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Occupy Wall Street vs. the TEA Party
A Comparison

-by Scott Rohter, October 2011

Well, well, well, as we spring forward into next fall's 2012 election season, and into full campaign mode already, I see that the Democrats have finally launched their longed for, and much anticipated antidote to the TEA Party.  This is the Occupy Wall Street Movement, or simply OWS.  They hope that it will energize their disillusioned Democratic base, and get them all to turn out in droves, to vote for them again in 2012! One conservative radio talk show host calls this anti-TEA Party movement, the ‘FLEA Party’.  I wonder why?  I guess the protestors outside Wall Street have been there for over three weeks already, and some of these guys and gals need a bath!

However the smell isn’t the only thing that is spreading across the land, the actual protests are too!  On the left coast there is an Occupy Los Angeles group, Occupy Seattle group, Occupy Portland group, and even an Occupy ‘little old Eugene' group.  The University of Oregon Student Association would never want to be left out!  Soon this ‘occupation movement’ might actually earn the acronym OA, for ‘Occupy America’!  It already has branches in over 150 cities across the USA according to an ABC news source.  Herman Cain is absolutely correct when he says that the Occupy Wall Street Movement serves as a convenient distraction from President Obama’s failed economic policies! It is actually a distraction from the Democratic Party's failed economic policies, and from President Obama's blatant cronyism! 

So since there seems to be no denying it, or escaping it, then let’s turn our attention instead, to analyzing it.  The demonstrators are proud to call themselves ‘occupiers’, so perhaps, we can simply turn their own rhetoric back on them, and get them to disperse voluntarily, i.e. using the same old, tired rhetoric that they have always used to castigate the poor Israelis, for being in the West Bank. This rhetoric exclaims how much they hate all occupiers.  So let’s just ask them all to withdraw back to their college dorms, their flophouses, tenement slums, union meeting halls, Hollywood mansions, and go back to the pre-September, 2011 OWS boundaries!  Nice try, I know.  But I just thought that the question should to be asked.

Occupy Wall Street, or the ‘FLEA Party’, could just as easily be nick-named the ‘ME Party’, because they are really all about themselves when it comes right down to it, or maybe we can call it the ‘FREE Party’ because they believe that just about everything in life should be free: health care, housing, food, drugs, sex, and music downloaded over the Internet.  They don’t even want to pay to download the songs that they listen to.  They don’t want to pay for anything anymore, including the recordings they own!  They want it all for free!  In this respect they are very, very different than most Americans, who don’t want something for nothing, but who still believe in paying their own way through life. 

The TEA Party actually stands for something!  They have a set of core principles that is very specific, and clearly defined.  The TEA Party stands for limited Constitutional government, no new taxes, balancing the Federal Budget, reducing and eliminating the National Debt and the annual deficits, and reducing the size and the scope of the Federal Government.  Plus they believe in personal responsibility, yes, old fashioned personal responsibility!  TEA Partiers wouldn’t even think of protesting for three weeks.  We couldn’t. We have jobs and families to support and bills to pay, but our enthusiasm and our passion for our cause is just as strong as that of the demonstrators outside Wall Street!

The Occupation of Wall Street Movement doesn’t stand for something, as much as it stands against everything!  They want to overthrow the entire system, and bring it all down!  Sure they want a bigger piece of the economic pie for themselves, but they are even more appalled at the whole idea of an unequal distribution of wealth as it exists in a free market system, where individuals and corporations are not prohibited from producing and earning as much money as they want.  The demonstrators of Occupy Wall Street believe the false, ideological propaganda of Marx and Engels, which is at the foundation of Socialism, which purports to say that life on earth would somehow be better if we could just create an all-powerful central government that could control everything, including itself!  This idea is at the foundation of all forms of Socialism, and it is also at the core of the push for a ‘New World Order’ or a ‘One World Government’! 

James Madison wrote, in the Federalist Papers #51, “In [designing] a government… the great difficulty is this: You must first [empower] the government to control the governed, and then in the very next step, you must oblige it to control itself!”

The protestors of 'Occupy Wall Street' want to overthrow the whole socio-economic system!  They want to take it apart piece by piece, and brick by brick, the same way that Van Jones said!  That statement led to his dismissal as President Obama’s environmentalist 'Green Czar'.  But the idea has now resurfaced again in the message behind the angry mobs of 'Occupy Wall Street', and ‘Occupy America’, and you can see it being quietly nurtured, and fostered by the leadership of the Democratic Party. 

'Occupy Wall Street' is opposed to the whole un-equal system.  In fact, they’re opposed to all inequality!  But what exactly besides a bigger piece of the pie, are they actually for?  Do they know? Many of these protestors are Marxists, Communists, Socialists, and union organizers.They are for Marxism, Communism, and Socialism, to help them achieve their goals! What they really want is the re-distribution of wealth!  Obama wants that too!  He has said in the past that the Supreme Court hasn't addressed this issue yet, and he would like to see the Constitution become a document of postitive obligations that the government has, instead of just a list of restraints upon the government's powers! Yikes! Talk about transforming the whole country! ... and destroying the whole notion of personal repsonsiblitiy! But he hasn’t actually gone down to Wall Street yet to address those raging mobs of his Party’s supporters!  I would really look forward to hearing what he says to them when he does go!  But just look at some of his supporters who actually have gone down there, and addressed the protestors.  From Hollywood there is Michael Moore, Danny Glover, and Susan Sarandon, all the President’s men, and woman.  From the Halls of Congress there is Nancy Pelosi.  While not actually there in person, she is certainly there in spirit, offering her encouraging words of support for the Wall Street demonstrators.  Look at what national organizations are behind the Occupy Wall Street Movement.  There is the SEIU, AFLCIO, the Black Panther Party, the ACLU, the Southern Poverty Law Center,…  and all of the other usual suspects.  A spokesperson for OWS said that they modeled their movement after the so-called ‘Arab Spring’.  That movement is directed by a loose alliance of Communists, Socialists, and Islamists called the Muslim Brotherhood!  Please read my article The Summer of Muslim Discontent.

Now that I’ve pointed out some of the basic flaws with the 'Occupy Wall Street Movement', and some of the differences between 'Occupy Wall Street' and the TEA Party, I would like to point out something that we all agree on.  There is no disputing the fact that there is a legitimate basis for the genuine, widespread anger in the country, on both the Left and the Right!  This anger is also felt by members of the TEA Party!  Angry citizens on all sides of the political spectrum were overwhelmingly opposed to the Wall Street Bailouts, both the TARP and the Stimulus!  That is the one point that we all agree on!  However, who is to blame for the problem, and what we want to do about it, is very different if you are on the left of the political spectrum, than if you are on the right of the great political divide!

The TEA Party wants to restore respect for the Constitution.  And it wants our government to follow the Constitution!  The different forces arrayed behind the occupation of Wall Street however, want to discard and re-write the Constitution, in order to do away with the separation of powers, and the checks and balances that are built into our system of Government, which provides for a healthy balance of power, which they claim causes grid-lock!  They want to get rid of the thorny 'little' notion of Federalism, and the 9th and 10th Amendments, which is at the heart of States Rights.  To this end they have the full support of the leadership of the Democratic Party, all the way up to the WhiteHouse!  Plus they have the help of England, France, Germany, Russia, China, and the rest of the United Nations if they need it!  There are even progressives within the Republican Party, like Newt Gingrich, who wouldn’t mind trying to rewrite the Constitution himself! Sorry Newt, that ain’t gonna happen!  Please read my article, Newt Worthy Or Not.

The TEA Party wants to reduce the size and the scope of the Federal Goliath! I mean the Federal Government. And we want to bring it back into compliance with the United States Constitution!  We believe that our government should follow the original intentions of the Founding Fathers, or if not, then at least they should follow the designated method of amending the Constitution!  The TEA Party wants to de-centralize power by de-emphasizing the role of Federal Government in our lives, and re-emphasizing the concepts of Federalism and States Rights, until the proper balance of power is restored again in our country.  The key to life is balance! But it’s not going to come without a fight!  These ideas are outlined in the Constitution, and explained extensively in the Federalist Papers, and in the private diaries, and letters of the Founding Fathers. 

'Occupy Wall Street" wants to increase the size and scope of the Federal Government, in order to meet and defeat every conceivable problem.  They want to grow the government way beyond its Constitutional responsibilities and powers! The difference between 'Occupy Wall Street and the TEA Party is clear.  We want to reduce the size of government, and get it back on the path to limited Constitutional government.  They have never encountered a problem that, in their minds, the government couldn’t fix, and shouldn’t fix!  The Constitution and the 9th and 10th Amendments say, NO to that!  We in the TEA Party want the list of government duties and obligations, and their powers to remain defined by the US Constitution, and confined by the US Constitution!

I know that Wall Street isn’t composed of a benign association of heavenly angels!  It is far from it!  But I don’t know why these angry mobs aren’t demonstrating outside of the WhiteHouse instead.  President Obama is just as much to blame for our country’s economic woes as any CEO on Wall Street is!  After all, President Obama called for the first Wall Street bailout, during his 2008 Presidential Campaign, and he voted for it as a US Senator.  Then as President of the United States, he called for even more bailouts for Wall Street and GM, and he signed them into law!  In a stroke of advertising genius, they were renamed Stimulus Bills instead of Bailouts, but they did exactly the same thing.  They put even more money into the same pockets of the corporate executives on Wall Street, and at GM!  Why don’t they occupy the WhiteHouse, after all it is supposed to be the People’s House.  Obama is just as much to blame as any CEO on Wall Street is, for all of the public's money that they have in their pockets!  The Occupy Wall Street protests should be directed at President Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi.  These were the main hands that fed the greed on Wall Street!  And their anger and disgust should also lead them to reject the false ideology of Marxism, Communism, and Socialism that permeates the Democratic Party, and keeps fueling the growth of Big Government!

Monopolies are not the normal example of Free Market principles! They suggest a kind of corporatism, or ‘crapitalism’!  The biggest monopolies on earth are Socialist or Communist regimes, where only one political Party controls everything that goes on in the entire country!  The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was a good example of that.  It is also still largely true of the People’s Republic of China! 

You can just see the powerful forces that are lining up on the Left to ‘command and control’ the anger of the disillusioned liberals, and try to harness it for the Democratic Party, and for their Progressive agenda in the next elections.  There is SEIU, the Black Panther Party, AFLCIO, ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, and behind it all, lurks the evil hand of George Soros!  That is precisely why no self-respecting conservative, or member of the TEA Party would even consider supporting the ‘occupation movement’, even though most of us know that there is a legitimate basis to their beef, and a premise for their protests.

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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