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Government Shutdown, Slim Down, or Show-down?
(The Low-down on the Government's Slow-down)

By Scott Rohter, October 2013

"Live within your means, no matter how much money you have to borrow!
That's the way our government operates."
- Jack Andress

"Government is supposed to be a stepping stone, not a millstone around our necks!" - Scott Rohter

Barack Obama is a big government spender and a consummate political opportunist. He will try to manipulate just about any situation to advance his own personal ambitions and his radical, socialist-progressive agenda. He learned his characteristic unscrupulous political behavior from the radical, Chicago area, self-styled socialist named Saul Alinsky. From his textbook called Rules for Radicals his radical methods were put into actual practice by one of his disciples, Bill Ayers who is one of America's real villains. He was also one of Barack Obama's early political mentors. In the words of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who is his old friend and former White House Chief of Staff, Barack Obama just can’t let a good crisis go to waste… any crisis… even if it’s an artificial crisis created by Congressional Democrats in the Senate with the help of their willing accomplices in the mainstream media.

With that being said, President Obama has decided to cancel his scheduled trip to Asia next week to attend the APEC (Asian-Pacific Economic Co-operation) Summit meeting of south-east Asian countries in Bali, Indonesia. He is sending Secretary of State John Kerry instead. The alleged reason given for this cancellation of his previously planned trip is the current government shutdown in Washington D.C. if you can believe it. Well, I don’t. I think he would rather stay home and play several rounds of golf instead.

President Obama is acting like he is one of the estimated 800,000 non-essential government employees who are being automatically laid off during this government slow-down. But do you really think he is that humble? I don’t. Maybe he is just trying to show solidarity with all of the furloughed government employees… That sounds more like the socialist he is. I think there is really something else driving the President’s plan to cancel his previously scheduled trip to Asia. I don’t think he can let a good crisis go to waste. This is President Obama at his worst, doing what he does best. He is up to his old political tricks again, trying to scapegoat his political opponents while at the same time trying to make the utmost political gains from this budgetary impasse in Washington.

Why doesn’t President Obama take his trip to Asia? He is obviously not going to do anything useful in Washington to help end the current political impasse between Congressional Democrats and Republicans by co-operating with the House Republicans to facilitate some kind of a compromise that would put an end to the government shutdown. There is no political compromise possible in Saul Alinsky’s world when you are the ones actually wielding power, and President Obama believes that Democrats are still in power even though they took it on the chin in each of the last two Congressional elections... It is true that they still held on to the White House by the slimmest of margins and the Senate, but America keeps sending less and less Democrats to Washington in every subsequent election.

At the moment President Obama is of absolutely of no use in Washington D.C. so he might as well take that planned trip to Asia. I think it’s time for him to take another vacation. In fact he should take the entire First Family along with him when he leaves next week. Maybe he can make it an extended vacation.. In other words don't hurry back. A lot of us back home won't miss him.

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"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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