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Democrat Legislators Hold Wisconsin State Legislature Hostage Over Collective Bargaining Rights
By Scott Rohter, February 2011

“The worst government that money can buy.” – Anonymous

"If Democrats didn't have bad morals, they wouldn't have any morals at all." - Ann Colter

Democrat state legislators, fourteen of them, in Madison, Wisconsin have fled the state of Wisconsin in order to prevent the Wisconsin State Legislature from passing much needed budget reforms, and making certain changes to state law regarding mandatory Public Employee’s Union contributions! News reports say they are holed up in a hotel across the state line in Illinois! I say they should all be extradited back to Wisconsin and forced to attend this session of the Wisconsin State Legislature. Whoever heard of such a thing? Fourteen state legislators are conspiring to shut down an entire State Legislature! These fourteen Democrats are holding the State of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin State Legislature hostage!  Even worse than that, they are holding Democracy itself hostage! And they have the nerve to call themselves Democrats? They are acting like a bunch of spoiled little children on a playground who just got up and left when the game wasn’t going their way. Well I guess the next time the Green Bay Packers are losing, we should just stop the football game and let them walk off the field! It’s simply appalling that these Democrats have so little integrity! They are nothing at all like their predecessors, the Democrats of the old days, like Harry Truman or John Kennedy, who at least exhibited some integrity and scruples in governing! These fourteen state legislators from Wisconsin are totally unscrupulous! They don’t care how low they take their State, and our country as long as they win! Whatever happened to, “it’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game that counts?”

But these Democrat legislators in Madison, Wisconsin aren’t really behaving any differently than their Democratic colleagues in Washington D.C. are, in Congress. They are following the same playbook, and employing the same legislative tactics as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Remember when Nancy Pelosi said, “We will climb any wall? If we can’t climb the wall, we will jump over it. If we can’t jump over it, we will pole vault over it. If we can’t pole vault over it, we will parachute over it, but whatever it takes to pass the Health Care Legislation, we will do it!” And she meant it too! They were prepared to do anything, including bribing members of Congress, and bringing the bill to the floor for a vote before anyone even had any time to read it! Nancy Pelosi even threatened that if they still didn’t have enough votes to pass the Health Care Bill in the House after all else failed, that she would just consider it passed the House anyway, without ever taking a vote! I know looking back it sounds incredible, but she actually threatened to do that! This was her infamous “deem and pass” maneuver, which I referred to as “Demonpass.” If the Democrats didn’t have sufficient votes to pass the Health Care Legislation in the House, they were prepared to pass it anyway, without ever taking a vote, by just “deeming it passed.” And they didn’t care if they violated the entire Constitution, disenfranchised one half of the country, and brought the whole country down to its knees in the process of passing their coveted Health Care Bill! At that point, realizing what was actually at stake, a few patriotic Democrats caved in and bowed to the unrelenting pressure, and voted to pass the damn bill in order to save the country! This legislative terrorism, the threat of passing a piece of legislation without even voting on it because they knew that they didn’t have the necessary votes to pass it, and thereby destroying the whole country in the process of breaking faith with the Constitution and 234 years of history, achieved what all of the bribery, the scheming, and the conniving could not do! It got the Health Care Bill to the President’s desk for his signature! Don't forget the "Louisiana Purchase” of Senator Mary Landrieu, and the "Corn Husker Kickback” for Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska!

Remember when Nancy Pelosi told America, “We have to pass this legislation in order to find out what’s in it!” If that wasn’t “guerilla-type” legislative tactics, then what the hell do you call it? What about when Senate Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid threatened to refuse to let the U.S. Senate even vote on a bill that was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives in the 112th Congress, to repeal ObamaCare? What do you call that?...So these fourteen Wisconsin State Legislators in Madison, Wisconsin were really following in the footsteps of their more famous or infamous colleagues in Washington D.C., and they all have one thing in common. They are all unscrupulous!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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