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“Cake Walker”
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Wins Recall Election by a Wide Margin
A New Republican Star is Born
by Scott Rohter, June 2012

In my last article I speculated about who pulled the plug on the TEA Party. I thought that the TEA Party might be running out of juice because we wound up with Mitt Romney as our Republican nominee instead of a solid conservative in 2012. But maybe nobody pulled the plug.  Maybe we haven’t completely lost our mojo. I can say this after witnessing the enormity of Scott Walker's victory in Wisconsin. But I can also tell you this...They won’t stop trying to pull the plug on the TEA Party!

All night long yesterday I listened rather intently to reports on the radio from ABC, the BBC, FOX News, and NPR about the recall election going on in Wisconsin. I went back and forth between wondering and worrying. When it was clear that Governor Walker was actually going to win the election, that’s when I noticed the Liberal’s spin machine kick into high gear. That’s when their denial began to set in too.  Mainstream media reporters began saying things like, “Embattled Governor Scott Walker survives an historic recall election.”  The mainstream media reported that Governor Walker was actually the first and only Governor to ever survive such a recall election. This observation seemed to legitimize their efforts to recall him, and the arrogance of the organizers of this recall election, when in reality Governor Walker did nothing at all to deserve a recall election… The Left just didn’t like the way he was governing. They didn't like his policies, but that is not a reason to call for a recall election. However, stating that he was the only Governor to ever survive such a recall election seemed to justify their efforts all the same.

Furthermore reporters in the mainstream media said that the very polarizing Governor Walker somehow managed to retain his Wisconsin Governorship. Somehow, I ask myself?  They mentioned nothing at all about the huge cost of conducting this unnecessary exercise in democracy, and how it wasted vast sums of the taxpayer’s money.  Instead they pointed out that, “Democrats say they will have to invest even more assets now in Wisconsin in order for their Party to prevail again in November, but the failure of the Wisconsin Recall Election is no reflection either on President Obama’s popularity or on his chances of winning in November… “Yea, right. I have some swampland for sale in Florida. Would you like to buy it?”

Never did I once hear a mainstream news media source realistically admit, or even allude to the huge size and scope of Scott Walker’s victory. Only once after listening for more than five hours did I ever hear a single word uttered, or a single dissenting voice even hint at the huge scope of the defeat for the organizers of this recall election. “It wasn’t even close,” one reporter from NPR said later. Governor Walker won by an even bigger margin than he did two years ago… It was 54% to 46%. "Two years ago his margin of victory was smaller than that," they said.

What else would you expect from the progressives in the hair brained, lame stream media, which simply refuse to fairly and accurately portray a whole host of issues that do not fit nicely into their progressive agenda, such as the TEA Party Movement versus the Occupy Movement, higher taxes in order to provide more government revenues, gender based abortions, and the whole issue of abortion in general versus life, and finally the individual mandates versus choice issue which is at the heart of what is wrong with Obamas signature piece of legislation, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act?

The Democrat media machine will also try to cover up scandals that are not in the best interests of their political darlings, like the adultery and sex scandal of former Senator John Edwards, until after Barack Obama had secured the Democratic nomination in 2010, or the full extent of all of Barack Obama’s rather unsavory connections with Chicago mobster Tony Rezko, Black Liberation Theology  preacher Jeremiah Wright, and Obama’s Socialist mentor Bill Ayers, along with all of the considerable controversy surrounding his phony, on-line birth certificate. That is why I deep harping on the idea that we really don’t need the mainstream media anymore. That is why I keep preaching the journalistic credo of alternative media, bloggers, and social networking. An added benefit of the new media is that it is largely free right now. To whatever extent we can utilize the new media to achieve our political goals, we can eliminate the influence of big money in politics.

“The recall election in Wisconsin wasn’t even close.” It proved one thing though. It proved that the Conservative Movement is a lot stronger than we are led to believe. It is stronger than the mainstream media are even willing to report. If they could, they would deny us the certain knowledge of the sheer size and scope of our political power. They will of course still continue to try, but the presence of the alternative media like the Drudge Report, World Net Daily, Red State, Free Republic, Emerging Corruption, and the TEA Party Tribune, and thousands of small bloggers and posters on the internet all over the country will prevent that from happening. The only way that conservatives are ever going to realize our combined political strength, and fully grasp the size and scope of our potential impact on national and local politics is if we largely stop listening to the mainstream media. And it is already starting to happen. The latest TV ratings for the mainstream media news are as follows. Please keep in mind that these figures are for a nation of over 305 million people.

TV Ratings for Mainstream Media News Networks
Based on Nielsen
FOX 1.2 million
NBC 1.1 million
ABC 1 million
CBS 775,000
MSNBC 359,000
CNN 292,000
CNBC 151,000

These are daily figures.


"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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