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Newspaper Headline Reads, “Barack Obama Wants Smaller Government.”  What’s Next?
-by Scott Rohter, January 2012

Well I thought I had seen just about everything in my sixty years, but apparently I still have a lot more to learn about politics and human nature!  My latest discovery came last week when I read a newspaper headline that proclaimed, “Barack Obama Wants Smaller Government.”  Well I’ll be darned, I thought!  What do you make of that?  After spending us into the poor house for the past three years, our young, profligate spending President Obama, now supposedly wants to “reduce” the size of government.   Only one year before he has to run for re-election, and the spendthrift Obama has finally seen the light!  I wonder what other conservative causes he will begin to “embrace” next, as we get closer to the election! 

After doubling the National Debt from  8 trillion dollars to 16 trillion dollars in just the first three years of his administration, he has finally decided to rein in government spending, and reduce the size of government, or at least to cut back a little on the growth of government.  At least that was the conclusion reached by the Associated Press, with the headline to their story gladly furnished by my local liberal newspaper.  “Barack Obama wants smaller government” the headline read!  What a blatantly dishonest attempt to get votes!  It reminds me of Barack Obama’s American Jobs Act a couple of months ago.  The only job that Barack Obama’s American Jobs Act was concerned about, was Barack Obama’s own job in November!  If the President had any concern at all about American jobs (other than his own) then he wouldn’t have waited until his third year in office, when he is running for re-election, to do anything at all about it? Why didn’t he make jobs a priority in his first year in office, or his second year in office?  Isn’t it obvious what he is really concerned about?

By the way, only one week after reading that headline in the newspaper, the President signed into law another alarming extension of the National Debt Ceiling, to 16.2 trillion dollars!  It just seems like it's business as usual in Washington!  Our double minded President who is of mixed opinion as well as mixed origin, seems to be backtracking already on his one week old resolution to reduce the size of government.  Our overloaded Ship of State is sinking, and it is tilted on its side in much the same way as the Italian cruise ship that went down off the coast of Italy this week, but in our case the crew that is in charge is still dining sumptuously in the state lounge on pheasant and truffles at the taxpayer’s expense, while the ship continues to sink!

The young Obama administration is like a young child in a candy store with a brand new ten dollar bill in his pocket.  The excited little youngster decides to buy up all the candy that his ten dollar bill will afford him.  Then he promptly devours all of the candy, right down to the very last delectable bite!  And then he winds up with a great big stomach ache!  That’s our young President Obama, although I think that we are the ones who are actually suffering the stomach ache!  But at least in the candy store analogy, the ten dollar bill probably wasn’t borrowed, and it didn’t have to be paid back with interest!  And furthermore, when the ten dollar bill was all spent, there was no more candy to be had, no matter how hard the young child protested!

But not so with our young President.  He just keeps spending even after he runs out of our money!  And now after three years of this “reign of financial insanity” in Washington, he supposedly wants to cut back on spending, and rein in the growth of government, a growth by the way which he fueled with the bailouts of Wall Street, the takeover of the auto industry, subsidies to the secondary home mortgage market through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and his crown jewel:  ObamaCare!  Now, after all of the excesses of the first three years of the Obama administration, he supposedly wants to return to smaller government, and restore some kind of financial discipline to Washington D.C.  I’m sorry, I just don’t believe it!  This is all just electioneering propaganda!  How stupid do these liberal newspapers and this progressive administration think that the American people really are?  That’s quite an about face for Obama, don’t you think, if it was true?  But it isn’t true!  That would be like Karl Marx accepting Jesus, and becoming a born again Christian!  It just ain’t gonna happen! 

So what’s the real story behind the headline, “Obama Wants Smaller Government”?   Let’s just say that you don’t have to dig very deep before you hit pay dirt.  Just some preliminary scratching around on the surface will do for this investigation!   If Barack Obama wants a smaller government then I am the King of Saudi Arabia!  So stand back Pinocchio, because I don’t want to get poked in the eye by your rapidly growing nose, whenever the news of your latest journalistic achievement finally reaches the “truth- or- lie detector’s desk!”  This is where the length of reporter’s noses is determined for the rest of all journalistic time!   And when your latest dilly of a story finally reaches his desk, and he realizes what a whopping big lie you have told, then your nice little nose is in store for a nice little lift!  Your new nose will be the subject of endless speculation.  It might even qualify for a special place in the Guinness Book of Records.  God only knows what you will do for your next story, but I can probably imagine.  It might go something like this, “Obama Admits Signature Health Care Legislation Was a Big Mistake!” 

But we will probably not see that “mea culpa” until Obama has tried just about everything else, and everything else has failed.  Only when he realizes that he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell of being re-elected, only at that point will the “silver tongued celeb” say or do just about anything to stay in power.  Hopefully by then it will be too late. Nothing short of creating a war in the Middle East, God forbid, will be able to save his hide, or shake the connection that has been firmly planted in the public’s mind, of a smooth talking salesman who promised them the moon, but only delivered a mountain of public debt instead, to burden our children and our grandchildren, and subject future generations to a much bleaker future, as they struggle to figure out how to pay for it all.  And he did it all just in order to try to enhance his own personal legacy!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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