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-Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense

~ First Chinese Rocket to the Moon ~
Unmasking the New World Order

- by Scott Rohter, December 2010

We have more laws in the United States than we have freedom. We have more codes, ordinances and statutes on the books than we have libraries to contain them all.  That’s not to mention all of the other administrative rules and bureaucratic red tape that ties our country up in such a knot that we can’t even function any more. And when you add on all of the international laws and the treaties that we’ve signed, it’s no wonder we are in the situation we’re in! So just how does a country like China get to become the economic power house of the world? Well, only with the same kind of bungling bureaucracy and job killing mismanagement that has come to characterize our economy for the last forty years. And also with the aid and assistance of a lot of little sell outs and traitors in high places inside “the Establishment” who have infiltrated our government and have been designing our failing American fiscal and foreign policies ever since World War I.

In the 1930’s and 1940’s China was a backward, mostly agrarian society.  They didn’t have many factories or industries, and they certainly didn’t manufacture or export many products!  It was largely an undeveloped country. It was almost a pre-industrialized society, and it was an incredible opportunity for international bankers! They didn’t produce any sophisticated machinery like cars and trucks, buses or tractors, ships or planes, or even weapons.  They didn’t make electric appliances, but that didn’t really matter because they had almost no electricity, except for a few big cities like Beijing and Shanghai.  They didn’t produce steel or chemicals, or oil and gas.  (They only began to manufacture steel when they took over the Japanese built steel mills in Manchuria, after the Japanese occupation of China ended, at the close of World War II.)  Most Chinese were subsistence farmers. They tilled the soil with crude wooden and metal implements just as their ancestors had done for thousands of years.  They could barely even feed themselves!

So then, how did they rise up in one generation to their current position of global economic dominance?  Did they just pick themselves up by their own boot straps?   I mean they really do make a lot of boot straps! Or did they have a lot of outside technical and financial assistance from communist friendly Western banks, who stood to gain a lot from overseas investment and development dollars?  They also received a lot of help from sympathizers within our own government, who have sold our country down the river for a few 'yuan', along with many millions of free Chinese who followed Chiang Kai Shek, some of whom fled to the tiny island of Taiwan to escape communist persecution and certain death; along with 10 million North Koreans who were relegated to the virtual dust bin of history under the brutal communist “Kim Dynasty;” and along with another 15 million freedom loving South Vietnamese who were traded off into communism at the close of the Paris Peace Talks in 1972, only to join the rest of their Vietnamese brothers and sisters, 10 million of whom were already living under communism as a result of the truce that ended the Indo-Chinese War in 1954. That's a lot of people to sell down the proverbial river into communism just to make money!

All of these tragedies were allowed to happen in order to bring us closer to a “New World Order” where communist countries like Russia and China will be at the top of the totem pole!  But we are not there yet. America still has yet to surrender our National Sovereignty and our guns. Through international laws and treaties like the “Law of the Sea Treaty”, The United Nations and the World Court are already working hard at achieving that.  Then we have to give up our Constitution and our Bill of Rights too. And we will have to relinquish our pre-eminent position as the world’s last remaining military super power by getting rid of 1/2 of our nuclear weapons and passing the S.T.A.R.T. Treaty before they can bring in the “New World Order” they dream of.  Does this sound like a good deal to you? Does it sound like the type of “New Deal” that you can believe in? It is actually the type of new deal that the Democrats have been working hard on since the Presidencies of Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt.

We still have to do all of these things even though we have already allowed the Communists to take over the largest country in the world (Russia in 1917) and the most populous nation in the world (China in 1949). We allowed the Russians and the Chinese to murder millions of their own citizens who resisted these takeovers and fought to remain free. We have allowed all of this to happen not just so that we can take a back seat to Russia and China under the global banner of the 'New World Order' but primarily so that internationalist bankers can receive the interest payments on trillions of dollars in development and construction loans that were made to struggling Communist economies. You see... Communist countries have been the biggest borrowers of Western capital. That is because their economies have always been so desperately needy.

Let me tell all of the internationalist bankers and proponents of a “New World Order" something that they can remember for a long time. You can keep your “New World”.  I'd like to tell you just what you do with it. As for me, I’ll keep my Bible, my Constitution, my Bill of Rights, my sovereignty, and my weapons too. As far as your “New World Order” is concerned, here is what you can do with it.  You can put it on the first Chinese rocket to the moon. You can do that with your progressive, big government, socialist agenda too. That's what you can do with it. I will not let it take root in my country. I will not let it take root in the United States of America. Please click the Like Button below if you liked this article.

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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