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Thief in the Night
Barack Obama's Alternative Version of Reality Where Every Word is a Lie

By Scott Rohter, October 2012 - Updated August 2013

What does a thief do when he is caught red handed in the act of committing a robbery? He lies of course. He denies that he is trying to steal anything. He fabricates a false story, or he makes up a phony excuse, or he comes up with an alternative version of reality that he hopes will satisfy his apprehenders. He doesn’t admit the truth… that he is a thief in the night. That would land him in jail. So he says something clever like this, “I was only trying to replace these valuable objects. I was not actually trying to steal them. I merely borrowed them for a while and I was just trying to put them back before anyone even noticed they were even gone." Now if you will please think of our Constitution which has been missing from Washington ever since Barack Obama was elected and he started to fundamentally transform our country.

This little analogy of a robber reminds me a lot of Barack Obama. His clever disseminations during the three Presidential debates of 2011 looked a lot like those of a thief in the night. They also appeared a lot like the street tactics of his mentor, Saul Alinsky who believed that the only thing that mattered was winning, not how you played the game. Coincidentally Barack Obama has a record for the past five years, and it is a record that his Democratic Party colleagues will have to stand and run on in the 2014 Midterm Elections, and the 2016 General Elections. While it may not be a criminal record yet, it is still record nevertheless, and it is open to public scrutiny and public debate.

President Obama's record is a record of excuses for dismal failures, and numerous Constitutional violations such as when he bombed Libya without seeking Congressional approval, or when he lobbied Congress for and signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which forces Americans for the first time in our Nation's history to purchase a product... a product that many Americans don't want to buy. It is a record or overbearing power grabs by the executive branch of government like when he signed the National Defense Authorization Act which violates both our First and Fourth Amendments. It is a record of failure to discharge the duties of his office like when he fails to enforce our country's immigration laws the way just they were written and intended to be enforced. His record and his excuses about the state of the economy are another example of failure. His Democrat colleagues obviously can’t run on his accomplishments.

In fact Barack Obama’s record is so bad that he simply has to lie about it like a thief in the night. He has to come up an alternative explanation for the events of the past two terms... an alternative version of reality. The real version is just so bad that no one would actually believe it or re-elect Democrats based on it. So just what is Barack Obama trying to steal?  He is trying to take away our freedoms, our traditions, and the safeguards that are built into our Constitution which were put there for a reason, to protect us from tyranny. This is what the current occupier of the White House is trying to take away from us... the checks and balances that were incorporated into our Constitution that were designed to prevent the executive branch of government from becoming too powerful. I seem to remember that he called this fundamentally transforming America.

When someone is caught doing something wrong or not doing something right, it is not unusual for them to try to blame someone else for their failures. This type of chicanery is a fundamental character flaw that is as old as humanity itself. It goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden when Adam said to God that Eve made him do it, and Eve said to God that the serpent made her do it. The sad truth is that no one made either of them do anything.

The blame game is as old as humanity itself. So Barack Obama is just doing what comes naturally to the "natural man". He is blaming someone else for his own shortcomings and for his Administration’s failures. In President Obama’s case he has spent much of his Presidency blaming George W. Bush, and when that stopped working for him he spent the rest of his Presidency lying about his Administration’s record or pointing the finger at others in order to divert attention away from himself.

During the 2012 General Election Barack Obama successfully tied Mitt Romney to George W. Bush's dubious record. He thereby successfully turned the focus of the Presidential Campaign away from his own Administration's record by blaming everyone else for his own shortcomings. That was an Alinsky like tactic that really worked well for him. But Democrats held both Houses of Congress during the first two years of his Presidency, and in those first two years there was no one else to blame for his Administrations failures but himself. He can’t legitimately blame anyone else for failing to do what he said he was going to do while the Democrats controlled both Houses of Congress can he?

To be sure I was not particularly impressed with Mitt Romney’s performance in the 2nd and 3rd Presidential debates. I thought he was way too deferential towards President Obama. Everyone in the room including Mitt Romney kept referring to him as Mr. President all of the time when it wasn't really necessary. It would have been perfectly acceptable to refer to him as President Obama, but by calling him Mr. President all of the time it only served to further de-personalize Barack Obama and elevate him above everyone else in the room… It was totally unnecessary. No one referred to Mitt Romney as Mr. Governor. Whoever set the tone for those debates was preparing the way for Mitt Romney's eventual defeat in the General Election

I was not pleased with Governor Romney’s failure to capitalize on the numerous opportunities he had to go after President Obama’s foreign policy record. His foreign policies have been a disaster. Mitt Romney wasted almost every opportunity to go after Barack Obama's foreign policy initiatives... from Tunisia, to Libya, to Egypt, to Iran. I think Romney was given very bad advice by his handlers and coaches who wanted him to play it safe instead.. It was their fault that Mitt Romney lost the Election in 2012.

I don’t even know why a candidate for public office needs to have handlers, but they all do including President Obama. The President's handlers did not have any problem with him being aggressive in his criticism of Mitt Romney, or going after Romney’s record when he was the Governor of Massachusetts. They didn’t figure that it would cost him the women vote if he was a little aggressive in going after Mitt Romney's record.

On the other hand Mitt Romney's handlers were reluctant to let their candidate take off his silk gloves and put on his boxing gloves. They thought it would cost him potential female votes if he appeared to be attacking the President too harshly. What a bunch of poppycock.. This was not the time to be meek. I don’t see how it helped Mitt Romney to let Barack Obama off the hook on all of his foreign policy blunders. It did not help Mitt Romney's cause to keep saying that he agreed with the President on Tunisia, or on Libya, Egypt, and Iran. These have all been foreign policy disasters for the Obama Administration. We have absolutely no business at all intervening in Syria’s internal conflict as President Obama is considering doing, just like we had no business interjecting ourselves into the middle of Libya’s internal civil war. We have no overriding national security interest in either of these two Muslim countries.

However we do have a legitimate national security interest in what happens in Iran. When thousands of young Iranians took to the streets of Tehran to protest against their government, Barack Obama was noticeably silent. He said and did absolutely nothing to encourage these protestors. He should have at least expressed America's moral support for their cause, but President Obama was absent and unaccounted for while Iran's Republican Guard clamped down on the street demonstrations. Yet Iran continues to be a definite national security concern for America and for our allies in the region. Libya and Syria are not vital national security concerns for America, but Iran is, and it has been continuing down the road to nuclear armament for the past four years while Barack Obama has been occupying the White House. His foreign policy of economic sanctions has proved ineffective in deterring Iran from developing a nuclear bomb. The fact is that no economic sanctions, no matter how hard or crippling they are, will ever stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. If they could, then they would have prevented North Korea from developing nuclear weapons a long time ago.

There is no country that has been more hurt by crippling economic sanctions than North Korea. Their people are virtually starving, yet those sanctions have not deterred North Korea from building their nuclear bombs. And there is no evidence that it has even slowed them down. Our competitors the Russians know this, and that is why they don’t support economic sanctions against Iran. That is why we need to do something more than placing economic sanctions on them and giving those sanctions more time to work. Barack Obama’s foreign policy vis a vis the government of Iran is just a disaster waiting to happen.

Barack Obama is lying about virtually everything he does. His foreign policy is a total train wreck. It has been a disaster from the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak, to the murders of our embassy personnel in Benghazi, to our apparent accomodation over Iran's nuclear weapons development program. The world is more divided now than it has ever been before, especially in places like Syria, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, and even Iraq where the Bush Administration empowered the Shia to take control of that country, and ever since that happened there have been almost continuous street bombings and bloodshed on a massive scale never before seen in Iraq.. There is no peace nor stability in Irag, and Afghanistan looks like it is heading straight for the same kind of failure. President Obama has had something to do with all of these events in the Middle East.

Our soldiers are being shot and killed, not only in combat by our enemies which they all knew could happen if they enlisted in the army, but right in their own barracks by Afghans posing as our friends. They did not count on being murdered in their own barracks by Barracks Hussein Obama's deadly foreign policies, his stupid rules of engagement and his ill-fatal military protocols.“Barracks” Hussein Obama is the Commander in Chief, and he is responsible for these murders of our armed forces personnel just as sure as he is responsible for the murders of our four embassy personnel in Benghazi, Libya. Hillary Clinton can fall on the sword if she wants to in order to try to protect Barack Obama, but Barack Obama is ultimately responsible.

Everything that Barack Obama touches in the Middle East turns into a nightmare and another bloody mess. I don’t know if it is just his own naiveté or if it is by actual design. The speculation is that Barack Obama wants Israel and Iran to get into a war with each other that neither one of them can win, but which diminishes both of them militarily and economically, and paves the way for Saudi Arabia to emerge as the new regional power in the Middle East. That would seem to make sense to me afterall since he did go to Saudi Arabia and bow down to the King of Saudi Arabia on his first foreign trip abroad as our President. And that was no mere token bow he made either. His chin nearly dusted the floor, and it shocked many Americans to see this shameless display of obeissance back home in the States. Both his dad and his grandfather before him were Sunni Muslims. The theory is that Barack Obama whose African ancestors have been Sunni Muslim for at least two generations doesn’t care for the Shia of Iran any more than he cares for the Jews of Israel, so he wants to get rid of both of them in order to facilitate the rise of a new regional power in the Middle East which would be Saudi Arabia. That way he can prove his real loyalty to the custodians of the Sunni Muslim holy sites in Mecca and Medina.

Of course Barack Obama would never admit to any of this so he just continues to lie about what he is actually doing in the Middle East. Therefore this all remains in the realm of speculation. But he lies about everything that his administration is doing both at home and abroad. He does not have a good relationship with Americas only real ally in the region Israel, although he claims that he does. The Israelis trust him even less than most Americans do. They are distributing gas masks in Israel and preparing their bomb shelters for the next attack on their country. Whether that attack comes from the Muslim Brotherhood backed government of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi which Barack Obama also supported, or from the ever present nightmare on Israel's border that is called Gaza, or if it comes from Syria and Lebanon on their northern frontier, or from Iran in the east the Israelis won’t actually know until it actually happens, but when it does it will almost certainly be the result of Barack Obama’s consistently disasterous Middle East foreign policies.

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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