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Fighting for Our Political Lives

By Scott Rohter, June 2012

More than anything else, the election of the next President of the United States is about selecting the next members of the Supreme Court who will soon be replacing the next aging and retiring Justices. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 79 years old, and she is not in very good health. She has had multiple recurrences of cancer (colon cancer in 1999, and pancreatic cancer in 2009). While she would like to remain on the Bench until 2015 and retire at the age of 82, whether or not she is going to be able to do that remains to be seen. Even if she does, her retirement would still fall somewhere during the next President’s term.

The next oldest member of the Supreme Court is Justice Antonin Scalia. He is 76 years old, and like it or not the day is coming when he will have to retire. Let’s hope that this day is still a long way off, and pray that when it does come, and this great conservative stalwart has to retire from the Court, that there is a solid conservative President in the White House.

Next on the list is Anthony Kennedy. He is 75 years old and he is in good health, as is Justice Stephen Breyer, who is 73 years old. Both of these Justices will probably be around, serving on the Court for the better part of the next decade. Neither one of these justices are conservative.

The American people will not just be electing a new President in November to serve four, or possibly eight more years, but a new Supreme Court that will decide cases based on Law, and interpret the Constitution for the next half century! This is by far and away the most important and lasting achievement of any President. That is why Washington observers sometimes refer to the Supreme Court as the “Reagan Court” or the “Bush Court”. While Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush each served only eight years in the White House, their Supreme Court appointees serve for the rest of their lives, and they continue to hand down their legal decisions long after the President that appointed them is gone. The Supreme Court is the President’s most lasting legacy! It is nothing to take lightly as are all of the other appointments that he makes to the Federal Judiciary.

America cannot afford another four more years of Barack Obama in the White House so that he can nominate his third Justice to the United States Supreme Court, and pack the Federal Judiciary with more progressives. We cannot afford to let him nominate any more judges to the Bench. We cannot have four more years, more less eight or twelve more years of Democrats in the White House so that they can pack the Courts with more Socialists, internationalists, or globalists who have a much different view of the world and the Constitution.

In order to obtain a more favorable six to three break in their decisions, or a seven to two conservative majority on the Supreme Court, we need to elect solid conservative Republicans to the White House for the next eight to sixteen years, so that our country isn’t always teetering back and forth on the fulcrum of national politics, ready to go back down into the pit of progressivism at a moments notice…

We need to keep electing conservative Presidents so that we can take a well-deserved rest from our labors and enjoy an occasional day at the beach or in the mountains, just appreciating what a magnificent country we have, instead of laboring for hours every day in front of our computer terminals seven days a week, fighting for our political lives.


"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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