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The Arizona Shooter and Our Broken Legal System
The Law is an Ass!

By Scott Rohter, February 2011

“In America you can indict a grilled cheese sandwich!  You just can’t let it plead guilty, because the lawyers would not make enough money!” –Scott Rohter

The witnesses that pushed Jared Loughner, the Arizona shooter to the ground and disarmed him and got a good look at him, after he committed his murderous rampage, would like to indentify him right now while they can still remember what he looks like, and begin to put this tragedy behind them, but they probably won’t get the opportunity to do so for many years, thanks to our broken legal system! Lawyers said that Loughner, in all likelihood would enter a plea of not guilty to murder and attempted murder at his arraignment. Can you believe that? Numerous eyewitnesses actually saw him commit these heinous acts. There were people there that managed to stay alive that are eyewitnesses to his deadly rampage. He is even recorded on videotape! Yet…in spite of all that, he will still be allowed to plead not guilty! What a travesty of justice!

What’s worse is that even if he wanted to plead guilty, it wouldn’t be permitted! That’s right, the judge would not even accept his guilty plea! Why do you think that a judge in this great country would not accept his guilty plea, if Jared Loughner wanted to plead guilty, and if it is perfectly obvious that he actually committed the crimes that he is accused of? I know what the lawyers would tell you. They would say that he would be hurting his chances of avoiding hard jail time or getting off on some kind of insanity defense whereby he could serve out his term and spend the rest of his days in treatment at some state hospital.

But let me tell you the real reason that Mr. Loughner won’t be allowed to enter a guilty plea at his trial. It has nothing at all to do with justice, or whether he is guilty or not, or whether he serves his time at a prison or a mental hospital. The only thing that it has to do with is money! There is no one better able to understand a particular culture then someone who was born into it and who has spent their whole life immersed in it. And I’m telling you that if Mr. Loughner was allowed to plead guilty to murder and attempted murder, then their would be no need for a lengthy public trial, and no need for attorneys to make hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of dollars prosecuting and defending him! Can’t you just hear the sound of all those disappearing dollars, evaporating right before those attorney’s very expectant eyes? And listening to the resentment that it would cause among all of those involved in the business of criminal law would be like watching public employees react when you threaten to get rid of their platinum retirement plans!

Sadly for all of us, and especially for the victims of Jared Loughner, the legal system and the attorney’s that practice criminal law view Jared Loughner as their meal ticket! That’s right! The law is a business too. Actually, the law is an ass! And all of those judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, court reporters, private investigators, police investigators, news reporters and all of the other professionals involved in the business of criminal law have to earn their money somehow!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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