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Addicted to Revenue
Does the U.S. Government Have a Spending Problem?

-by Scott Rohter, July 2011

“Live within your means, no matter how much you have to borrow! That's the way our government operates.”
- Jack Andress, Eugene Oregon

Does the U.S. Government have a spending problem?  Obviously it must have some kind of a spending problem because it can never seem to balance its budget. In addition to a big spending problem it appears to be addicted to raising revenue because it keeps looking for new ways to raise more money all of the time. Maybe we should rename the IRS, the "Addicted to Revenue Service" (A.T.R.S.) because the Federal government can never seem to get enough money. This is one of the reasons why I support a National Sales Tax along with the simultaneous repeal of the Federal Income Tax, and so should you.

The Federal income tax is just as un-constitutional today as it was one hundred years ago when it was first conceived of on Jekyll Island by a coalition of America's biggest bankers led by J.P. Morgan. It is un-constitutional in spite of 100 years of precedent.  I support a twelve step program for our financially ailing Federal Government similar to the Twelve Step Program administered to alcoholics. There should be no more Federal Debt Ceiling increases for these Washington fiscal drunkards the same way that there are no more "one last drinks" for alcoholics, and no more "one last fixes" for junkies. There should also be no more "one last debt ceiling increases" for these profligate big government spending politicians in Washington.

Let's face it. Our U.S. Federal Government is hopelessly addicted to revenue, and as fast as it raises money, it spends the money on various entitlement programs it has passed. Our Federal government definitely has a massive over-spending problem. It is truly a "money-junkie" on steriods. Inevitably this won't be the last debt ceiling increase they ask for. There will be another and another and another. There will be one last Federal Debt Ceiling increase this time, and one last Federal Debt Ceiling increase the next time, and the time after that. In fact there will always be one more Federal Debt Ceiling increase until we really get serious about balancing the Federal Budget, and put our foot down on their figurative necks. So why don't we kick the addiction to big government spending right now, right along with the government's big addiction to raising revenue instead of just kicking the political can down the road again? Why not draw the proverbial line in the fiscal sand and agree not to raise the Federal Debt Ceiling again? I will tell you this. If we raise the Federal Debt Ceiling this time then we will raise it again. To prevent this from happening, we must take serious steps in Washington to curtail this current fiscal irresponsibility.

The current tax on individual income is compulsory.  It leaves most Americans with no choice but to pay it.  You can’t avoid paying your income tax because you can't stop working to support yourself and your family. That's partly due to inflation and the constant devaluing of the dollar. You can't stop working unless you are rich enough that you don't actually need to work, but most Americans are not fortunate enough to find themselves in that enviable position. So they have to work in order to eat and pay their bills. Therefore they have to pay the tax on their incomes...

However a National Sales Tax based on consumption instead of income would be somewhat voluntary.  It would give citizens and taxpayers a certain amount of choice. If we didn’t want to support this or that government policy then we could decide not to buy this or that product, and thus we could avoid paying the sales tax on the product that would help to fund the government at a time when we are unhappy with their policies.  The Government would get the message from the marketplace and understand the message from their declining accounts receivable. Then we just might have a more responsible and a more representative Federal Government in Washington.  It would certainly be better than the current tax system we have in place now.

TheU.S.Constitution provides that, "The States [not the people] shall collect and pay taxes to the Federal Government based upon their population."  (U.S. Constitution, Article 1 Section 2 and 9.)

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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