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- No Connection to the Past -
Wherever the Wind and the Water May Take Us
by Scott Rohter, April 2012 - Updated August 2013

I lost my Mother in March of 2012.  With God’s grace she died peacefully in her sleep. My only hope is that she did not experience any anxiety or discomfort at all when her time came, and that she did not have any idea at all what was actually happening to her while she slept.  I hope that she just closed her eyes one peaceful evening and went to sleep, and that she just never woke up from her slumber. My mother would have been eighty-five years old, and if anyone ever deserved to be taken peacefully in her sleep it was my dear, saintly mother.

My mother was my last living connection to the past. My dad died eleven years ago, and there is no one else alive in my immediate family who is older than I am. That is a pretty scary thought for me to try to wrestle with. I guess that death and eternity will be coming for me next, but in the meantime it's a pretty uncomfortable feeling to have no connection to the past.

Now I would like to turn this discussion away from my own personal loss to our country’s general future... Without a connection to the past, our nation is like a great ship that is lost at sea, floundering upon the waves of change, and without a compass or a rudder to guide it. Our Nation’s history, and the inspiring stories about our Founding Fathers have been intentionally deleted from school's textbooks. Their singular accomplishments are no longer being taught to our Nation’s young children as part of their school curriculum. Because our most famous President’s individual birthdays are no longer celebrated as national holidays, there is no special occaison to even try to remember them. They are  barely remembered except to hold an annual President's Day Mattress Sale Event. Our valuable National heritage is being deliberately expunged, and purged from our national collective consciousness in order to accommodate a radical progressive socialist agenda.

Without a sense of the past, and a strong national identity to help protect us and remind us of who we are, and without a good sense of our history to help us recalibrate our bearings amid this swiftly changing world that we live in, we don’t stand a chance of really knowing where we are politically. We can’t even tell where traditional Right and Left positions are anymore, the lines are so blurred. We can't tell where up or down is, or where Eastern and Western values are. What is even more distressing is that we don’t even know where right and wrong are anymore. Our once indefatigable ship of state is floundering around without any real sense of national identity, or sense of direction, on a sea of worldwind change that we seem helpless to prevent, and helpless to control or even begin to comprehend. And we are in grave danger of being capsized by the next great tidal wave of progressive change that comes our way.

This change is designed to keep chipping away at our Constitution, and keep tearing away at the fabric of values that form the basis of our society until both are irreparably destroyed. And the creators of all of this chaos... the "masters of disaster" are just sitting around watching our dilemna, and enjoying our national discomfort as if it is some kind of a sport.

The great cornerstones of American civilization need to be re-introduced back into our children’s classrooms, and they need to be taught again. They need to be celebrated with a renewed reverence if we are going to survive as a free people. If the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights are no longer considered to be important enough to teach to our children, then we have cast aside the great anchor and foundation stone upon which our country and our culture has been stayed.

It is upon this great foundation that the smaller building blocks of our society have been solidly laid, State and local governments have been founded, and our legal system is constructed. It is the basis upon which all respect for law and order is fostered, trust in our government is nurtured, and our culture and values are held dear. It is upon such a great foundation that our entire Nation will either stand or fall. Without our Founding Fathers and our Founding Documents we are like a great ship helplessly adrift on the Sea of Change. Like a single leaf blowing in the wind we are vulnerable to being carried wherever the wind and the water may take us.

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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