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"Born to freedom, and believing in freedom, we are willing to fight to maintain freedom."
                                                                                                               F.D.R. June 10, 1941

“Freedom is better than a little government handout”
                               -Scott Rohter

After the 2010 Victory, What Next?
By Scott Rohter

The 2010 midterm elections were wildly successful for Republican candidates running for office all across the country. The Republican Party picked up 60 seats in the US House of Representatives and took back the gavel from Nanci Pelosi, and in the US Senate they picked up 6 more seats.  In the Oregon Legislature, they succeeded in obtaining a 30/30 split in the House, and at least a 14/16 near split in the Oregon Senate. It’s safe to say that even with Kitzhaber in the Governor’s office, the Dems won’t be able to push too many radical left wing policies through in the next 2 years, as they did in the last, but beyond that not insignificant success, and a sigh of relief, what else can we hope to accomplish in the next 2 years beyond stalemate or “checkmate”?

Now is our opportunity to reach out and try to educate our political opponents on the left, especially the younger ones, because they are the future of our state and our country. They have been brainwashed and beaten into believing that they can give up their freedom, for a little security, or a little government subsidy that comes in the form of food stamps or healthcare or tuition credits or an Oregon Trail card or some other insidious incentive, to get them to voluntarily relinquish their freedoms and personal responsibility over their own lives, and hand them both over to the “Nanny State” without dire consequences. Their minds and their normally skeptical nature have been assaulted over and over again by an almost daily barrage, coming from their teachers and professors in the “Re-Educational Establishment,” and when they turn on the T.V. or read the newspapers, that message is constantly re-enforced by “Liberal voices” in the mainstream media.

If we freedom loving conservatives cannot counter that offensive on our nation’s youth, then we cannot ever hope to turn the trend around, and there is absolutely no hope for the future. So that is where we must begin, and focus all of our efforts. We conservatives must launch a “counter-offensive,” an outreach to our nation’s youth, and it must be successful! We cannot afford to fail! This is no time for moderate, limp fisted, or Rhino Republicans. There is too much at stake. It is 4th and 10, on the 50 yard line, and we’re down by 7 with a minute to go!

Here is the way the game, or the battle, is arrayed against us. Our opponents, the Liberals or Progressives have on their side, Team Progressive:

  1. The Media: All the major newspapers and T.V. networks in the country, except FOX.
  2. The Public School System and most of the major universities and colleges, and all of their departments except for the physical sciences.
  3. The philanthropic and foundational arms of all of the greatest and richest corporations in America starting with the Rockefeller Foundation, the Carnegie Institute, the Carnegie Endowment, et. al.
  4. National Public Radio
  5. The United Nations, the  World Court, International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank
  6. The European Union, England, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, China, Brazil et. al.

On our side, Team Conservative, we have:

  1. Talk Radio
  2. Evangelical churches
  3. “Home schoolers”
  4. Hillsdale College
  5. Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, and the John Birch Society

And that’s about it really, except for a few other rather insignificant and isolated beacons of freedom out there.

As I survey the forces arrayed against us, and those that our side brings to the battle, I see that we are sorely outnumbered, outspent and outgunned, which just means that we will all have to work a lot harder. We are the underdog, but we do have the hearts and minds of a majority of the American people still on our side, and that is not insignificant!

So how do we win? Well first, we need to stop the clock, in order to buy some time. That’s what our victory in the midterms has done for us, and that is all that it has done for us! It just bought us some additional time, but now we have to increase that time and we have to use it wisely.  So now is the time to plan a successful strategy, and we need a long term strategy in order to win, because if we just score a touchdown by winning the 2012 elections and the White House, all that will do is “put the game into overtime” and reset the clock. That is not a victory, but we will have gained significant more time. And all the time we get must be used to recapture our nation’s youth! But how?

By recapturing the “Educational Establishment” from the Liberals.  By demanding, forcing, and even suing if necessary, to obtain equal access to tenured professorships for all qualified conservatives, independents, and Libertarians alike, who seek to become professors at public schools and universities all across the country. Right now, most professorships as well as grade school and secondary school teaching positions are held by Liberals. We must gain equal access to our nation’s youth! We must also get conservative minded people to run for local school boards, planning commissions, town councils, county commissions and Boards of Supervisors. That’s the winning strategy, and we must not fail! We won’t have another chance if we do!

We must also get more center, center right, or right control of the media in our country to counterbalance the well funded Liberal onslaught. That’s the only way that we can win the fight, in overtime, double overtime, or even triple overtime. It will be a generational struggle and we must win back our nation’s youth in order to be successful. It isn’t sufficient to just have Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times and the John Birch Society bearing the entire burden of the ideological struggle. It is incumbent upon all of us, the lovers of freedom, to make the case for "why freedom is better than a little government handout."

We have to present our best arguments and we have to contend for the hearts and minds of our nation’s youth, and as if there weren’t enough distractions out there, then we have to persuade and convince our political opponents, all the while battling apathy and disinterest. It isn’t enough to have better arguments, which we do! We still need to have the most persuasive speakers and writers to effectively advance our cause and we need to have equal access to our children. That’s the first step and that’s the kind of equal opportunity I can believe in!

Secondly, after we have gained equal access to our children, then we need to explain why, freedom is better than a government handout, as if we should even have to, and as if that statement isn’t self explanatory, but you understand of course that it isn’t, and that we do have to! Mind you, our children are still brainwashed. So why is freedom better than a little government handout? Freedom promotes self reliance and self sufficiency. It tends to build character, foster virtue, and promote integrity. It lifts up the human spirit rather than beat it down. Franklin Roosevelt said “it is better to die on our feet than to live on our knees.” It is also better to live free than to die on our knees! Freedom creates incentive to work. It is the mother of, or at least the step-mother of invention. It allows us to realize our fullest potential, both as individuals and as a nation. Freedom advances science and the arts and they in turn move civilization forward! Freedom allows us to respect ourselves and each other!  I don’t know, literally where we would be without freedom, (probably back in the dark ages) and I don’t know why anyone would choose to give any of it away!

Finally, every living thing desires to be free. One look at nature will tell you that! Hold a little bird in your hand and see what happens the moment you open up your hand. You don’t have to tell the little bird to fly away. Only with human beings, exists the foolish notion that we are better off if we voluntarily give up some of our freedom for a little security. Even a little bird knows that he is better off outside of the safety of your hand!

Unfortunately, our children are not even as smart as a little bird, anymore, so we have to show them by example, why it is preferable to have freedom, than more government control over our lives. To this end, try to familiarize yourself with the failures of other societies and countries that took away their people’s freedom, or kept them in bondage. Point out to your children the flaws of these failed and bankrupt societies and teach them so that they might learn from other people’s mistakes and not from their own! There is a victory to be won here and a country to be saved. Now go out and make it happen!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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