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“The most enviable praise of all is just to be called an honest man” –George Washington, reprisal

I’d Rather Vote for an Honest Man, Than For a Dishonest One That I Don’t Agree With!
-by Scott Rohter, January 2012

Maybe Mark Levin should think about changing the name of his radio show to, “The Bash Congressman Ron Paul Show”.  After all, he does spend a lot of time doing it!  Or, if he won’t do that, then what about at least calling the first hour, “The Bash Ron Paul Hour”?  That way he could continue to spend 60 minutes every day railing against Ron Paul, and still provide his listeners with what they tuned in to hear.  Levin’s increasingly radical tirades against Congressman Paul, which have now been expanded to include his son, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, are becoming more and more extreme, and over the top!  With each new passing day, I hear what can only be sadly described as gutter talk, when referring to the twelve-term Congressman from Texas, who is also a medical doctor.

Levin’s verbal assaults now include threats against his son to “do everything in his power to defeat Congressman Paul’s son in the next election!”  The Congressman’s son is also a medical doctor, and a strong conservative in his own right.  Levin, who is neither a Congressman, nor a Senator, nor a doctor, but just a big bully with a microphone, uses such epithets to describe Ron Paul as “crackpot” and “kook”.  He refers to Ron Paul supporters as “jerks” and “morons”!  His verbal slurs have come to include other terms like “racist”, “bigot”, “anti-Semite”, “neo-Confederate”, and “Abraham Lincoln hater”.  I guess he is rolling out all of the heavy artillery!  Of course, none of these accusations are true about Ron Paul, but that doesn’t stop Mr. Levin from hurling his poisonous accusations, in an effort to hurt Ron Paul’s Presidential campaign, and thus assure us that we will wind up with either Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney as the Republican nominee in 2012.

And Levin would be okay with either Gingrich or Romney in 2012!  I heard him say the other day that Newt wouldn’t be such a bad choice after all. Oh Really?  He also let a caller use up valuable radio air time simply to tell a rather touching story of how Mitt Romney, as the Governor of Massachusetts, called the man’s daughter in law to offer his condolences, after the his son was killed in Iraq.  Obviously this was designed to show the sensitive side of Mitt Romney.  The conclusion was that Mitt Romney is a good man.  But this election is not about sending a sensitive man to Washington!  It’s about turning our country around!  It’s about our public policies!  And it’s about our country’s future!  Whether Mitt Romney is a good man or not, has never been an issue!

I looked into Levin’s accusations that Mr. Paul was a racist and an anti-Semite, twenty years ago.  I looked at some of the quotes that are frequently cited from some of his old newsletters, and I didn’t find anything racist, or anti-Semitic at all, just some unfortunately true remarks that were probably less than politically correct, and maybe a little bit insensitive at worst.  And I’m Jewish so I ought to be able to recognize anti-Semitism when I see it!  I don’t know what radio talk show host Mark Levin is talking about.

But wait!  Maybe I do as a matter of fact.  He is obviously pulling out all of the stops!  He is pulling all of the arrows out of his quiver, and just firing them off in all different directions, at a rapid pace.  When someone does that they are usually scared.  Levin is acting irrationally, and motivated by fear.  He is imagining a threat in the form of Ron Paul, everywhere he looks.  Mark Levin sees Ron Paul as a threat to his particular brand of Republican politics.  He apparently sees a threat to the country everywhere, but where it really is!  Maybe Levin should be more afraid of Romney’s liberalism or Newt’s progressivism than Dr. Paul’s serious brand of limited government conservatism, and libertarianism. I am sure that the Founding Fathers would agree with me when I say that we have a lot more to fear from Newt Gingrich than we do from Ron Paul!  We have a lot more to fear from someone who would rewrite the Constitution, than from someone who would simply seek to follow it, and interpret it literally!

As for me, I don’t agree with Ron Paul on everything, but I do agree with him on enough of the most important things, i.e. the economy, the Federal Debt, the deficits, the Federal Reserve Board, and our runaway Federal Government, that I could vote for him.  I can’t say the same thing for Newt Gingrich!  Ron Paul is an honest man, and I believe him when he tells me what he would do as my President.  I agree that the greatest threat to America is not coming from the Iranians, or the Taliban, or any other perceived foreign military threat to our country!  The most serious threats to America’s national security is our crippling National Debt, and our annual budget deficits!  These threats are coming from those in Washington whose policies are sacking the treasury!  These threats are self-imposed by leaders in both Parties!  Intimately intertwined with these threats, is a private cabal of internationalist bankers, some appointed by the White House, called the Federal Reserve Board, whose very existence is unconstitutional! 

Our National Debt has now surpassed one entire year of our Gross Domestic Product or 15 trillion dollars, something that has never happened before in our country’s history!  If we acknowledge that Iran does pose a serious threat to peace in the Middle-East, and to World stability, then tell me how we are going to stop them if our nation is broke, and in debt up to our eyebrows!   How are we going to be able to do anything about it?  By going even deeper into debt?  I do not believe anything that Newt Gingrich says!  He is just saying things to get elected.  I will not vote for him under any circumstances, even if he is our Party’s nomineeI will not vote for a progressive just because he happens to be a Republican!  I would much rather vote for an honest man that I don’t agree with some of the time, than for a dishonest man that I don’t agree with at all!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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