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“Mush-heads” in the Middle
Undecided Voters are the Target of a Huge Last Minute Media Blitz
Mainstream Media Hijacks American Elections
By Scott Rohter, May 2012

About every two years or so in America we have elections again. The two main “gangs” that control just about everything that goes on in our country from the lowly streets to the posh executive boardrooms are called the Republicans and the Democrats. They hold these so called “free and fair” elections all across America, from Bangor, Maine to San Diego, California… and they raise and spend hundreds of millions of dollars just to influence the results of these manipulated and scripted events. By doing so they are trying to persuade millions of undecided voters, especially in the final weeks before Election Day! Often their annoying political commercials are running right up until the very last minute on the very last day!

So what is really free or fair about these elections?  The answer is nothing! The two rival political gangs schedule these nationally televised, bi-annual “fundraising events” only partly to influence un-committed voters. But they are really held to line the pockets of the mainstream media! The liberal media need the money, and the two main political gangs need the face time on the television and radio to get their message out to the voters. So it’s a match made in Heaven, right?...  Wrong! It’s more like an arrangement made in Hell.

To say that political Parties raise money to “influence or persuade voters is putting it rather mildly. Actually it’s more like trying to convince them by cajoling, bribing, bamboozling, and otherwise downright hornswoggling the voters into putting their X mark next to the particular candidate’s name that they are being asked to vote for!

When you think of gangs you probably think of the Crypts and the Bloods, or La Cosa Nostra, or Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) not the Republicans and the Democrats, but when you get right down to it there really isn’t much difference, except that political gangs are non-violent and perfectly legal in all fifty States. Just like street gangs they have their turf, and their turf wars, and they never stop fighting with each other! They also just keep pressuring un-committed or non-aligned voters until they get them to join one of the two rival political gangs in the hood (the USA). By the time that Election Day rolls around, most Americans are so angry that we literally want to throw our television sets out of a third story window, and strangle whoever it is that is personally responsible for allowing all of these annoying political commercials to invade our lives. But that is the current paradigm that we all live under.

These numerous thirty second, or sixty second carefully scripted Madison Avenue sound bites are designed to target the undecided, last minute voters who don’t pay attention to politics until it is actually time to vote. These ads are often so frequent and so annoying that many Americans don’t even watch TV in the last few days before a National Election. But each year the undecided voters are the ones who determine the outcome of our national elections, and the future of our country! And that fact is even more disturbing than the actual political commercials themselves!

People who pay attention to politics or read the news and follow the races, have already made up their minds long before Election Day, and no amount of misleading political pandering coming from Madison Avenue is ever going to change their minds! They are not going to be swayed by all of the lies and innuendo, engineered by partisan political hucksters, nor by all of the frantic, last minute attempts to manipulate the results of the election, - all of the political appeals, and all of the mudslinging not withstanding! These political commercials are usually gross distortions of the truth which simply lack any substantive informational value!

Like a bag of concrete which has spent a night out in the rain, and hardened into something that is completely un-changeable, well informed partisan voters on either side of the Great Political Divide have already formed most of their political opinions long before Election Day, and they are just as rigid as that sack of cement! Thirty percent of Americans are solidly on the political “Right”. Thirty percent are solidly on the political “Left”, and about forty percent are somewhere in the middle. These are the swing voters that I call the “mush heads in the middle” who fall victim every two years to all of this last minute political gamesmanship. They are the un-decided voters that the Democrat and Republican ads target... And the results of our elections and the future of our country depend on them!

That is why both political Parties find it necessary to spend themselves deep into debt around election time, in order to influence these perennially apathetic voters. In one sense they are certainly not worth all of the time and expense that is spent on them, but on the other hand our republic certainly is! So what is a political Party supposed to do? The National media seems to be in complete control of everything around election time! Every American election is either won or lost by influencing the forty percent in the middle who make up their minds in the last few weeks before Election Day. This forty percent in the middle is the mother lode of all successful electioneering! That is why both political Parties and all candidates for public office literally go after these undecided voters with everything they have, in order to win.

The national broadcasting networks and America’s corporate radio conglomerates really do have quite a nice little racket going on. It is quite a lucrative little racket too! Basically they have both of America’s rival political gangs pimping out their political candidates in order to raise money for them. In other words Democrat and Republican candidates for public office are like little "prostitutes". For the right amount of money you can get them to do just about anything you want. And the voters act basically like clueless “Johns”. We pay our money just to get "screwed", and we wind up with a horrible experience and some pretty big regrets, or we come down with a nearly fatal politically transmitted disease called voter apathy. I think they are counting on that!

America’s elections have been hijacked by the national broadcasting networks, not by big business or big unions, which simply serve as their “money-runners” or bookies! Our elections have become a giant cash cow for the mainstream media! They are a vast transfer of wealth from voters all across America through various means; Super PACs, bundlers, union membership dues, and millions of small, individual donations to the liberals and progressives who own and control the Mainstream Media!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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