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U.S. Government Entitlement Programs - Are They Good or Bad?

From Independence to Co-dependents in Just a Few Generations

( Maybe the Rabbit is Less to be Pitied than the Fox )

By Scott Rohter, February 2012 - Updated October 2013

“The Federal Government is not supposed to be some kind of a drive-through social services agency where every State and individual can just drive in, roll down their window, and order up a load of Federal freebies.”
– Scott Rohter

“The nearest thing to eternal life on earth is a government program.”  – reprisal Ronald Reagan

When the U.S. Government talks about passing another law, or creating one more government program to do this or that, it is just doing what comes natural. It is doing what it normally does.  It is nothing unusual.  In fact it doesn’t actually think that it is doing anything wrong. Much like some people I know, it never thinks that it does anything wrong. It is just following it’s own nature.  It isn’t any more abnormal for the United States Government to pass another Act, Law, or Bill, or to create another government run program, than it is for a fox to kill a small rabbit for dinner. The Federal Government believes that you can never get enough of it.

The fox needs to kill its prey in order to survive, and the U.S. Federal Government thinks that it needs to pass more laws and exercise more control over its citizen's lives in order for it to continue to be important. To remain relevant in the lives of millions of Americans is the same thing for the Federal Government as survival is to the fox. But it is actually even worse than that because the Federal Government actually does need to pass more laws and exercise more control over American's lives in order for millions of government employees to have jobs.

Actually, government programs do one thing better than they do anything else. They reduce people into becoming victims. Then they control those people which they have recently victimized.  When reduced to their basics, all government programs turn people into victims and then they control their newly created victims. They could be victims of poverty, victims of unemployment, victims of natural disasters, victims of crime, or finally victims of our own Federal Government which isn't crime, but it probably should be. In the end, all government programs turn normal, healthy, average human beings into perfect victims. Then they are all transformed and transported into the lifelong, low expectations of victimhood by the enabling hand of the benevolent, well meaning Federal Government. 

“Even if security from the cradle to the grave could eliminate [all] the risks of life, it would [still] be a dead hand on the creative spirit of our people.”
– President Herbert Hoover 1929-1933

In the end, while government run programs may not actually kill us, they will probably cripple what is left of our American spirit and genius. They will hinder our ability and our desire to succeed on our own, and they will reduce our collective will-power to survive as a free and independant republic.  They will hurt us by destroying whatever is left of our creativity, and our sense of personal responsibility. The can-do attitude that our forefathers used to have is slowly disappearing from our land, and it is being replaced with a feeling that we need the government to do everything for us. That is the difference between one generation and the next.

Government entitlement programs actually destroy independence and create a nation of co-dependents. That is just about as bad as destroying our collective will to survive.  So maybe in the end, government run programs will eventually kill us.  But if they don’t, then they will certainly sap whatever is left of our pioneering spirit, and the genius which built our country. They will continue to do that while they rapidly deplete our Treasury, and turn virtually all of us into useless appendages of the State.  Maybe in the end, the rabbit which dies a quicker death... is less to be pitied than we foxes who accept government handouts and become dependent on the State.

“Whatever greatness there is in the United States exists because of hard work.  Work is the creator of all of this wealth.  Without work, there would be no government, no wealth, and no greatness in America.”
– President Ulysses S. Grant, reprisal

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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