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Martin Luther King Jr. and Lewis Farrakhan
Power on Earth and Poison on Earth

By Scott Rohter, April 2011

"In the absence of a true beacon of light even a small flashlight appears bright in the darkness." - Scott Rohter, (comparing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to Louis Farrakhan)

One of the most effective and inspirational speakers of the 20th Century was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Since his death in 1968, probably the next most powerful speaker to arrive upon the world stage is Lewis Farrakhan. However, beyond their exceptional oratorical skills, and the pigment in their skin these two men had nothing in common. They were as opposite as night and day. In fact, they were bitter rivals who at one time didn’t even like each other. Most importantly their power to motivate, and inspire their vastly different audiences comes from two different sources. Dr. King was a Christian. He preached the gospel of peace and non-violence and he was motivated by the gospel of brotherly love taught by Jesus Christ. He overcame the evil of his time with good as the Bible teaches, and to my knowledge he never publicly spoke ill about anyone. His power to speak and motivate came from God. That’s why Americans of all races and colors loved him.

On the other hand Lewis Farrakhan is a Muslim. He frequently preaches hate and bigotry, anti-Semitism, and violence. His teachings contain racial slurs about Whites and Jews, preposterous claims about the origin of the White race, and the racial superiority of the Black race. His messages are frequently laced with anti-Semitic remarks. He throws around false or unproven allegations against groups of individuals that he disagrees with. In all of this, he is not much different from another hate monger in history, Adolf Hitler.

I will leave you to consider where Louis Farrakhan's power to speak comes from, but it is safe to say that it does not spring forth from the same well that Dr. King drank from. “A fountain does not bring forth both sweet and bitter water from the same place.” The Bible also says that, “The wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle and easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits without partiality and without hypocrisy.” Those words epitomize Dr. King. Furthermore the Bible says, “If you have bitter envying and strife in your hearts, this wisdom descends not from above, but it is earthly, sensual, and devilish.” That sounds a lot to me like the message of Lewis Farrakhan.

When Dr. King was alive, no one paid much attention to the wild antics of "Screwy Louie" from the Nation of Islam except the extreme crazies on the left. No one else could hold a candle to Dr. King as long as he was alive, but with his untimely demise the appeal of much lesser lights such as his one time archrival, Lewis Farrakhan has unfortunately grown. In the absence of a true beacon of hope and light even a small flashlight appears bright in the darkness.

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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