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The Party of Asses

Study shows Democrats are more tolerant of lying politicians than Republicans are.

By Scott Rohter, July 2012 (Updated March 2013)

A little bit of insightful information managed to sneak passed the liberal gatekeepers of the mainstream media and it came from a very unlikely source. National Public Radio is not usually noted for either its accuracy or its impartiality in broadcasting the news, but today they actually told the truth for a change. They reported that Democrats are more willing to tolerate lying politicians than Republicans are... That is what a new study showed. Now it's not just the subject of idle speculation anymore. It's the actual truth. It is a proven fact backed up by real scientific data. Democrats are more tolerant of lies and the liars who tell them than Republicans are... That sure explains a lot. Now maybe someone should tell Al Frankin, the Democrat Senator from Minnesota who wrote the book on lying politicians.

In a recently released study reported by National Public Radio, Ari Shapiro tells us why the members of the Democrat Party have now become full-fledged jackasses just like the official mascot of their Party. Liberals tell more lies than Republicans do so it follows that they don't really mind it when their politicians serve them up a heaping pile of steaming crap. It's more like turn around is fair play to the masses of liberal drones that make up the "Dumb"-ocrat Party. Democrats are more tolerant of their lying politicians, more tolerant in fact than Republicans are so it logically follows that Republicans tell fewer lies than Democrats do because they know they can't get away with it. Most Republicans are more intolerant of liars than their Democratic counterparts are. I find this revelation to be reassuring... but it's what I have known in my heart for a long time. Professor Dan Ariely, a behavioral psychologist from Duke University conducted this study for his new book, "THE HONEST TRUTH ABOUT DISHONESTY: WHY WE LIE TO EVERYBODY, ESPECIALLY OURSELVES". The link to his interview on NPR is at the end of this article.

For starters lets examine one of the liberals biggest lies. It is one of the most blatant lies ever perpetrated on the American public by lying Democratic politicians, and it is believed by millions of Democratic voters.. Democrats support Planned Parenthood and the millions of legal abortions they perform every year under the guise of "a woman's right to reproductive healthcare." They call the murder of millions of innocent, little, unborn babies a woman's choice and a their constitutional right. These same liberals who defend the murder of innocent little babies are now trying to grant legal personhood in American courts to chimpanzees. Yes that's right. Liberals want to give monkeys the rights which they adamantly refuse to give to their unborn children. It is obvious that Democrats have very little regard for the truth. They have even less regard for truth than they have for human life.

If Democrats are more likely to be liars than Republicans, then it follows that they are more likely to be cheats and crooks too. Look at the billions of dollars that Bill and Hillary Clinton have bilked over the years from well meaning people all over the world under the alleged humanitarian purposes of the Clinton Foundation. Democrat politicians will do just about anything to get elected including lie, cheat, and steal, but what else would you expect from the Party of Jackasses? I mean they didn't pick their Mascot by mistake. Did you know that Democrats also engage in vote buying and voter fraud if it helps them win? Doesn't the mayor of Chicago routinely raise tens of thousands of dead registered Democrats from their graves every time they have an election in the Windy City just so they can cast their fraudulent ballots for the latest Democrat to run for political office in Cook County? What evidence is there that Democrats have ever engaged in the illegal practice of vote buying? Isn't that what Lyndon Baines Johnson successfully accomplished with all of his Great Society programs in the 1960's? Didn't he just permanently purchase the Black loyalty vote for the Democrat Party with these entitlement programs (Food Stamps, Head Start, the Fair Housing Act, the Immigration Act of 1965, and the Civil Rights Act of 1968)?

Think about it for a minute. Is there really any difference between lying, cheating, and stealing? Politicians who are willing to lie, would also be willing to cheat and steal in order to get elected, and now its a proven fact that Democrats do it better than Republicans. It appears that if they are to be judged by members of their own Party then they have nothing at all to worry about because they will be forgiven by Democrat voters. Their lies are washed in the blood of millions of abortions performed by Democrats every year. Democratic politicians are being judged by a bunch of liars who are just as bad as they are. The Democrat Party motto should be"the Party without a conscience", That wouldn't be too far from the truth.

Everything in love and war is fair and politics has now become a blood sport. It is a form of domestic warfare that is being waged against American voters. Everything in politics is fair too as long as you belong to the Party whose mascot is a jackass and whose members and politicians frequently act like a bunch of jackasses... And the biggest, baddest, meanest ass in the whole damn town is the one in the White House.

Just like the lyrics of that old song about Chicago, Barack Obama aka Leroy Brown is the biggest ass in the whole damn town... Whether you are talking about the South Side of Chicago, or the west side of Pennsylvania Avenue it is just the same. In fact he is the biggest ass in the whole damn country right now. Together with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, these are three of the biggest jackasses in America. They hold the reins of power in the Jackass Party and they form an unholy triumvirate that is destroying our Constitution and our Republic.

The prospect for our renewed American prosperity, and for the restoration of our respected position in the world depends upon removing Democrats from power. The standing of our relations with our allies depends upon removing these jackasses from power.

With the help of Hillary Clinton at the State Department, Barack Obama in the White House, and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi in Congress the Party of Jackasses has invited the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Iran and even ISIS to help them accomplish their goals. One of Hillary Clinton's top policy advisors is Huma Abedin who has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, yet she still retains her high level security access to confidential State Department documents as one of Hillary Clinton's senior advisors. Maybe that explains the troubling turn in the direction of our foreign policy in the Middle East in recent years.

Instead of criticizing Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton for America's disastrous foreign policy, the members of the Republican leadership in Congress have criticized Michele Bachmann for pointing out the troubling relationship between Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin. Bachmann got roundly ridiculed by members of her own Party... by John Boehner and by John McCain. It is because of Republicans like Boehner and McCain that America's foreign policy has gotten so soft on the Muslim Brotherhood. By the way Barack Obama’s long time personal friend and one of his top senior policy advisors at the White House is Iranian born Valerie Jarrett. She also has an unusually strong affinity and sympathy for Islam and for Iran too. She grew up in Tehran.

Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi are the enemies within. America's real allies in the world are Europe, Canada, Australia, Israel, and Taiwan.

President Obama

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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