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An Open Border is a Fatal Error

A Poem by Scott Michael Rohter

Take some bricks and build a wall.
Make it solid, strong, and tall.
Let it stretch from Gulf to Sea
that safe at home we all may be.

Build it wide from rim to rim
so terrorists and smugglers can’t sneak in,
and make it deep secure from holes
through which flow the drugs that wreck our souls.

Stop the smugglers in their tracks,
and end the threat of terrorist attacks.
The Wall should stand the test of time
to safely keep this land of mine.


'Tis plain to see that it's your job
to keep those out who would rape or rob,
A cause from which you cannot run
The reason parents have lost daughter or son .

You ask our children to serve and fight,
We trust our leaders to do what is right.
and what's right is this. Its easy to see,
Its as plain and simple as ONE, TWO, THREE...

If you'll keep us safe in the War on Terror
An Open Border is a fatal error.
If you'll keep us safe in the War on Terror
An open border is a fatal error.

No amnesty.
No citizenship for illegals
90 day grace period
Criminal background and medical records checks
Work visas only for qualified applicants
No entitlements for non citizens
Deport anyone who fails to register
Secure the border
Build the Wall
Enforce the law

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter


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