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Two Small Stepping Stones
Mitt Romney Contingency Plan

By Paula Bunyard and Scott Rohter August 2012

My 19 year old daughter asked me today, "What if Mitt Romney is really just a 'plant' for the same people that are behind the Obama administration? What if he is the one they really want in the White House in January because they know that people are so upset right now with Barack Obama that he can’t actually accomplish anything that they want to get done in a second term? Maybe they think that Mitt Romney is more able to finish off the job that President Obama started than Obama himself." I thought to myself, "You know, as corrupt as our government is today, and with all of the dirty tricks that went on during the Primary, and that just happened at the Republican National Convention, what with the rules being changed, and giving the RNC the power to change those rules again in the future anytime that they want without a vote of the delegates, and what with Mitt Romney giving his tacit approval to this outrageous power grab, you know she could actually be right!"

I'm not a big fan of conspiracy theories, but sometimes children can say the smartest things. Out of the mouths of babes and children sometimes there comes the truest of observations. It certainly got me thinking anyway! The obvious fact is that Barack Obama must be defeated in the next election!  I really don't care what backlash I receive from the Ron Paul contingent who say that there is no difference at all between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. There is! They like to refer to them both as two sides of the same coin. They have one name for both of them. That name is “Obomney”.  

My gut instinct tells me that you don’t always go from Point A to Point B in one giant leap! Sometimes there are small stepping stones on the pathway to victory. There might also be small stepping stones on the way to bringing back fiscal sanity to Washington, and respect for our Constitution, and the personal freedoms that we all enjoy and cherish. Just maybe there are also small stepping stones on the road to creating more jobs in America and energy independence!... Maybe we need a man with a level head and some common sense for a change in the Whitehouse, and some practical business experience too! I hope you are still following me?  I believe this is where God comes in, and we need to seek him with all of our hearts!

The Ron Paul people seem to want everything all at once. They want it all or nothing...  and they want it yesterday too! Many of them are unwilling to compromise on anything. Thomas Jefferson said, “On matters of principle stand like a rock.” But on other matters he counseled, “swim with the current.” The great difficulty is to know when to stand and when to swim… Some of the Ron Paul supporters don’t even know when to take a breath, more less when to swim! They want everything at once, and at the very same time, if they don’t get everything they want, they threaten to bring the whole house crashing down!

We can’t afford to make mistakes like that, and we definitely do need to seek God's help and wisdom. So many of the young secular Ron Paulbots neither love God, nor do they want to know God. And they don't appear to have any particular inclination for wisdom either, which definately comes from God. Their unique brand of atheist libertarianism is not too unlike the secular humanism that is practiced by the Democrats!

It all boils down to this for me.  If we are going to hand President Obama his eviction notice in November, then we are going to have to do it for better or worse with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in 2012! So here is something that we must all consider. While Mitt Romney has not been the first choice for many of us, and while we already know about his shifting positions in the past on very important issues when he was a candidate for Senator, or the Governor of Massachusetts, we are also well aware of the consequences of not defeating Barack Obama in November!

I don’t want to have to make the case for why Mitt Romney should only be a one-term President! But one thing is for certain. Barack Obama needs to be a one term President! My reasoning is simple. We have to remain focused on the two main goals of restoring America to fiscal soundness, and renewing respect for the Constitution. We must overcome the members of the entrenched political Establishment class in Washington who are holding us back, and who are sacking the Nation’s treasury along with their sponsors in the private sector who are putting them up to it. As I see it, electing Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan although they were not my first choice, are two small stepping stones on the path to these goals. They are both good men they are both far better for our country than Barack Obama and the Democrat’s status quo! Maybe there will be better men and women coming along in four more years. Only time will tell.

Moving our country forward even just a little bit might buy us the additional time that we need and allow us to benefit from things in the works that we don’t know anything about yet. If perchance Mitt Romney lets us all down then we can give him the boot in four years!  His very lovely and sincere wife, Ann Romney asks us to trust her husband the same way that she does. She appears to be totally serious, and she promises that he will not let us down!

I for one would like to believe her and take her at her word. But the ultimate decider for me will be what her husband does after he becomes our Nation’s 45th President… If it all turns out to be just more scripted Madison Avenue bullshit similar in nature to what we got from John McCain or George W. Bush, then members of the TEA Party will need to be ready with our contingency plan, "The Boot."

The Constitution will always come first and foremost for me, and the ideas of our Founding Fathers and their Original Intent are paramount.  I challenge you my fellow patriots not only to support Mitt Romney now and in November, but also to hold him accountable, and if he fails to keep his promises then we need to be ready in four more years with our contingency plan.

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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