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Keeping Occupied... While They Aren't
What to Do About ‘Occupy Wall Street’.

Who Are the Occupiers and Who Really Are the 99%?
-by Scott Rohter, November 2011

If the people of Occupy Wall Street are really the 99% that make up America, then we really are in a whole lot of trouble!  If that premise is even close to being true, then there is not much hope left for our country!  All we can do is shake our heads in despair, and mourn the passing of our moment in history.  But these ‘occupiers’ don’t look like they represent most Americans to me!  They don’t look like they have any common sense, or any ambition to better their situation in life.  They are just too busy whining about all of the alleged injustices in the world.  A whole month is really a lot of time to just complain about life!  And they've been protesting for over a month already! If they think that pitching a tent in some park across from Wall Street, or anywhere else in America, is actually going to convince rich people to just give up their money, or somehow bring about a redistribution of wealth, then they really do have a lot to learn about life!

If they think that erecting hundreds of little tent cities all across America, and urinating or defecating on private property, or staging a ‘die-in’ where they all just lay around on the ground simulating death, is going to get other Americans to identify with them, or feel sorry for them, they have another guess coming!  I think most Americans are starting to get a little tired of them, or a little annoyed at them. Some of us are even beginning to be a little afraid of them!

At first, the Occupy Wall Street Movement seemed to tap into something that was very real, a raw feeling that was out there, that was the anger and resentment that most Americans still feel over the bank bailouts, the ‘TARP’ and the Stimulus Bills.  But the longer that these occupy demonstrators hang around, and show us who they really are, the less Americans identify with them!  The longer the Occupation Movement lasts, the more Americans realize that they don’t represent us!  They are NOT the 99%!  They are in fact the 1%.  They are Marxists, Communists, anarchists, some unemployed union members, and the homeless.  Together they probably don't amount to much more than 1% of the population. At least I certainly hope not!... Wall Street represents another 1%.  The rest of us are the 98% in the middle, who don’t have billions of dollars to manipulate the stock market like the 1%, but we work every day to support our families and pay our bills.  We can’t afford to take a month off work to participate in street demonstrations like the other 1%, and we would never think of camping in a city park for a month at a time, even if we could!  Those ‘occupiers’ do not represent America!

So what are we supposed to do with all of those ‘occupiers’?  I think we should just leave them alone and they will go home wagging their tails behind them.  After all, they’re acting like a bunch of animals aren’t they? They are urinating and defecating in our city streets and parks!  I think we should just ignore them for now, and let the weather take care of most of them.  After all, winter is coming!  That’s one good reason to look forward to Christmas this year.  No one ever looks good kicking someone when they are down, and these ‘occupiers’ sure look like they are down, and maybe even out!  So I think the correct attitude, is to just try to ignore them for now, and bide our time. Winter is coming.  They are only staging these occupations for the attention it gets.  If we just turn off the news, and stop reading all of the stories that the national media keeps generating about them, then maybe they will both go away, both ‘the occupiers’ and the media, and just disband, and leave us alone.  But if not, then the bad weather will soon take care of most of them!  I don’t think the local police departments should be trying to evict them right now, unless there is a very good reason, such as a legitimate public safety concern.  In another month or so, the weather will be much worse in most of the country, especially where the national media has its headquarters!  It will be cold and wet, and if these ‘occupiers’ have any common sense left at all, they will be looking for a warm bed, and a dry place to stay!  There may be a few places in the sunbelt states where a small occupation movement will survive, such as San Diego and Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Atlanta, Tampa, and Miami.  In these places the local police departments will inevitably have to get tough with the remnant of the occupiers, but by then, there won’t be as many of them, and the resulting negative publicity from evicting them won’t be nearly so bad!  So let’s just all relax and use a little common sense.

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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