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The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg
Too Much of a Good Thing... or Two!

By Scott Rohter, March 2011

The love of money is the root of all evil.”- 1Tim 6:10

I am just appalled at the behavior of senior NPR executives who were caught on tape by investigative and undercover reporter, James O Keefe! I'm extremely concerned about their willingness to conceal their donor’s identities from public scrutiny, especially when they believed that their donor was a terrorist organization, like the Muslim Brotherhood! I am offended by their derogatory and off color comments about Christian Evangelicals, Jews, and members of the TEA Party! I have been quite concerned for a long time by their promotion of all of the alarmist nonsense about human caused global warming/climate change, and the 'pseudo scientific, get rich quick, cap and trade boondoggle' of Al Gore and a host of other 'carpet bagging progressive opportunists!' There is no hard scientific evidence to support anthropogenic global warming! And only questionable evidence supporting the whole idea of global warming at all!

So I asked myself, why do I listen to NPR, National 'Progressive' Radio, or to PBS, the 'Progressive' Broadcasting System? After all, I am a patriotic conservative! I love the Constitution and I am a strong advocate for limited government! I am a Christian and a Jew and a supporter of the TEA Party, and a Republican! All of these things NPR hates and routinely reviles and ridicules! So why do I even listen to NPR at all? Actually to tell you the truth, it makes my job a little bit easier. You see, usually anything that they support, I can safely say that I am against! If they bring up an issue, supply a few hand-picked facts, and add their biased point of view to the story (which they usually do!), then I can safely assume that I should take the opposite position. It makes it a little easier for me, but beyond that, why do I listen to NPR or PBS or anything else that the Corporation for Public Broadcasting produces?

Well, it's because I crave real information, any useful, factual information about the world that I live in, even if it has a built in bias, or a hidden agenda built right into it! Even if it starts out with a false premise like human caused global warming, and ends up with the resulting erroneous conclusion! I just prefer any useful information even if it is biased, and peppered with incorrect conclusions, over one more useless bit of stupid, unimportant, and irrelevant, mind-numbing commercial radio or TV advertising! The fact that NPR has any listeners at all is partly due to the fact that commercial radio and TV just don't know when enough is enough! “One commercial, two commercials, three commercials, four. I just can't stand to watch any commercials more! ” Isn't that how you feel too? There are just way too many commercials on TV and on the radio today! They have really milked the goose that laid the golden egg for everything she was worth, and after they milked that blathering bird for all they could, they shot the golden goose right in the head, also shooting themselves right in the foot at the same time! Well at least that's the way I feel. They certainly lost me as a listener or viewer!

I just can't stand to sit through one more stupid commercial in order to get the timely news and information that I need to stay informed every day! And it isn't just one commercial, it's ten commercials now for approximately every eight to ten minutes of airtime! That's why I turn on NPR and put up with all the BS from PBS! They would not be where they are today without a lot of unintended help from commercial radio and TV!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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