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Is "Marriage Equality" the Great Civil Rights Issue of Our Time...
or is it just Trying to Turn Society Around on its Head ?

~ Five Little Words of Jesus ~

By Scott Rohter, March 2014

“Homosexuality is not a civil rights issue. Gays have never been enslaved except to their own sins.”

Is marriage equality the great civil rights issue of our time? Certainly that is what the mainstream media would like you to think. Every day there is another story in the news by some progressive journalist describing the “historic” efforts of gay and lesbian activists to achieve marital parity with the heterosexual community. It is what they like to refer to as “marriage equality”. This is a relatively new term that members of the media have started using recently in order to further confuse the issue and to make it appear like homosexuals are somehow being discriminated against in America. They want you to believe that they are not being treated fairly and equally under the law.

They would like you to think that they are somehow being denied their constitutional rights or their civil liberties. But what gays and lesbians are really trying to do is change the legal definition of marriage so they can receive special treatment under the law. They are trying to change a five thousand year old definition of marriage to suit themselves and then they want to impose their new definition of marriage on the rest of society by force using the courts if they have to... and they do have to.

You see, they have to impose their agenda through the courts because in every State where there has ever been an opportunity for Americans to weigh in and actually vote on the question of gay marriage they have always flatly rejected the idea. Under our Constitution it is up to the people of the States to determine those rights we have that are not enumerated in the Constitution, and the people have always spoken loudly and clearly whenever and wherever they have been consulted. There is just not enough popular support for gay marriage in America to pass anywhere it is put on the ballot so the LGBT community has always had to impose their unpopular will and their unpopular re-definition of marriage on the rest of society through the State legislatures and through the courts.

Tolerance has its limits. Personally I don’t want to hear any more about gay marriage. In the first place it is not marriage. It is merely a domestic arrangement between two consenting adults. That can be more accurately described as a domestic partnership not a marriage, and it isn’t a civil rights issue either so the media should just stop trying to turn it into one. Homosexuality is a lifestyle choice just as much as it is a sexual preference that someone is born with… It is an alternative lifestyle choice that is embraced by only a small minority of Americans, and that is the only thing that gays have in common with African Americans. They are a minority, but that doesn’t make their cause celebre a civil rights issue. Their behavior is still a lifestyle choice and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist in order to figure that out. But apparently the LGBT community doesn’t think that the rest of America is smart enough to understand that.

The battle being fought now in the courts to force gay marriage upon the rest of America has no comparison to the legitimate, historical civil rights struggle of African Americans to obtain their freedom after two hundred years of human bondage. Homosexuals have never been enslaved except of course to their own sins. Their behavior is something that they can voluntarily control unlike the amount of melanin that someone has in their skin. Homosexual behavior is something that those with same sex attractions can voluntarily chose to refrain from, and they should because their behavior is only hurting themselves and the rest of society. There is nothing voluntary at all about whether one is born Black or White or some color in between. There is no facet of a person’s racial identity therefore, unlike their sexual identity, that can ever be voluntarily controlled so there is a big difference between homosexuals trying to win society’s approval of their broader definition of marriage, and African Americans actually winning their legitimate civil rights.

In psychological terms there is a phenomena called over-compensation. That is exactly what the LGBT community is doing by trying to impose their own definition of marriage on the rest of the country. They are trying to make up for something that is obviously missing in their lives. What they are searching for is a normal healthy sense of self esteem. A higher opinion of themselves is what they are really seeking and they are bound and determined to find it by extracting the approval which they so desperately need from the rest of society… by force if necessary. This approval is something that even their own conscience denies them every time they engage in any type of homosexual activity which they know in their own hearts is wrong. The Bible tells us that our own conscience convicts us whenever we do something that we know is wrong.

The Bible also says that homosexuality is a sin. It is no different than any other type of sin as a matter of fact. It is no better or no worse. There is no special type of dispensation for the sin of homosexuality that allows gays and lesbians to continue to engage in their immoral sexual proclivities without bearing the consequences of their sinful behavior. It is possible to be born with an unhealthy attraction to others of the same sex, but that doesn’t give you have a right to satisfy that attraction. Just feeling the need to satisfy some desire doesn’t give you a license to participate in immoral activity, any more than craving to be rich gives you a right to steal.

There is a reason the Bible says that homosexual activity is wrong. There is a reason that every major religion strictly forbids it. Of course homosexuals think they are smarter than the collective wisdom of the ages. Some churches today think they can go against God’s Word with impunity, but homosexual behavior has always been deemed to be detrimental to society and to the family as well as to the individuals directly involved. I know that homosexuals don’t think that their same sex attractions are wrong. They think that their feelings are perfectly natural, but a tornado is natural yet it still has harmful effects on all those who experience it.

Some gay and lesbian apologists even try to twist the words of the Bible to suit themselves the same way that gays and lesbians are trying to twist the definition of marriage to fit their progressive agenda. But it is all a desperate attempt to find the sense of approval that they so desperately need. It would be far easier and better for all concerned if they would just follow five little words of Jesus. Those words are, “Go and sin no more.”

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