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Destiny Calls, Are You Listening?
An Open Letter to Glenn Beck
-by Scott Rohter, September 2011

I reluctantly attended a recent 912 viewing party of your speech, Restoring Courage, that was broadcast from Jerusalem.  But after I had been there for only ten minutes I was very glad that I had come!  This event, which was broadcast around the world, was more than just inspiring.  It was literally earth moving!  Your obvious love for Israel and the Jewish people is greatly appreciated.  I am Jewish, and I am also a Christian!  Your grasp of history and current events in the Middle East as it relates to Israel is right on!  Your historical and biblical perspective, which was interwoven into your presentation, was very moving!  I was also impressed that you had a Palestinian Arab Christian deliver the closing benediction at the end of the event.  It was a fitting close to the multi-faith occasion, and Pastor Khoury’s call for God’s blessing on the Palestinian people was also very welcome.  We are all one in Christ Jesus, where there is neither Jew nor Gentile, slave nor free, [rich nor poor], male nor female.  Gal 3.28, 1 Cor 12.13, Rom 10.12.

During the intermission, I turned to the person sitting next to me and asked, “Well after hearing Glenn Beck speak, do you still think that Barack Obama is a good public speaker?”  She said, “No!  And I never did!”  At the end of the broadcast from Jerusalem I had only four words to say!  Glenn Beck For President!

I would like you to do something for me, Mr. Beck.  I would like you to pray about something.  Perhaps you don’t know why you have been so successful, or why you’ve been brought to where you are, and by that I don’t mean Jerusalem!  I mean your position of influence in American politics.  It isn’t just so that you can just continue to be a broadcaster!  It isn’t so you can continue to sell radio, or TV airtime to commercial advertisers, although you can certainly continue to do that if you wish.

I think you have come so far for a very different reason.  God has allowed you to rise above the rest of the pack so that He can use you, Glenn!  I know you understand that much!  But do you think that being an influential broadcaster is God’s ultimate plan for your life?  Glenn Beck TV is a great idea, although I don’t own a TV or watch television anymore!  But do you think that GBTV is the end game for you?  If you are of that mindset, I would like to say something to you.  Glenn Beck TV is just another vehicle that you can use to get where you are supposed to be!  But in my opinion you are still dancing around the edges of the fire!  Forgive me for saying so, but you need to take the next step!  I know you are already deep in the fray, but you need to step into the fire!  Remember Daniel! 

Glenn, you are certainly one of the most unique and influential broadcasters of the 21st century.  Your place in broadcasting is already assured.  Your place in the Oval Office where all of your insight, understanding, determination, dedication, and your passion and love of God, can be used to its greatest extent, is much desired!  Americans need you to implement the very ideas that you espouse everyday on your radio, and TV programs!  Why else have you been raised up at this time in American history? Why are you still looking for someone else to do what you can do better?

So why shouldn’t you run for President?  Can you give me one good reason why not?  But forget about me!  Can you provide yourself, or your family, or your country with one good reason why not?  You already receive the customary death threats, so you might as well have the best protection that money can buy, i.e. the Secret Service!  You belong in the WhiteHouse Mr. Beck, not just reporting on it!  And I don’t think that you should postpone your decision to run any longer.  You have become so popular for that very reason.  You are meant to be our 45th President.  You just need to take the next step into the burning, fiery furnace, like Daniel.  You’ll be just fine.  But more importantly, you’ll be better able to help our country do fine!

Right now I support the best conservative in the race, which is Michele Bachmann.  My I.T. person who manages the social sites for this website,, supports Governor Perry.  But we both agree that we would support you in a heartbeat if you were running!  Destiny calls, Glenn Beck! Are you listening?

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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