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“It is better to live one day as a lion than one hundred years as a sheep. It is better to die on our feet,
than to live on our knees”
– an Old Italian saying, and a quote from F.D.R.

Cowering Conservatives
Misplaced Sense of Loyalty II
-by Scott Rohter, February 2012

Do you remember the scene from the movie Brave Heart, when Sir William Wallace was knocked off of his horse by the mysterious dark knight?  As Wallace, who was masterfully played by Mel Gibson, lay on the ground faking unconsciousness, the dark knight drew near and knelt over him.  At that very moment Mel Gibson jumped up, pulled the helmet from off his assailant’s head, and was about ready to slay him on the field of battle, when he discovered that the dark knight was really his future king, Sir Robert Bruce!  The amazed look on his face as he realized that he had just been betrayed by the greedy ranks of Scottish nobility, and by his own personal friend whom he trusted, in order to protect King Edward I “the Longshanks” of England, was a great piece of acting by Mel Gibson, but it was no acting at all for Julius Caesar, whose own sense of betrayal has continued to live down through the ages in his famous last words, “E  tu  Brute?“  (“You too Brutus?”)  It is the same sense of betrayal that Jesus Christ experienced in the Garden of Gethsemane, and on the cross, although unlike Caesar and Wallace, I’m sure that Jesus knew all that was coming.  However the same sense of betrayal is just as staggeringly painful, even without the additional element of surprise!

Cowardice and deceit will never achieve a lasting victory!  Since truth will ultimately triumph, a liar or a coward will never win in the end!  In the movie Brave Heart, William Wallace had the opportunity to kill Robert Bruce on the field of battle, but he chose not to because of a misplaced sense of loyalty, which by the way Robert Bruce did not share.  But wait a minute you say, if Wallace had killed Bruce, then Bruce would not have gone on to defeat the British at the battle of Bannockburn, and the Scottish people would have never gained their freedom!  Wrong!   Robert Bruce did not defeat the British.  The Scottish people defeated the British army at Bannockburn!  If Wallace had killed Bruce, then he would have lived instead of Bruce, and he would have gone on to lead the Scottish people to victory and to freedom!   And he almost certainly would have gone on to become their king too!

My point is this.  A misplaced sense of loyalty does not benefit anybody!  If William Wallace had slain Robert Bruce in battle, then he would have lived instead of Bruce.  He would not have been taken captive by the British through subterfuge as he eventually was.  He would not have been tried, tortured, and ultimately sentenced to death.   And He would have led the Scottish people to victory, not Bruce!  William Wallace would have probably gone on to become the King of Scotland instead of Bruce, and we will never know all of the good things that might have resulted from this, because it never happened.  It never occurred because of a misplaced sense of loyalty!   All Wallace received for his misplaced loyalty was, he got captured by the English, tried for treason, tortured, and then sentenced to death!  His misplaced sense of loyalty did no one any good.  In fact, his misplaced loyalty was his own undoing.  A misplaced sense of loyalty actually cost William Wallace his life!  It was his fatal flaw!

In my last article I wrote about a misplaced sense of loyalty to the Republican Party Establishment, and to its two phony conservative candidates, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.  When will conservatives realize just how effectively and thoroughly the TEA Party Movement has been infiltrated, and co-opted by moderates and liberals?  Otherwise how could any honest to goodness self-respecting TEA Party conservative support either Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich?  Neither one of them has a single conservative bone in their bodies.  The TEA Party Movement which started out with a roar has ended up with a whimper.  What started out like a big bang is beginning to fizzle out like a big dud!

No one would have ever expected one year ago, that the face of the Republican Party would be personified today by the man whose Massachusetts style health care plan was the model for Obama Care!  And that he would also be the person responsible for leading the conservative charge against ObamaCare!  Talk about irony!  Or that the other man still standing at this point in the Primary, would be the tired old face of the past, in the person of that discredited politician of yesteryear, Newt Gingrich!  It’s simply stunning to contemplate the turn of events, and the bitter irony has not escaped me.

I want to point out that I saw this coming, way back in March, 2011 when I published my first article about Newt Gingrich called NewtWorthy or Not. .  Since then I have continued to warn the nation about Newt Gingrich.  I have pointed out that Newt Gingrich represents a substantial threat to the Conservative Movement, and even possibly a threat to our country!  In June, 2011 when I wrote Can Anything Really Conservative Come From Massachusetts, I also recognized that Mitt Romney presented a serious problem as well.

I recognized that either Romney or Gingrich would be an acceptable alternative for the Liberal Establishment, in the likely event that Barack Obama would lose the Election in 2012. I knew that was how they intended to hedge their bets!  “The strategy of the Progressive Establishment has always been, to get the most liberal candidates nominated in their respective Primaries, and then to elect the most progressive of those two candidates in the General Election.”  That’s how they continue to maintain control!

I said that Romney was the favorite arrow in their bow, and that Newt was their backup arrow, and that either one of them was capable of delivering their prey, i.e. the Republican Party in August, and  the White House in November!  In order to assure their success, the “Establishment” persuaded three other so called conservative candidates to enter the Primary.  That was Cain, Perry, and Santorum.  I have no way of knowing whether or not any of these candidates have the foggiest idea of what role they are actually playing in this election, but I am 100% sure that somebody else does besides myself!  The only useful purpose that their campaigns served was to split the conservative vote, thus ensuring that Michele Bachmann would not get the nomination, and to effectively raise more money for the Republican Party, and for the Party’s eventual nominee.  This was money that the Republican Party would not have been able to raise otherwise, because it came from supporters of Cain, and Bachmann, and Perry, who would not have knowingly supported either Romney or Gingrich! 

But now most of that money will either go to Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney, or to the Republican Party general fund to support more RINO Republicans.  And Rick Perry’s campaign money will probably go to the candidate that he endorsed, Newt Gingrich.  It’s not certain right now where all of the money that Herman Cain raised will go. But it’s safe to assume that he won’t be able to keep any of it, and that there are plenty of very needy Republicans running for office who would like to get their hands on some of it!  The word from Herman is that if you want any of it, then you will have to support his 9-9-9 Plan!  But hold on a minute… The latest word from Herman is that he will support his trusty old friend and fellow Georgian, Newt Gingrich!  Well, what did you expect?  I never trusted Cain anyway.  He never was the real TEA Party candidate, just like Newt isn’t.

In the process of totally ignoring Michele Bachmann, I heard some of the most astonishingly stupid remarks I have ever heard, about women in government not being able to lead, or to be President.  I guess in some ways America is even more backward than certain of the less advanced countries of the world including India, Pakistan, Israel, Argentina, and England, all of whom have had a female head of State without dire consequences occurring!  Michele Bachmann has more balls than any of the male candidates in the race!  And she has more integrity too, which is what really counts when you’re selecting a President!

My point is this:  The powers that are still hanging on to control of the Republican Party are not the natural allies of conservatives.  They just talk a pretty good game whenever they are appealing for your votes, or your money!  They have no inherent right to remain in control of the Republican Party forever, or to use their crooked and less than honorable means such as lying, or conspiring behind someone else’s back, in order to continue to wield their authority.  But as long as you are willing to accept the status quo, as long as you are willing to go along to get along…as long as you are willing to compromise your conservative values…as long as you are going to continue to acquiesce and back down whenever those values are challenged, then you will never be victorious, and neither unfortunately will your conservative values!  You folks need to learn how to fight.  Cowering conservatives will not win!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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