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President Obama's Vitriolic Disinformation Campaign Against Bashar al Assad of Syria, and his Plan to Attack Syria and Drive Assad from Power

By Scott Rohter, September 2013

"Bashar al Assad is not our ally or friend, but he is also not the mad man or savage butcher that Barack Obama and John McCain make him out to be." - Scott Rohter

The President of the United States needs to get permission
from the People's elected representatives in Congress,
and an actual Declaration of War
before he sends the American People
or their children into harms way.
It is good that he decided to do that before attacking another country again.
Now Congress must send him a strong message.
They should deny him the authorization to use force in Syria.

For a while there it looked like President Obama was trying to “out Bush” former President George W. Bush. It looked like he was determined to go it alone in his effort to topple the Syrian government of Bashar al Assad. He was acting more like the tough talking Texan who led America into an ill-advised invasion of Iraq after 9/11 than the anti-war community organizer from the south side of Chicago who was against invading Iraq over trumped up charges that they possessed weapons of mass destruction.

What has happened to this community organizer from Chicago since he became the President of the United States? It is almost as if he has undergone a complete political and ideological makeover… like he is some kind of a political shape shifter from Star Trek the Next Generation. Most of the Democrats who voted for him don’t even recognize him anymore. He has changed so much over the last six years that he looks more like his predecessor from Texas than a constitutional lawyer from Chicago. He looks more like the man whose political record he ran against than the man who was elected President by criticizing it.

Then all of a sudden something happened in early September that made Barack Obama back down and decide to seek Congressional authority to use military force in Syria. I don’t know what it was, but whatever it was that caused him to switch gears, it was literally the first decision he has made since he became President that I actually agree with. I believe it was the Democratic Party and all of the Democrats in Congress who were hearing from their constituents loud and clear that they wanted no part of a military strike against Syria who then leaned upon him. All their constituents are opposed to any kind of an attack on Syria. Everyone from their districts is telling them not to attack Syria. Their civil war is none of our business. It wasn’t just the British Parliament that rejected President Obama’s call to arms. Americans from both political Parties are overwhelmingly against his urgent insistence that we launch an air strike on Syria to topple the Syrian government. About the only supporters that Barack Obama has these days outside of Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood are a couple of old fools in the Senate named John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

There will be nearly non-stop news coverage by the mainstream media for the forseeable future pertaining to the Syrian Civil War as the President continues to level vitriolic accusations against Syria’s President Bashar al Assad and while he pushes for the use of American military assets over there in order to drive his foreign policy goals. The mainstream media will either be pushing, pulling, or trying to drag America into another Middle Eastern war between different sects of Muslims when it is not in our interests to take sides. They want to drag us into Syria’s Civil War on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda. But this is the same Al Qaeda that we have been fighting in the rest of the world for the past twelve years. The President and the media want us to support Al Qaeda in Syria along with their allies, the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is Barack Obama’s favorite terrorist insurgent group. They are also a well-organized and well-funded international terrorist organization. They receive money to fund their terrorist operations from Saudi Arabia.

We have absolutely no business getting involved in that Syrian snake pit no matter how compelling or convincing the President’s counter-intelligence seems to be. We have even less business helping our longtime enemies Al Qaeda, or everybody’s enemy the Muslim Brotherhood. Even the Egyptian people rose up and threw out the Muslim Brotherhood backed government of Mohammed Morsi, a government by the way that Barack Obama supported until the very end when the people of Egypt rose up en masse and demanded his resignation.

I can tell you with absolute certainty that the mainstream media will do everything they can to make the case for going to war in Syria seem to be logical and palatable. They will do everything to sell the American people on the President’s plan to attack this small country which has not attacked us and which does not pose any threat to American interests. Of course they will not call it a war. They will use some other terminology like a humanitarian rescue operation, or a limited punitive strike. These phrases are all a deception however. When you have fifteen American warships stationed off the coast of Syria… an entire aircraft carrier battle group that is ready to launch cruise missiles upon a country that did not attack us, that is not what I call a humanitarian rescue operation. If the Syrians want to continue fighting with each other until the last man is standing, it is still none of our damned business and we should stay out of it.

If the Syrian government wants to defend itself from outside attempts to overthrow it by the Muslim Brotherhood and by elements of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula then we have no business at all assisting these outside forces in their attempts to overthrow the government of Bashar al Assad.

The entire purpose of the mainstream media now and during the recently aborted run up to a Congressional vote on the authorization to use force in Syria is to dribble out more of the President’s misinformation and war propaganda designed to persuade us that is in our best interests to intervene in the Syrian Civil War on behalf of a coalition of terrorist and insurgent groups that are even worse than the government they are trying to topple. They will try to convince you that our only goal is to save the lives of completely innocent civilians who are supposedly being massacred by their own government. It's just pure hogwash and agitprop. That is exactly the same claim that President Obama made before about Libya. “President “O’bomber” made the claim that we needed to bomb Libya and topple the government of Moammar Gadhafy in order to save civilian lives, and you saw how well that worked out there in the aftermath especially at Benghazi.

Don’t believe the Obama Administration’s lies and war propaganda even for a minute. Bashar al Assad is certainly not our ally or friend, and perhaps you wouldn't want to sit down to sup with him at your favorite restaurant, but he is definitely not a crazy man who is murdering innocent civilians as the President is claiming. He is not butchering men, women, and children as John McCain says, either with or without the use of chemical weapons. Perhaps he is just not the right kind of Muslim... the kind that Barack Obama wants him to be... the kind of Muslim that bows down to the King of Saudi Arabia. He is not a radical Sunni, Sharia loving Muslim who pays obeisance to the keeper of the holy cities of Mecca and Medina.

The truth is that Bashar al Assad is a western educated medical doctor. He is a trained ophthalmologist who first attended a French school in Damascus where he learned to speak fluent English and French. Then after graduating college in Syria he went on to study in England where he completed his post graduate studies at the Western Eye Hospital of London. There he finished his training as an opthalmologist and married his wife, a British woman of Syrian ancestry and together they moved back to Syria when his older brother Bassel died in order to get ready to take over the government led by his father Hafez Al Assad . While both Assads have been called Presidents, they rule more like kings. Bashar is very much like his counterpart in Jordan, King Abdullah. Both men are moderate, western educated Muslims who married western wives, and took over the reigns of their country’s government when their fathers died.

Ask yourself the following question. Why would Bashar al Assad use chemical weapons on his own people when his troops were actually winning the war with the help of Lebanese Hezbollah fighters, and when the rebels are desperate and almost defeated. Why would he unleash a chemical weapon’s attack on completely innocent men, women, and children, who pose no real threat to his government at a time when U.N. special investigators are right there in his country? It makes absolutely no sense. The only people who could believe that kind of cockamamie are the CIA who made it up possibly and John McCain and Barack Obama.

In my opinion Bashar al Assad did not launch any chemical weapons attack. It is a complete fabrication or a setup by the insurgents with the assistance perhaps of our own CIA and American intelligence operatives in order to draw America into this war. President Obama seems way too eager to get America involved in Syria on behalf of his favorite terrorist group, the Muslim Brotherhood. He is so happy to come to their assistance that he is totally overlooking the presence of Al Qaeda fighters on their side.

The bottom line is this. It is none of our damned business if they kill each other till there is no one left standing to make peace. We should stay out of their Civil War. It is their own internal affair, not ours. It is their people who started this Civil War, and they are still willing to fight and die in it. They started it. They can finish it. It is their children who are growing up in an atmosphere of hate and intolerance who are learning how to hate other children of different religious sects. It is their cities that are being demolished. It is their future that is being destroyed. It is their problem to fix, not ours. When they have had enough of the fighting, or one side or the other wins, it will come to an end on its own without our involvement.

There is a time for everything under the sun, the Bible says. There is a time for peace and a time for war. You also know that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. If the people of Syria want to salvage what is left of their lives and their cities and their future as a country then they can lay down their arms and the two sides can make some kind of accommodation with each other, but they are obviously not ready to do that. So we need to learn how to mind our own business and keep our noses out of other country’s affairs. We need to learn how to wear our role as the world’s last remaining superpower more wisely and modestly, instead of interjecting ourselves into every country’s private matters as the world’s policeman whenever and wherever we chose. We need to stop projecting our military power like a dog marking its territory by peeing all over the world from Libya, to Egypt, to Yemen, to Iraq, to Afghanistan, to Pakistan and now in Syria.

Instead of questioning what weapons the government of Syria is stockpiling for use in their effort to remain in power I would like to know why our own government has purchased a billion rounds of ammunition and hundreds of MRAPS for use right here at home. Ask yourself that and don’t worry about what is going on in Syria.

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"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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