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"If both politial Parties are cooperating with each other, then the American people better watch out, because we are probably getting screwed."

Two Political Parties Can Ruin the Economy, and the Country, Just as Easily as One
-by Scott Rohter, September 2011

“President Obama has a problem that no amount of [political] strategizing can fix.  His economic policies just don’t work.”  That was what Senator Mitch McConnell said in an interview this week on Meet the Press.  Next question from David Gregory was, “So, will the Republicans cooperate with the President in order to pass his ‘Jobs Bill’, and put Americans back to work?”  Don’t you just love it, the way the liberal media asks a question, especially when they are interviewing a Republican, whose policies they don’t like?  Imbedded into that question that David Gregory asked was a false premise that the President’s Jobs Bill will actually create enough of the jobs that America needs, that it will turn this economy around!  But the minority leader of the Senate did an excellent job of knocking down that straw man when he responded that President Obama’s economic policies have simply not worked! 

Did you know that the Democrats in Congress haven’t even dropped Barack Obama’s American Jobs Act yet?  That’s legislative slang for they haven’t filed the bill.  I wonder why not.  Could it be that there is a split starting to occur within the Democratic Party over the President’s policies, a few chinks in their armor, or some dissension within their ranks?  We will just have to watch very closely, because it is highly unlikely that they will ever publically admit to it.  We do know this however.  Former Clinton political advisor James Carville said, referring to President Obama that, “It’s time for him to start panicking now, and to fire someone!  No, it’s actually time for him to fire a lot of people,” Carville said!  That sounds to me like some pretty severe armchair quarterbacking going on, from a long-time Democrat insider, and political strategist. 

Now, President Obama has come up with another cockamamie idea to divert more money from the private sector to the money-hungry Federal Government.  His latest attempt to satisfy the dollar cravings of the Federal Bureaucracy is a new tax on millionaires.  He wants to tax the rich more.  I thought he already did that in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  Wow, another innovative idea coming from the 'Obama Brain Trust '.  The only problem with this is that it hands over even more money to the Federal Government!  President Obama wants Congress to pass an increase in the minimum tax that millionaires pay, so that they will pay 25% of their income to the Federal Government just like the middle class does, which he says is their so-called ‘fair share’.  I have a great idea of my own.  Why doesn’t the President propose a decrease in the tax-rate for middle-income Americans from 25% to only 15%, so that they pay the same rate that millionaires pay, which I think is still way more than their fair share!  The government has way too much money already.  How about it Mr. President?  All of these tax schemes, no matter what they are, or who they tax, have one thing in common.  They divert more money from the private sector to the big, fat Federal bureaucracy, that already has their big hand in way too many things.

But back to Barack Obama’s proposed minimum tax for millionaires, nicknamed ‘the Buffett Rule’, after the billionaire Warren Buffett, who supposedly would just like to pay more taxes.  Let’s just penalize success so that people won’t aspire to be successful anymore.  And if you take that strategy to it’s logical conclusion, then we can all go down to Cancun or Mazatlan, and lay around on the beach all day, sipping margaritas, and collecting government benefits.  Barack Obama’s new Millionaires Tax, nicknamed the Buffett Rule, sounds to me like it will put an effective damper on whatever productivity still remains in the private sector, after all of the bailouts and stimulous bills, and the heavy hand of the Regulatory State!  Warren Buffett doesn’t represent millionaires. He is a millionaire about fifty thousand times over!  That’s hardly representative of millionaires.  So why doesn’t he just write out a check to Uncle Sam, for whatever he thinks he owes, without being directed to do so by the Federal Government?  Instead, the IRS is actually pursuing his company, Berkshire Hathaway, for not paying whatever their fair share of the tax burden actually is!

With Barack Obama directing the Federal ‘Ship of State’, the Democrat’s motto should be, “Regulate businesses out of production, and then tax their owners out of existence, or at least tax them out of the country.  Then let all of the poor people from Mexico come here illegally, and collect all kinds of Government assistance at our expense, while wealthy Americans just lay around on a beach somewhere in Cancun or Mazatlan, collecting their pensions and dividends.”  That sounds like a perfect plan to ruin the free market economy, and don’t be mistaken, that’s exactly what the Social Democratic Party wants to do in the U.S.A.!  By the way, from now on that’s what I’m going to call the Democrats, since they are really too chicken to call their Party what it really is!  It is the Social Democratic Party of America, which was first founded in Germany in 1869 by Karl Marx.  Just look at all of their policies, which are designed to transfer wealth from the private sector to the public sector, and to disincentivize the free market economy.  This Democratic Party is Not the Democratic Party of Your Fathers. It is the Socialist Democratic Party of America!

Here is something else that Senator Mitch McConnell said this Sunday morning on Meet the Press.  “We’ve borrowed too much.  We’ve spent too much, and we’ve overregulated the economy.”  Then the moderator asked him, “Aren’t you Republicans just opposed to Barack Obama’s Jobs Bill, and his ‘Millionaires Minimum Tax’ because you want to see his Presidency fail?”  Oh my goodness.  Am I ever going to find just one Liberal Democrat who will ever accept responsibility for their own failed policies, instead of blaming Republicans?  Whatever happened to Harry Truman’s motto, “The buck stops here.”   With the Democratic Party, the buck always seems to stop with a Republican, and it’s usually George Bush!

Let me help Mr. Gregory get at least one question phrased correctly. Try asking this question.  Why did Barack Obama wait until the third year of his Presidency to do anything to try to solve the unemployment problem in America, as well as the National Debt and the Federal Deficit?  Shouldn’t that have been priority #1 along with the financial crisis three years ago?  After David Gregory interviewed Senator McConnell, then it was Bill Clinton’s turn to get in the hot seat.  Well not really.  The hot seat is only reserved for Republicans they don’t like!  Clinton actually got the ‘hot tub treatment’.  The only thing missing from the tub was Monica.  The first softball question for the ex-Pres. was, “Is it really time for Barack Obama to start panicking,” as James Carville suggested.  Wow, that was sure a tough question for the ‘Secretary of Slick’.  Next hard question, “In your opinion, can Barack Obama win re-election?”  Man, the questions keep getting harder don’t they?  Another tough query designed to bring beads of perspiration to the furrowed brow of the former President, the only man to have ever turned the WhiteHouse into a Playboy Mansion!  He would have made Hugh Hefner proud. But there was at least one good sound bite from the man who once said, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman," and "It depends on what the definition of is, is!”  Clinton said, “Conflict makes for good politics, but cooperation makes for good economics,” [and by extension I suppose that means for good government too.]  But hold on Mr. President, I mean Mr. Slick.  Not so fast!  That ain’t necessarily true!  Two political Parties can ruin the economy, and the country just as easily as one, maybe even easier!  And it seems like they have both been doing quite a good job of it for about the last one hundred years!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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