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Al Sharpton, How Stupid You Really Are
The Perfect Evidence
-by Scott Rohter, September 2011

The fact that a big dummy like Al Sharpton has been given a national podium by a major television network on which to dribble out his own crude thoughts, and his fragmented misunderstandings of other people’s, is positive proof of the intellectual bankruptcy of the media, and of the Democratic Party who owns it!  It is The Perfect Evidence of just how ideologically destitute they really are.  They have no great black thinkers in their ranks like a Thomas Sowell, or a Clarence Thomas, or Walter Williams, or Condoleezza Rice.  All they have in their Party are the likes of Jesse Jackson, Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters, and last but not least, the great Al Sharpton.  And three of those four are overt race baiters!  We do actually have some great thinkers in our country, both black and white, but the Democratic Party can claim none of them! 

So what did Al Sharpton recently say on his nationally syndicated T.V. show that has drawn such indisputable ire across the land?  Basically, he is calling for a stronger Federal Government in Washington D.C. to be a great bulwark against States Rights, and the States Rights Movement.  Yes, you actually heard me correctly, that is what Al Sharpton fears the most, the Renaissance of the States Rights Movement.  Al Sharpton wants to increase the size and the power of the Federal Government in order to protect us from ourselves, and from the states who are exercising their legitimate Constitutional rights as protected under the 9th and 10th Amendments.  He fears this more than natural disasters, terrorism, illegal immigration, higher taxes, and the debasing of our currency by the Federal Reserve Board.  About the only thing that Al Sharpton fears more than States Rights is personal responsibility, and the likelihood that the government will end all entitlements to minorities!  What can you possibly say about an American who thinks like this?  Not much really.  All you can do is offer to buy him a one-way ticket to Russia or China, or somewhere else where he might like it better. 

It is clear from his recent remarks, that Al Sharpton finds the revival of States Rights, and American’s contemporary desire to get back to the Constitution, as exemplified by the TEA Party Movement, as very disturbing.  But to understand Al Sharpton, you really have to know him.  Not that you would ever want to know him, but here he is in a nutshell anyway, just for the record.  Everything that Al Sharpton believes, is colored by his views about slavery, in the 19th century, and life in the early 20th century.  He hasn’t really noticed a thing that has happened in America since then, and he never will!  Whether or not that’s because he makes his living on the race trade, and on peddling the last remnants of racism in our country, I can’t tell.  I’ll leave that for you to decide.

Al Sharpton equates the States Rights Movement today with the return of America to the 1960’s, to prejudice and racism, and to discrimination, and Jim Crow.  He mentions that white men tried to suppress black people, and resisted the abolition of slavery using the States Rights argument.  But he fails to mention that these earlier white men were mostly Democrats from his own Party!  It was Democrats who tried to justify slavery using the issue of States Rights, but their misuse of the States Rights argument, did not make legitimate States Rights wrong, anymore than it made the institution of slavery right!  It’s like someone going out and committing a murder, and saying that they are doing it in the name of Christianity.The misguided perpetrator is no more a reflection of Christianity, than slavery and the proponents of slavery were a reflection of States Rights! 

Al Sharpton fails to mention that the Republican Party was born out of a fundamental objection to slavery.  He fails to mention that the Republican Party, and primarily white Christians organized the Abolitionist Movement and fought to end slavery in America.  It was Al Sharpton’s own Democratic Party that opposed Abolition, and fought to prolong the discredited institution of slavery, as long as they could, and they twisted the Constitution as the Democratic Party still does today, to conform to their own partisan political agenda.  If you don’t believe me then do a little bit of research into the origin of the Republican Party, and find out for yourself why the Democratic and Republican Parties, which were at one time a single political Party, split into two Parties.  Every time you open your big, fat mouth Al Sharpton, you demonstrate to the whole world just how stupid you really are!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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