmann tooth and nail! You knew that they would. As far as I am concerned though, she withstood their attacks and weathered the hostile onslaught of questions very well, and she came out of the fire unscathed! Here is a little sample of the barrage of hostile questions that she withstood. The moderator for the program was David Gregory.

First Mr. Gregory asked her why she is qualified to be President, something that he never bothered to ask the junior senator from Illinois before he was elected President! She responded, “I am a wife for over thirty years, a proud mother of four children, and a foster mother of twenty-three other children. (Try doing that!) I was elected to the Minnesota State Legislature where I served in the State Senate for six years. Then I was elected to the US House of Representatives from a swing district in Minnesota. I appeal to Democrats who are concerned about the most important issue of our time, the crippling National Debt, as well as to Republicans and Conservatives! I am in my third term as a US Congresswoman. I have a law degree from Regent University, and a degree in tax law from William and Mary School of Law. I am a Federal tax attorney. I understand the tax code, and as an owner of a small business, I know what businesses need in order to make it! I get it! The way to grow the economy is to get the Federal Government out of our pocket books. We have to allow Americans to have a more money in their pockets so they can have more purchasing power, and so other Americans can create more jobs and hire more people! If we want to create jobs in America, then we have to get serious about cutting back on Government!” (The Canadian income tax is 18%. It is going down to 15%. In the USA the corporate income tax rate is 34%! It is the highest in the world. No wonder we can’t compete!)

            David Gregory pressed her about her views on homosexuality. He played an old tape recording from several years back where she said, referring to the “gay lifestyle” that, “it is anything but gay. It is a sad lifestyle!”

David Gregory: what would be the view of President Bachmann on homosexuality?

Michele Bachmann: I am not anyone’s judge.

DG: But you have already judged them!

MB: No I haven’t! I am not judging anyone.

DG: Would you appoint an openly gay person to be a member of your administration?

MB: Whether you agree to uphold the Constitution and share my views, would be my only criteria for making appointments.

Then he pressed her even harder. In fact, he pressed her so hard during their 'friendly' little interview that he gave a new meaning to the name of the show, Meet the Press.

DG: You are the one who said that the definition of marriage is one of the defining issues of our time. What is your view on gay marriage?

MB: That is not what Americans are most concerned about.

DG: What about your faith in God? To what extent does your faith in God motivate what you do? To what extent do you take your queues from God?

MB: There is a difference between God as a sense of comfort, and God actually telling you what to do!

DG: Would you let God guide your decisions as President?

MB: I would pray!

DG: Would you appoint an openly atheist person to your administration?

MB: If they agreed to uphold the Constitution and they shared my views, yes I would.

David Gregory plays an old tape recording of Michele Bachmann quoting a verse of scripture that says, wives should be submissive to their husbands.

DG: You’ve got to be kidding me. You don’t really believe that, do you? You don’t really think that in this modern day and age that wives are actually going to go back to being submissive to their husbands, do you?

MB: That is talking about respecting your husbands! My husband and I are partners. We respect each other!

DG: What about the National Debt? You voted against raising the Federal Debt Ceiling. The entire Republican establishment voted to increase the Debt Ceiling. You disagreed with them. Aren’t you worried about defaulting on the debt?

MB: No! [There is no connection!] We don’t have to default on the debt. I wrote a bill to ensure that America would still pay its debts, even if we did not raise the Federal Debt Ceiling!

DG: Let’s try this again. Didn’t the Republicans use the full faith and credit of the United States as a bargaining chip?

MB: No, the President did! He is the one who threatened not to issue Social Security checks, or pay the salaries of our military men and women. It wasn’t necessary to do that! [We have plenty of money coming into the US Treasury, over 200 billion dollars a month!]

DG: But all of the experts and the leadership of both parties agreed that we needed to raise the Federal Debt Ceiling. You disagreed with them and voted against this! Shouldn’t we listen to our elected leaders who know all the facts?

MB: We should try listening to the people more often!

DG: But isn’t that why we elect representatives, and have experts to advise them? (He sounded incredulous!)

MB: We should listen to the people more often!

Go Michele Go!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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