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-by Scott Rohter, October 2011

We are getting closer to another general election, and as we make our way through the 2011-2012 Republican Primary Season, it doesn’t look like Barack Obama and the Democrats are going to try to imitate the strategy that Bill Clinton used to win re-election in 1996.  They are not going to try to triangulate the way that Clinton did, in order to help Barack Obama win re-election in 2012!  They are not going to deviate one bit from their Progressive, Left-Wing, Socialist agenda, so barring outright voter fraud, or martial law, they will not be able to duplicate the success that Bill Clinton achieved in 1996. 

They have no plans to mitigate the damage caused by their failed economic policies.  They have no plans to ameliorate any of the pain and suffering that their fast and furious attempts to implement Socialism have caused in our country, and they have no intentions what-so-ever to quickly resuscitate our poorly performing economy!  In other words, they are just going to keep lying about it!  They are going to keep plowing straight ahead with their Socialist agenda, and with Karl Marx and John Maynard Keynes right at their side!

They are not going to back up, back off, or back down!  And they are certainly not going to slow down!  They are not even going to listen to anyone who even suggests that they slow down!  They are going to continue to proceed on fast-forward, with the pedal to the metal, all the way to their ultimate goal of transforming our country, and our society too.  That’s Democrat jargon for ignoring the Constitution, and destroying the United States of America, the way that it is, so that they can create a new United States of America, the way they want it to be, without our permission!

WARNING,THEY ARE GOING TO GET IRATE IF YOU TRY TO STOP THEM, or if you even try to slow them down, or suggest that they moderate some of their extreme views. They intend to obfuscate all the way to next November, and obliterate or annihilate anyone or anything that gets in their way!  They will castigate their political opponents with whom they disagree, because they won't tolerate any opposition to their plans, nor will they tolerate sharing power with a resurgent Right-Wing in America!

They will keep on reminding everybody, whenever it’s necessary, about Watergate, and Contragate, and try to blame everything that is wrong in the world on Nixon, Reagan, and Bush.  They will never point out the obvious problems, and all of the pain and suffering in the world caused by their heroes, Marx, Lenin, Stalin, or Mao!  Of course, it’s all George W. Bush’s fault!  They will downplay the importance of ‘China Gate’, and ‘Whitewater Gate’, and try to dismiss them as mere isolated exceptions to the rule when Democrats are in power, while they elevate the significance of ‘Blackwater Gate’ as the kind of abuse that typically occurs in Washington whenever Republicans are in charge.  They will recall alleged horror stories that took place during the so-called ‘culture of corruption’ that they claim existed in Washington for eight years, while George W. Bush was in the WhiteHouse. They will complain about the vast Right-Wing conspiracy that was always nipping at Bill Clinton’s heels! But I'm sorry to say, they will inevitably overlook the current Solyndra scandal, and the fact that Barack Obama has turned the Oval Office into a veritable 24 hr. ATM Machine, for all of his Democrat cronies and political supporters! 

Because Democrats are so corrupt, and because we know that absolute power corrupts absolutely, the Democrats cannot possibly satiate themselves with either enough money or power to satisfy their own Party’s demands! So they will continue to confiscate even more money from the small and middle-class business owners of America who provide the bulk of the jobs in this country, in order to distribute it to the rich and the poor alike, except that the rich and the poor are not alike!  They have both learned however, to manipulate the system to their advantage.  Please read my article The Occupy Wall Street Gang Vs. The Wall Street Gang.  So Democrats will keep trying to eliminate the middle class, while they keep preaching the social gospel of Communism, and talking endlessly about the re-distribution of wealth.  Don’t look for them to deviate from their Socialist game plan any time soon!  Democrats will keep on confiscating wealth from the private sector in order to distribute it to, and re-distribute it through the public sector!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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