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Misspeak in Missouri  
  Congressman Akin’s Little Snafu
Plotting the Course of the Nation While America Listens to
“Talk of the Nation”

By Scott Rohter, August 2012

Missouri Congressman Todd Akin’s  recent mis-statement about women who have been raped rarely ever being able to get pregnant illustrates much more than the Missouri Congressman’s own lack of direct personal experience in these matters. And the lessons we can learn from his little snafu have much broader implications for the Nation as a whole than just his little misspeak in Missouri. There are far more important implications for our country than the outcome of this small but significant Missouri Senate race. The conclusions we can draw from his ignorant snafu have wider implications for the Nation, although I would venture to guess that they are not the same conclusions that the National Mainstream Media would like us to draw. The mainstream media is swooping down on this purely local Missouri story like the pack of vultures they truly are, and they are elevating Mr. Akin’s predicament and the Republic Party’s dilemma to National prominence for their own partisan gain. What are the lessons we can learn?

Lesson Number one:  “In the multitude of words there wanteth not sin.” –from the book of Proverbs chapter 10, verse 19. In other words, if you don’t know what the Hell you are talking about, then don’t talk about it,…ever! Don’t open your mouth and stick your foot in it! Perhaps Mr. Akin should enroll in a crash course on human biology and reproduction. Aside from that obvious lesson what other less obvious lessons can be learned from Akin’s little predicament? There are several.

First of all it is relevant to point out that the mainstream media has excerpted the Missouri Congressman’s remarks and they have only been focusing on one particular part of what he said…. Congressman Akin also said that he didn’t think the innocent little victim of a rape (the unborn child) should have to pay the ultimate penalty, but rather that the perpetrator of the crime (the rapist) should be punished more severely… Here is the complete quote of Congressman Akin not taken out of context, “Well you know, people always want to try to make that as one of those things, well how do you, how do you slice this particularly tough sort of ethical question. First of all, from what I understand from doctors, that’s really rare. If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. But let’s assume that maybe that didn’t work or something. I think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be on the rapist and not attacking the child.”

The way the entire mainstream media has predictably responded to this rather ignorant and insignificant little mis-statement by the six term Missouri Congressman from deliberately excerpting him to shamelessly spotlighting him illustrates much more than a big problem for Mr. Akin. It illustrates a far bigger problem for the whole country! It illustrates that the mainstream media is setting the agenda for America. They are plotting the course of the Nation! It illustrates precisely what is wrong with the partisan owned and liberal run mainstream media. There is no balance, nor fairness in the mainstream media! As a result there is no truth being delivered to the American public!

The little Akin snafu is really an insignificant matter outside of his State and his own Congressional District. That is the 2nd Congressional District of Missouri which encompasses suburban St. Louis and St. Louis County, where he has served since 2001. It is really a very unimportant issue outside of Missouri just what the Congressman thinks about pregnancies resulting from rape, and you really have to scratch your head and wonder why this little story has been given so much National attention from the mainstream media, that it made the headlines on all of the major networks, and it keeps being hammered every hour on the hour all across America by the liberal hacks in the media. That "Akin’s folly" even rises to being mentioned at all outside of Missouri in the week prior to the Republican National Convention should give every clear thinking American pause for sober, reflective thought!

Sure this guy is misinformed about human biology, but how many men really know all that much about a woman’s body? And why does it really matter to anyone outside of Missouri just what Mr. Akin thinks about pregnancies resulting from rape? If the people of Missouri want to elect him to be their next Senator instead of the Democrat Claire McCaskill, then that is their own business, is it not?  On the other hand if he loses this Senate race and the people of Missouri’s 2nd Congressional District want to re-elect him to a seventh term as their Congressman, then that is their business, is it not? Why are Mr. Akin’s personal woes the subject of such national attention? His personal misunderstanding only illustrates his own ignorance, kind of like when Barack Obama claimed that he had visited fifty-eight States in the United States of America! I don’t recall the National media harping about that in the weeks prior to the Democratic National Convention in 2008!

So why has Congressman Akin’s thoroughly foolish misunderstanding risen to become the talk of the whole Nation just one week prior to the Republican National Convention? Of course it is because the liberal mainstream media are spotlighting it! They are showcasing it for a reason too. The liberal mainstream media are once again setting the agenda for the whole country, and it is an agenda that only favors Democrats! They are framing the National debate. They are not only framing the debate,…they are literally hosting all of the debates! All of the moderators for the upcoming nationally televised Presidential debates are liberals! You can thank the Republican Party for that! What’s more,.. the mainstream media are plotting the course of our Nation and the world! Let me make one further claim. The liberal mainstream press which includes ABC, NBC,CBS, CNN, NPR, PBS, and all of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting affiliate stations all across America are all abusing their power to broadcast over the public airwaves!

Akin’s little snafu is only a matter of local concern to the people in his Congressional District and in his own State. His misinformed remarks on human biology do not rise to the level of a National news story any more than if a Missouri Judge was involved in a DUI or a hit and run in his home town. In fact a DUI might actually have greater implications for the Nation than the Missouri Congressman’s ill-conceived ideas about pregnancies resulting from rape. Obviously the Congressman isn’t Jewish or even a student of history, for if he had been better informed he would have known that many Jewish women throughout history have become pregnant through rapes committed during programs, and they have born the children of those rapes!

But all of the news editors, station managers, and owners of the Nation’s liberally owned MSM can certainly smell blood in the water, and with their finely tuned aquiline noses they can surely sense an opportunity that can be skillfully used to their advantage. They know the value of a good Republican blunder just prior to the Republican National Convention. But having said that, just how have the leaders of the Republican Party responded to the vultures circling overhead, and to the whole non-issue surrounding Congressman Akin? Top Republican leaders are calling for Akin to withdraw from the Senate race, and some are even privately wishing that he would resign his Congressional seat. I would venture to say that you could accurately characterize their positions as “running scared” or “running for cover.”

Doesn’t this Akin non-story precisely illustrate once again why the other half of this country needs to find a way around the Mainstream Media? The liberal media controls the whole country and both political Parties! Doesn’t it precisely illustrate why we cannot trust them to set the agenda for our country, or plot the course of the Nation? If Republicans had a spine, (oh that they had) and would think this Todd Akin matter through more thoroughly, then they would necessarily have to acknowledge that this is a perfect opportunity to showcase the National Mainstream Media (not Mr. Akin)  as being unworthy of our respect and attention. It is a perfect opportunity to call once again for the public defunding of NPR, PBS, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and we should all stop listening to ABC, NBC, CBS, AND CNN too!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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