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Rules for Reds – Exposing the Soft Communism
of the Democratic Party

-by Scott Rohter, September 2011

“I don’t care about how many votes I get.  I just care about who is counting the votes.” – Joseph Stalin

“The first thing to know about Communists is that they don’t have any rules.  At least they don’t have any rules that they actually obey!  There is only one overriding principle that means anything to the followers of Karl Marx, and that principle is the total defeat of Capitalism, free-markets, and Judeo-Christian values, and the ultimate victory of their ultimate monopoly, which is international Communism.”  - Scott Rohter

In Christianity there is another principle, the triumph of good over evil! When you believe in Jesus, and accept him as your personal savior, there is neither Jew nor gentile, slave nor free, male nor female, and all nationalities cease to be important too. (Col 3.11)  We are all one in Christ Jesus, (Gal 3.27- 28) where there is no real difference or distinction among believers, (Rom 10.12) and we are all supposed to work together for one common purpose, which is the good of the whole.  The Bible calls this ‘whole’, the Body of Christ or ‘the Church’.   And all believers are members of this one body.  But we are all voluntary members! (1 Cor 10.10-31)  I am not going to turn this article into a religious sermon, but I am beginning the story in this way for a good reason.

I think that Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels who co-authored The Communist Manifesto, took their basic conceptual framework for Communism from right out of the pages of the Bible, the book they hated so much!  I know how incredible this sounds.  Of course they left out the most important part of the whole Christian doctrine, the belief in one, true God!  And they constructed a counterfeit religion in its place called Communism, complete with a counterfeit bible too!  It even has both an old, and a new pseudo-testament.  That would be Das Kapital, Marx’s first literary piece of rubbish, and the later work of fiction, The Communist Manifesto, which he wrote together with his accomplice, Friedrich Engels.

Does this accusation that Marx and Engels copied ideas from the Bible, but left out God, sound too far-fetched?  Just follow me for a minute.  In Communism there is not supposed to be either rich or poor.  All of the wealth is confiscated by The State, and supposed to be redistributed, or divided equally among the members of the group.  So there aren’t supposed to be any big differences based upon wealth between people in Communist countries.  It seems to me that I remember hearing President Obama talk like that!

Under Communism there is neither slavery, nor real freedom, not in any country where Communism has ever been tried!  Slavery has never existed under any Communist regime.  Perhaps that explains why it appeals to so many black people in America and around the world. The Bolschevik Revolution eliminated the last vestiges of the Russian pseudo-slave class, the peasantry, right along with the last remnants of the old Russian aristocracy.  And you certainly can’t say that people living under the former Soviet Union, where Communism was implemented, were actually free.  So there is neither slave nor free under Communism.  That sounds remarkably similar to God’s plan for his Church, doesn’t it?  Except for the fact that under Communism, everything is forcibly done.  There is no free will anything!  The same thing was also true in China under the bloody Communist dictator, Mao Tse Tung.  The Cultural Revolution forcibly wiped out all remnants of the old Chinese society, with its many class distinctions, and big differences in economic and social status, and installed a new system in its place, a Godless religion, where all of the wealth was supposed to be evenly distributed among the Chinese people, and distinctions or differences between people were de-emphasized, whether they were based upon class, or sex, or social and economic status, or even nationality.  It sounds remarkably similar, on the face of it, to what the Bible describes the Christian Church should look like.  Of course in Christianity, any giving or transfer of wealth from one person to another is all based upon a voluntary act of one individual giving to another or others, and it is not ordered or directed by the State!  The problem with Communism is that the wealth is not supposed to be just evenly distributed, it is supposed to be forcibly re-distributed!  And it is questionable to what extent the so-called lofty, ideological goals of Communism have ever been actually achieved anywhere on Earth, just as it is questionable whether anybody living in Russia, or China, or Cuba today, are actually free! 

So the accusation still remains and it appears to be true. At the very core of their Godless ideology, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels selected a few important ideas from the Bible they hated, and they created a false religion out of their own imaginations, a counterfeit copy of Christianity, without God! 

Can anyone quarrel with the observation that both Communist Empires, the Russian and the Chinese, sought to minimize the various different nationalities under their control, and merge them all together into one new kind of individual, in order to create a cohesive unit?  That sounds to me a lot like what happens when you become a Christian.  “Old things pass away and behold all things are become new,” where there is no difference between Jew and gentile, or slave and free... (2 Cor 5.17 and Col 3.1-11).

I’ve never read The Communist Manifesto  or Das Kapital, and I never intend to, but I’d be willing to bet that Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels never gave any credit to the Holy Scriptures, or any of the ancient prophets who were inspired by God to write them, for any of the ideas that they pilfered from the pages of the Bible, or took out of context, and twisted to form their Godless religion. 

In retrospect I would like to conclude this article with the following observation once again.  Charitable Christian giving is always an individual act that comes from the willing heart of a single person, as God motivates them to give. It isn’t organized or directed by any Church.  And it is never ordered or mandated by any Government!  That’s just another point that Marx and Engels got so terribly wrong.  And it is an unfortunate mistake that millions of well-meaning liberals make today. All of the so-called sharing, or redistribution of wealth that goes on in Communist countries is ordered and directed by The State.  It is not voluntary. It is literally at the point of a gun!  It is not charitable giving, or freely giving, when you are ordered to do it, or when one party picks your pocket, and gives the takings to another!  That kind of redistribution of wealth is called stealing.  And when the Government does it, then it is called tyranny!  That is exactly what Communism is, in all of its many forms, whether it is the National Socialism of the Nazi Party, the Soviet style Socialism of the former Soviet Union, the new Chinese hybrid variety of Communism, Fabian Socialism, Latin American Socialism as it is practiced by tyrants like Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, the green Communism of the Environmentalist Movement, or the soft Communism of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the Democratic Party. Communism is tyranny!

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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