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Barack Obama - Chief Scoundrel in the World.
A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

By Scott Rohter, August 2013

The President of the United States needs to get permission from Congress,
and an actual Declaration of War before he sends the American people
or their children into harms way.

A picture speaks a thousand words, and a thousand words speak of the horror and the insanity of war. They also tell of the foolishness of getting ourselves involved in another military conflict in the Middle East right after we just got through withdrawing most of our soldiers from a ten year long military engagement in Iraq, and even while American soldiers are still in the process of fighting a war in Afghanistan. We are not the world’s policeman. Foreign military adventures have led to the bankruptcy of more than one great nation. Our Constitution gives the Federal government the right to provide for our common defense as long as it gets a Congressional Declaration of War.. It does not give the President of the United States the right to bomb any country he wants or to set up a national strategic offense all around the world without a Declaration of War.

A thousand words can also be written about the foolishness of meddling in another country’s purely domestic affairs or their internal political and civil wars especially when they don’t directly affect the people or the interests of the United States of America. When none of the combatants in a battle are America’s allies or friends then we should mind our own damn business.

If our current leaders in Washington had any common sense and they weren’t so arrogant they would have already learned the hard lessons that were so recently made clear by the less than stellar outcome of our foreign policy adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as those in Libya and Egypt. While it can be said that the events leading up to our attack on Afghanistan did provide the justification for attacking that country, the same thing cannot be said about our involvement in Iraq and Libya, and it definitely can't be said about our meddling around in Egypt's internal affairs.

The dubious claims of weapons of mass destruction being stockpiled in Iraq by Saddam Hussein did not directly threaten the United States of America and those allegations proved to be largely false. In retrospect we had no immediate justification to invade Iraq. The fact that Saddam Hussein was a general trouble maker in the region did not give us the right to go in there and topple his government. The recent claims of chemical weapons being used by Bashar al Assad on civilians in Syria are remarkably similar to the false accusations that were once leveled at Saddam Hussein and which were used as a pretext to invade his country. These claims are also very similar to the charges that were made against Moammar Gadhafy i.e. that he would slaughter his own people if we didn't immediately launch air strikes against his military.

One year after withdrawing the last of our soldiers from Iraq it is still embroiled in daily civil unrest with catastrophic consequences and horrific sectarian strife that includes an endless ritual of bloody car bombings like that seen nowhere else on earth. The people of Iraq do not owe us any special thanks or gratitude for bringing the “gift of democracy” to their war ravaged land which is now largely divided by razor wire and concrete barricades. Iraq is besieged by murder and mayhem at every turn in the road and we helped to unleash those forces in their country with our mindless foreign policy mistake of toppling Saddam Hussein. But now there is virtually nothing left in Iraq for the people of Iraq to enjoy. Maybe the rest of the people of the Middle East should beware of American’s bearing any more gifts... especially the gift of democracy.

Americans clearly doesn’t know what the hell we are doing in the Middle East. We empowered the Shia in Iraq. They are the traditional allies of our long time enemy Iran. Then we empowered the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. They are a well known terrorist organization with ties to Al Qaeda and a long history of causing trouble in Egypt. We abandoned and betrayed a very dependable ally in Hosni Mubarak. It is obvious that Barack Obama doesn't understand the politics of the Middle East or the age old rivalries that permeate almost every aspect of life there.

It is said that we grow old too soon and wise too late. The same thing can also be said of countries whose leaders don’t learn from history or their own mistakes. We must take into consideration all the ramifications of what we are going to do before we make important decisions that affect the lives of millions of people.

Yesterday the British Parliament wisely rejected the idea that somehow the Syrian Civil War is England's business. They rejected President Obama's call to respond to Bashar al Assad's alleged use of chemical weapons with a combined air assault. That leaves the United States virtually alone in calling for some kind of a retaliatory action against the government of Syria, but the Obama Administration still seems willing and eager to go it alone. However the American people are overwhelmingly opposed to any kind of attack on Syria.

Our Congress should consider the will of the American people. Our House of Representatives should deny Barack Obama permission to lead America into any more unnecessary foreign wars. We should stop him from unwisely attacking another country that did not attack us first. War is the last refuge of scoundrels, and for a man who so relentlessly attacked his predecessor George W. Bush for getting America involved in one unnecessary war in Iraq, President Obama is turning out to be the biggest hypocrite in the world as well as the chief scoundrel in the world.

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