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Taking Ownership of Our Lives and Our Country Again

By Scott Rohter, March 2013

"A government that is big enough to give you everything is also big enough to take away everything. "
– Gerald Ford, 38th President in a speech to Congress, Aug. 12, 1974

How many Americans actually own the most valuable things in our lives… our homes, our cars, and most importantly our families? Only a small percentage of the lucky ones do. What the rest of us own is usually just worthless pieces of paper that remind us to pay our mortgage, or a note and trust deed, or some other kind of an installment contract for the purchase of an appliance or car. These contracts remind us to keep paying all the principal and interest that we agreed to pay over an extended period of time. But they also serve to remind most of us that we are poor, and we wouldn't be able to afford the things we actually want in life without borrowing money, and for that purpose we need to have good credit.

The truth is that most Americans don’t own anything of any real value anymore. Even our money is just worthless little pieces of paper called Federal Reserve Notes which by the way are not really even worth the paper they are printed on. Our children have been programmed by forces seemingly beyond our control... forces in the media, Hollywood and the entertainment industry, and in the public school system. Even our own underaged children are not really under our own control anymore, as the United Nations tries to put the final screws in the coffin containing the remains of the traditional American nuclear family. So when it comes to owning anything of any real value anymore… we actually don’t, and we haven’t for a very long time. There is just a pupular illusion that we do, and the common perception that everything is okay, in spite of all of the obvious signs that it isn’t. There is a general feeling that we still have some control over our lives.

But our country has been hijacked, our families have been destroyed, our children have been corrupted, our culture has been debased, and our currency has been devalued. If you want to blame the Democrats for this I certainly understand, but I have to tell you the truth. Both major political Parties are involved. In fact we are all responsible. All Americans are responsible.. All of us who have been sitting idly by on the sidelines of life while just letting our culture and our country get hijacked by others are partly to blame for the current predicament. We are the frogs that willingly jumped into this boiling pot that we now find ourselves in, so if we are feeling the heat now, it is only because we put ourselves in this situation. It is our own damn fault.

In order to fix what is wrong with our country, we first need to fix what is wrong with ourselves. We need to change our own attitude. We need to accept responsibility for our own lives again. It all starts with owning the individual circumstances of our own personal lives. If we are going to save our country then we have to take back control of our lives again, and at the heart of this plan is the idea of ownership… ownership of our lives… ownership of our mistakes as well as our successes, ownership of our families, and finally ownership of our Nation again. We all own this country. Every one of us owns about 1/300 millionth of the United States of America, but sadly enough most Americans don't really believe that anymore. Too many of us feel like we don't have anything to say about what goes on in our country. That’s why less than half of the population even bothers to vote.

Since perception is a major part of reality, and apathy is the current paradigm that we all live under, the unacceptable status quo still prevails. There used to be an old saying when I was a child… It was, “Question the paradigm”. It used to be a common thing to see that slogan pasted on car bumpers. But we need to do a lot more than just question the paradigm today. We need to destroy the underlying apathy that supports it, as well as the existing paradigm before together they destroy all of us. In order to do that, We the People need some new tools. All of the current tools available to us are owned and controlled by the powers that continue to benefit from the status quo. Television, radio, newspapers, the public school system, and even the two major political Parties are all controlled by the powers that continue to benefit from the current paradigm.

One of the tools we need is a reliable way to deliver accurate news and information to the American people once more. We need to provide a way around the mainstream media. That is why I founded a new social network called WePluribUS.

WePluribUS is a safe and secure social network that encourages this idea of ownership. It is through owning up to our problems that we will solve them. It is through owning our families that we will strengthen them. It is through owning our cars and our houses that we will eventually get out of debt and restore our personal and National finances. And it is through understanding that we actually do own what's left of this country, that with God’s help we can fix our Nation’s ills and heel our troubled land.

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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