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Mitt Romney’s  Forty-Seven Percent Comment

By Scott Rohter, September 2012

Forty-seven percent of Americans aren’t going to vote for Mitt Romney because they don’t care about his prescient message of lowering taxes. That’s because they don’t pay any federal income taxes. Instead of paying taxes they actually receive some kind of federal entitlements or subsidies, so they will vote for the politician who promises that they can keep their precious entitlements and subsidies even while the United States of America keeps going deeper and deeper into debt. We are 16 trillion dollars in debt right now and we are getting deeper and deeper into debt every minute. I guess the truth really hurts because ever since Mitt Romney made his forty-seven percent comment, all of the liberals in the media have been repeatedly pouncing on his remark with such zest and relish that they appear to be hot-dogging him over it! On top of that they have all been throwing such a hissy fit over his remark, that it has been examined and re-examined from more than one hundred and forty- seven different angles!

Mitt Romney’s very accurate representation of the truth such as it is, has made him look rather inconsiderate and insensitive some people say. At least that is what the liberal media keeps telling us, and not coincidentally that is exactly what President Obama keeps saying too. He said it sounds to him like Mitt Romney “hasn’t been around”… No Mr. President you are the one who hasn’t been around!

You haven’t been around real businesses long enough to know how they actually operate. That’s why you loaned hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money to Solyndra which subsequently went broke! That’s why you ordered General Motors  to begin production of the all new Chevy Volt which isn’t selling very well, and which needs to be so heavily subsidized just in order to even be considered when most Americans are in the market for buying a new car that it is extremely unprofitable to make. It is you Mr. President who has not been around!

I have seen the Liberal Media attack Mitt Romney so many times over his forty-seven percent comment that I am certain they think they have struck real pay dirt in their effort to disparage his character. It goes right along with their unfair portrayal of him as a “greedy corporate raider who stores his unjust plunder in offshore bank accounts in the Cayman Islands in order to avoid paying taxes.” Of course none of this is actually true! But there was another politician from Massachusetts who actually did that. It was none other than Ted Kennedy the Democrat's “Lie-in” of the Senate.

All of this tells me as a very keen observer of national politics that there are powerful people who are very worried about Barack Obama losing the election in November. The truth really hurts, and they know that Barack Obama is in deep trouble right now. The latest mud wrestler to jump into the ring with Romney and start pummeling him over his forty-seven percent remark is Michael Grunwald, a senior correspondent for Time Magazine, who has written a new book,  and NPR is only too happy to have him on their network to discuss his latest literary effort and Mitt Romney’s forty-seven percent comment as well. It seems like a daily affair for NPR to keep focusing and re-focusing on Mitt Romney’s isolated remark even as President Obama’s numerous foreign policy blunders in the Middle-East blow up right in his face, and they are either overlooked or defended by the mainstream media.

Mr. Grunwald takes exception to Mitt Romney’s representation of almost half of the country being dependent upon the Federal Government in some way. In a surprise admission he says that we are all dependent upon the government in some way, shape, or form. We are all takers in his opinion so why should we bother to differentiate between different categories of takers? Let me point out something to you Mr. Chief Correspondent for Time Magazine. When you have paid all of your life into the Social Security System and you have received no interest on your investment over the years, and you don’t even own your principle, when you get to the time of life that you can begin to collect Social Security benefits, you are not depending upon the Federal Government you idiot, they have been dependent upon you for all of these years. You are merely withdrawing a portion of what is rightfully your own money!

Then Grunwald says that the Federal Government subsidizes water, and electricity, and food, and just about everything else that we consume on a daily basis so we are all dependent upon the Federal Government in some way, therefor it is unfair for Mitt Romney to single out the forty-seven percent who receive food stamps without merit, welfare payments when they refuse to go out and find a job, or aid to dependent children when all they want to do is go out on Friday night and get laid so they can increase their Federal procreation subsidy.

I don’t think Mitt Romney is being insensitive at all, and I don’t think that NPR and Michael Grunwald are actually being honest at all. The whole point of their argument is to try to discourage people from actually doing anything about this massive government Entitlement State that we have built.  The whole point of their argument is to say that since everybody is benefitting from Big Government, then we obviously can’t do anything at all about it. They want us to believe that we can’t do anything about this massive government problem unless we are all willing to suffer right along with the forty-seven percent. I reject this notion completely! They are telling us all to go back to sleep. NO! I will not go back to sleep!  And I will not go quietly into that long dark night!

Grunwald goes on to say that the vast majority of government spending is defense related, and that non-defense discretionary spending only accounts for about 12% of the Federal budget. I don’t know how you can even tell the truth anymore in Washington, or how you can trust these statistics. Everyone in Washington D. C. routinely tells lies, and statistics are so easily manipulated that there is almost no point in even quoting them, but if there is actually any fat in the defense budget then it needs to be cut right along with the rest of the excess in Washington.  I don’t know why the Obama Administration even acts like they care though because they haven’t even produced a single budget since Barack Obama has been in office! Not one!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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