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Iran: Dropping Terrorism or Dropping the Bomb?

by Scott Rohter January 2012

War is always the last resort of wise statesmen who have their own people’s best interests at heart.  However, it cannot be avoided at all costs!  War is certainly not the last refuge of fools.  Our reluctance to stand up to an aggressive threat in the form of Adolf Hitler in the early days of the Third Reich only led to a last ditch conflagration of epic proportions that cost tens of millions of human lives!  That’s why it is necessary for good to stand up to evil.  Because if it does not, then evil will be the necessary winner by default.  If “the only thing necessary for evil to succeed, is for good men and women to do nothing,” then evil will prevail while the rest of us remain comfortably idle.  This is the sad lesson that the world has learned over and over again since the dawn of civilization.  And the results are always tragic.

Apparently, we still haven’t memorized that lesson yet!  The Islamic Republic of Iran is getting dangerously close to obtaining a nuclear weapon, and with that country’s ‘mullahcracy’ still in complete control, it is not an outcome that the world can afford to turn a blind eye to.  President Obama refused to take any action last month to retrieve or destroy a high-tech American drone that went down over Iranian airspace.  This aircraft will ultimately wind up in the hands of those who hate us, who can and will reverse engineer its sophisticated technology, and remove a long-held advantage that we have had over our enemies.  President Obama was unwilling to do anything to keep this technology from falling into the wrong hands.  His lack of action was perceived as weakness.  And weakness is universally understood to be an open invitation to take advantage of someone.  Not that every opportunity to gain an advantage is always acted upon, but the invitation is still sent, and the message is still understood.  That message only serves to embolden our enemies, particularly Iran!

What will President Obama do to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon?  Probably not much more than he did to prevent Iran from gaining access to our drone technology, i.e. nothing!  And then we will only have a bigger, and more dangerous bully to contend with in the Middle East, and a bigger problem to deal with than just Scud missiles.

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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