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President Obama's Worst Decision
The Appointment of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court

By Scott Rohter 

"We have more laws on the books then we have libraries to contain them all.
Yet we keep making more of them."
- Scott Rohter

Barack Obama has undoubtedly made many bad decisions since he became President in 2008. Just to mention a few of the most notable ones, there was his decision to sign the T.A.R.P. and the Stimulus Bills. There is an old adage that says that a rose by any other name smells just as sweet, but in the case of the twin bank bailouts it smells just as rotten.  All the billions of taxpayer dollars that were inappropriately transferred to a handful of New York financial institutions and privileged corporations who were considered to be "too big to fail" was a very bad decision. The American people responded accordingly with the appropriate amount of disgust and disapproval.

Next there was the government decision to take-over General Motors which was another bad decision that President Obama made. It is a bad decision primarily because of the bad precedent that it set.

Then there was President Obama's historical health care legislation nicknamed ObamaCare. It is the first step in the eventual nationalization of our health care and health insurance industries. It came with government imposed mandates on every individual to purchase a health insurance policy or be held in violation of the law.  No longer will self employed persons, and un-employed or under-employed individuals be allowed to decide for themselves if and when they purchase health insurance. They won't be able to legally pay for a doctor's services out of their own pockets either. Under the Presidents health care legislation we will all be ordered to maintain the required health insurance coverage, and the doctor won't be allowed to accept money directly from his patients. That might be great if you happen to own an insurance company like Warren Buffet, but for most Americans this is just another vast transfer of wealth into the open arms of the same financially elite establishment that previously received the bank bailouts.  If we don't purchase health insurance then we will all be fined or forced to pay a "tax" according to the Supreme Court that will be determined by the government. In the first year this penalty might be minimal, but in succeeding years it will become progressively more severe.

In my own life, I know that the only reason I have managed to save any money at all is because I chose not to purchase a health insurance policy. Between the ages of 25 and 65 years old based on a monthly average premium of $400 per month, the cost to maintain the required health insurance coverage comes to about $192,000.  If you consider what you could earn on an annual investment of about $5,000 a year over that same period of time, that $192,000  could easily be worth as much as $500,000.  That's quite a little nest egg for your retirement or put into a health savings account that you may never even have to use, but all of this potential personal wealth was confiscated by President Obama with the passage of the "historical" health care legislation called the Affordable Care Act. Perhaps it is really more hysterical than it is historical.

We are the last generation of Americans that will be able to save money this way by not paying for health insurance we never use unless ObamaCare is repealed. Americans will no longer be able to choose whether or not to buy health insurance. We will not be able to legally pay for medical care out of our own pocket either.  If we are fortunate enough to remain healthy we could have saved as much as $500,000 over our lifetime and we could have added that money to our retirement or left it to our children as an inheritance, but instead all of that money will now be paid to big insurance companies to maintain the government required health insurance coverage. About $500,000 from each and every American has just been confiscated and transferred to the good hands of "too big to fail" insurance companies in the form of individual mandates required by the Federal government.  For all of you "pro-choice progressives" here is just one less choice that you have. You don't have a choice whether or not to get health insurance, and you can thank your "dear leader" and your decidedly UnDemocratic Party for that.

What most Americans would prefer instead of individual mandates is affordable health care, not a government ordered health insurance policy. Some of us would just like to be able to buy a policy that insures us against a major medical catastrophe.

Next on the list of President Obama's bad decisions had to be the government's dismal failure to intervene in the Gulf oil spill until 45 days after the Deep Water Horizon oil well had blown up. This allowed millions of gallons of crude oil to leak into the Gulf of Mexico.

Global warming, Cap and Trade, the ending of the military's policy of "Don't Ask - Don't Tell", America's foreign policy vis a vis Iran, the Middle East, and Afghanistan, and the N.S.A's spying on America's allies...  I could go on and on listing all of the President's bad decisions.

In 2010 the Obama Administration made its worst decision of all. It was a decision that will be felt by Americans for many decades to come. It might be a decision that we will never recover from. It is the appointment of Elena Kagan to become an Associate Justice on the United States Supreme Court.

What standard of legal mediocrity are we now using in the United States to nominate and confirm candidates to serve on the highest court in the land?  Elena Kagan hasn't even adjudicated so much as a single traffic ticket in her entire legal career! She has never presided over any court, or issued a single legal decision in any jurisdiction in the land that would prepare her for this highest of all judicial appointments.

Furthermore, Elena Kagan's appointment to the Supreme Court is even worse than George Bush's nomination of Harriet Meyers. She was another stealth candidate that did not have much of a paper trail and whose nomination was subsequently withdrawn. We will undoubtedly regret letting this radical leftist progressive sit on the Supreme Court where she will attempt to legislate her progressive agenda from the bench.  Elena Kagan is not fit to serve as a Supreme Court Justice. She should first gain some experience as a federal judge in District Court if she aspires to be a Supreme Court Justice, but there is no actual proof that she has ever wanted to be a federal judge before. Now all of a sudden she expects to be appointed to the highest court in the land without any prior experience judging landmark cases and setting legal precedent for every lower court in the land.  There is a word for that kind of nerve.  It is called chutzpah, and both Barack Obama and Elena Kagan have plenty of it!

The appointment of Elena Kagan is an insult to all good judges everywhere who take their profession seriously. Would you ever think of selecting a surgeon to perform a complex operation like a heart or lung transplant if they had never performed an operation before?  Elena Kagan is the kind of a legal surgeon who has never operated before. She is not qualified to be a Supreme Court Justice. The man who appointed her is not qualified to be our President by virtue of the fact that he appointed her. Isn't this becoming increasingly obvious because of all of the other bad decisions he has made?  As a result of Elena Kagan's unwise appointment to the Supreme Court, America will continue to suffer more bad decisions from the Obama Administration for decades to come.

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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