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Arizona Shootings / Democrats and Liberal Media Rush to Play the Blame Game
2012 Election Season Starts Now!
By Scott Rohter - January 2011

Early on Sunday morning, January 9, 2011, clueless Harry Reid said on Meet the Press (Meet the Duh-Press) that, “The Tea Party will go away when the economy gets better." He is still clueless after all these years, isn’t he? Later that day, after the mass shootings occurred in Arizona, other left wing sources like the Daily Coast and Politico, the Huffington Post, Chris Matthews, and all of the other usual culprits were already calling on President Obama to blame the shootings on Conservative Talk Radio and the Tea Party, in much the same way that former President Clinton blamed the Oklahoma City bombings on Rush Limbaugh and “other right wing voices in the media.” Some Leftists even went so far as to say that the shootings in Arizona were Sarah Palin’s fault. Well I guess they really do want to get rid of Sarah and the Tea Party, don’t they?, and Conservative Talk Radio too! It feels like the 2012 election season has just begun.

Let me first try to clear up a little misconception for all of those misinformed left wingers out there and especially for Harry Reid. The Tea Party isn’t just about jobs. It’s about limited government, and it’s about following our Constitution and don’t ever forget that Harry Reid! It’s the Constitution that keeps us free and you Democrats are just ignoring it, as if it doesn’t even exist! Worse than that, you’re refusing to follow it! The Constitution is not a lump of clay to be reconfigured to meet your political agenda!

As far as the mass shootings in Arizona are concerned, which is the subject of this commentary, they are murders pure and simple! They are not guided by any political ideology, as the facts have proved as they filter out. These were murders that were committed by a clearly disturbed individual, the random acts of violence by a predator, except for the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, with whom the killer seemed tragically obsessed! The shooter was a 22 year old boy. He was old enough to know better, old enough to know the difference between right and wrong, and old enough to be held responsible for his crimes, but still young enough to be easily programmed and manipulated. The question for me is, easily programmed and manipulated by whom?

Before I tell you, I want to say first that I am personally disgusted that some children think, and make no mistake about it, they are programmed to think, that the solution to their problems is solved through violence! Where are they learning this message from? Where are they learning to respond to situations they don’t like with violence? Where are they being programmed to think like this? Before I tell you where the message is coming from, let me first tell you where it is not coming from! The message of violence is not coming from the Tea Party, as leftwing politicians and leftwing voices in the media are suggesting. It sounds too stupid for me to even address this ridiculous accusation, but I will because I know why they are pointing a finger in the Tea Party’s direction. No Tea Party group or any leader of a Tea Party group has ever advocated using violence as a means of solving our country’s problems! Likewise, no Conservative Talk Radio host has ever suggested using violence as a means to an end. Anybody on the left who is  using this incident to suggest that Conservative Talk Radio or the Tea Party are the inspiration for these horrific shootings in Arizona, is doing something far more sinister than even the depraved killer! In the words of President Obama’s chief political strategist, Rahm Emanuel, “never let a good crises go to waste.” They are attempting to use this horrific crime to stifle legitimate free speech in our country, while at the same time pointing the finger of blame away from the very forces of evil that have created the climate that encourages and glorifies these horrific acts of violence.

What do I mean? Where are the children learning this violence? Once again, it’s not from the Tea Party! The Tea Party’s response to situations that they don’t like is peaceful civil protest, guaranteed by the 1st Amendment, “the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” See Bill of Rights 1st Amendment. Where are the children learning to use violence? It’s not from Sarah Palin! The only thing Sarah Palin ever shot was a moose! It’s not from Conservative Talk Radio or legitimate writers and bloggers like myself. We don’t advocate using violence! Our response to situations that we don’t agree with is peaceful public discourse, also guaranteed by the 1st Amendment, with the ultimate hope of persuading our fellow Americans, and changing people’s minds!

So now I’ve told you where the message of violence is definitely not coming from. But then where is the message of violence coming from? It’s coming from the same sources and forces who are orchestrating “the blame game” in the media right now and all of the finger pointing at the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, and Conservative Talk Radio. It's coming from the liberal, elite, and progressive "Establishment" that owns both the major news media and the entertainment industry, from Hollywood to the New York Times, and from the Washington Post to Walt Disney World. That is where the message of violence is coming from! Why do I say that?

Earlier I used the words “easily programmed” to refer to the 22 year old shooter in Arizona. Where do we find programs that portray, promote, and even glorify violent behavior? We find them in the movies and on the T.V., don’t we? These media productions on the big screen and on the tube are called programs for a reason! All those who sit and watch these violent messages over and over again are subjecting themselves to mindless, constant, repetitive programming. You are not only watching programs, you are also being programmed! A small percentage of susceptible people are attracted to and drawn to “Hollywood’s message of violence.” After a while they become desensitized to it and accept Hollywood’s obvious glorification of it. Then they incorporate that violent message into their personal psyche. After assimilating the message they are further encouraged and emboldened to be just like their stars on the screen. Some of them become like Jared Loughner, a programmed sociopath and a killer just waiting strike!

How long will we ignore the obvious connection between Hollywood, the music and entertainment industry, all the filth, smut, garbage, and violence that it produces, and the rising incidents of sociopathic behavior and violence in our country? Don’t blame Talk Radio or the Tea Party! Just connect the dots!

Did you know that the #1 reason today for students to drop out of college is video games? And 3 of the top selling video games are all violent. “Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood”, Fallout New Vegas”, and “Grand Theft Auto” all portray, promote, and glorify violent behavior including repetitive shooting and killing. Now let’s look at what the kids are watching on TV, or seeing at the movies, or listening to in the way of "so called music" today. Do you want me to read to you a list of movie titles or TV programs that depict graphic murder and death in the very act of it, in every gory and bloody detail, in high definition or 3DTV! Let’s just say that I stopped going to the movies after watching the Hollywood film “Kill Bill” in all of its depravity. That was enough for me to kick the habit! And that is nothing compared to what the kids are being subjected to today on TV or in the movies or on their personal computers!

Could it be that all of those violent video games, “Hollywood action movies” and so called TV crime dramas like “Criminal Minds” are actually doing just what they were intended to do, by creating an atmosphere in which our children are being desensitized to violence, so that violence is becoming more and more socially acceptable to them? Could it also be that the disgusting and reprobate, repetitive lyrics in the “so called music” that they listen to, which trivializes and glorifies violence and abusive or sociopathic behavior, has also affected their thinking, to the point that acting out in violent ways is actually losing some of its stigma?

Make the connection! Who owns Hollywood, the movie and TV industry, and the music and entertainment business? Who produces and distributes all of this filth and garbage and depravity to our children, which is responsible for coarsening and corrupting them and destroying the very fabric of our civil society? It’s Liberals! Liberals own Hollywood, don’t they? Liberals own the TV and music industry, don’t they? Liberals own the music business and entertainment business. Liberals are primarily responsible for all of this filth and garbage and violence, being disseminated, (the virtual sewer pipe of Hollywood). And they operate under the guise of free speech. They are literally using our 1st Amendment freedom of speech to destroy the nation! And the mainstream news media looks right past the obvious connection here and blames the Tea Party instead, or Conservative Talk Radio for provoking the shootings in Arizona. That's absurd!

The typical listener to Talk Radio is 40 to 50 years old. Punks like Jared Loughner are still watching violent video games at that age and gory Hollywood action movies, or TV dramas like “Criminal Minds”. But the mainstream media fails to make the logical connection and instead they point the finger at Talk Radio. Why? Why? Why? Because Talk Radio is conservative, and the mainstream news media outlets are all owned by the same "like minded liberals" that also own Hollywood, the movie and TV industry, and the music and entertainment business! These are the people responsible for polluting our children's minds! Who owns ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and CNN? Liberals! Who owns The NY Times, The LA Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The San Francisco Chronicle, Time, Newsweek, etc.? Liberals! And of course, who owns Hollywood (the head of the snake), the TV networks, and the music and entertainment business? Liberals! Bingo! There's the connection. They are all owned by one big happy family of "like minded liberals" who are making money while corrupting your children's minds! Also, who started to infiltrate the Internet about 20 years ago? Disney, and Time Warner! Hollywood Liberals! By the way, who do you enrich every time you do a “Google Search”? Liberals! Eric Schmidt is a Liberal Progressive Democrat. He owns Google. I am not saying that all of these industries are all controlled by the same individual or by a joint holding company, but what I am saying is that Liberals and Progressives have a nearly complete virtual monopoly in place in the entire mass media broadcasting, communication and entertainment industries with the sole major exceptions being Conservative Talk Radio, and just maybe, possibly Fox News! They are almost all without exception Progressive World Socialists, and members of a new planetary establishment and the “Directors” if you will, of a “New World Order!” If a punk like Jared Loughner ever would listen long enough to Glen Beck, Michael Savage, or Rush Limbaugh, he would soon discover that they don’t preach violence. They all reject violence as a means to an end!

The Connection

The same Liberal Progressive sources who own the entertainment industry and produce and distribute all of this filth and garbage to the children, also own the mainstream news media that broadcast the evening news and deliver the morning paper to their parents! The Liberals and Progressives who own Hollywood set the agenda, and decide what movies or “programs” will be produced, and when they will be aired. They disseminate and broadcast all of the vile images that they create, and then this filth desensitizes, corrupts, and emboldens the children and encourages them to venture further and further into total depravity! For the sake of the “almighty dollar” the "owners of Hollywood" broadcast and distribute the depravity (sometimes referred to erroneously as art or creative content) all across the land, and not just our land only, but all over the world, and wherever it goes, wherever it is received, it demoralizes and corrupts the youth and bends or twists their immature minds to the dark side! Then once again for the “love of money” these media executives broadcast  the news reports of the children’s horrific misdeeds back to their parents via the electronic or print media that they control, on the evening news or in the morning paper. You want to talk about evil? They are the real forces of evil here. Jared Loughner deserves the death penalty or at least to go to jail for the rest of his deranged life, but he is just a little punk in their vile hands!

It’s not the Tea Party or Conservative Talk Radio or Sarah Palin or conservative writers or bloggers like myself that are even remotely responsible for the shootings in Arizona. Those were the violent misdeeds of a single disturbed and corrupted individual. The Tea Party, Talk Radio, and Sarah Palin are being made into scapegoats, by  the very forces of darkness responsible for corrupting him! They are being made into scapegoats by the same evil forces responsible for creating the atmosphere in which these violent acts are occurring. These forces of darkness, are the real targets to blame. They are controlled by Progressives and Liberals. They own Hollywood. They own the mainstream media. They own the music and entertainment business. But it is they who are all saying in unison today, that it is not their fault that these acts are occurring. It is not their fault, as the creators and owners of all of this “violent content” on the screen, that the shootings in Arizona occurred. No they say, the reason this depraved killer acted out his perverted fantasies is the fault of the virtuous and very courageous Sarah Palin, or the fault of the peaceful Tea Parties or the fault of intelligent conservative voices on the radio. Well, I say to them that they are scapegoating the wrong people and pointing the finger in the wrong direction! The evil images that they see in the mirror are themselves.

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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