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From Death Panels to Debt Panels
-By Scott Rohter, August 2011

"If you are willing to give up your freedom for a little security, then you don't deserve either [and you will probably lose both]! - FDR, variation by Scott Rohter

“There is no actual proof that anyone will be more secure or more healthy if we give up our freedom
for a little bit of Government run health care!”
– Scott Rohter

The entire liberal-progressive Establishment almost came unhinged last year when Sarah Palin came out with the term “Death Panels” to refer to the U.S. Federal Government deciding on just what drugs and medical procedures would or would not be covered under a Government run health care system! (ObamaCare) If she hadn’t been 100% correct about her conclusions, they wouldn’t have gotten so upset at her and reacted so vociferously to her remarks. (Me thinkest that they protested too much!)

Now we have the Federal Government under the very trim, fit, and healthy… and also very active First Lady, pressuring restaurants to reduce the amount of food that they put on customer's plates, in a misguided effort to tackle the obesity problem in America! She is also pressuring food manufacturers to reduce the amount of salt, sugar, and preservatives that they put in our food. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, she has also condemned grocery stores and convenience stores all across America for being so called “food deserts”. Aren’t liberals creative with words? What the heck is a food desert anyway? Maybe Michelle Obama should take a trip to Libya to see what a desert really looks like! Oh, I forgot she can't do that. Her husband is bombing the place! Or better yet, maybe the local 7 Eleven stores should just pack sand on the shelves  instead of Hostess cupcakes, in order to show her what a food desert really is! Even better yet, maybe Michelle Obama should just go pound sand!

It’s amazing to me that there hasn’t been a greater outcry yet against this latest Government overreach, and intrusion into our private lives! Apparently freedom is very rapidly going out of style in America, especially the freedom to be fat or unhealthy! Why do you think that the Obama administration and the US Federal Government are so concerned now, about what you eat and drink? They do care you know, because under ObamaCare soft drinks won’t be allowed to be sold in public schools anymore! Oh yes they care, but just not for the same reason you think! Here’s a golden nugget of information in a mountain of “liberal progressive slurry” and spin. They care about what you eat, because under a Government run health care system they are already calculating the cost of paying for your medical bills! Isn’t that nice of them? Does anyone actually think that they might be trying to do the right thing, but just for the wrong reason? Or do you believe like I do, that they are doing the wrong thing for the wrong reason! If you know anything about human nature, especially the nature of politicians, then you have probably arrived at the same conclusion that I have. They are doing the wrong thing for the wrong reason!

Your Federal Government is already exhibiting the same self-serving pecuniary considerations about the food you eat which affects your health, that they are going to exhibit about the drugs and the medical procedures that are necessary to keep you alive and healthy! How right you were, Sarah!!!

Now, under Barack (and Michelle) Obama we have gone From Death Panels to Debt Panels. What do I mean? I mean that the Democrats with Barrack Obama leading their team, and the Republicans, who are playing right along with them, have created a select congressional committee, the so called “Gang of Twelve”, who will decide what future spending reductions, and TAX HIKES will be implemented in order to balance the Federal Budget, and get us out of this debt hole that we are in! This was part of the 'Bonehead Boehner Bill', i.e. The Budget Control Act of 2011, that was agreed to by the leadership of both Parties, and passed by Congress. So we actually have gone From Death Panels to Debt Panels under President Barack Obama! By the way, I wonder if he’s got that little birth certificate problem taken care of yet. It probably doesn’t really matter because he’s already been in office for almost three years, and it hasn’t slowed him down one bit, or stopped him from doing anything yet, or put even one small dent in his demeanor! But you can’t blame a lot of hard working, and well meaning people for trying can you? And after all, they are probably correct you know!

What exactly has happened to my country? What is the crux of the whole problem? I think we have developed a “plantation type mentality!” This attitude is clearly demonstrated by so many of the nation’s poor whites and poor blacks. Everybody seems to want someone or something else to take care of them in exchange for just performing their jobs! In the case of poor white people, it’s probably just a total lack of personal responsibility due to being infected with some kind of a Liberal virus that can’t be cured with antibiotics! In the case of some of my black brothers and sisters, it’s just a natural progression from living on the cotton plantation to living off the Federal Government plantation, where the government will take care of them! And who can actually blame them anyway? They feel they are entitled to it, and maybe they are! But I know one thing for certain. White people sure aren’t! However, they have both decided to give up their personal freedom and responsibility for some government health care and the sense of a little security! You notice I said, “the sense of a little security.” That’s because there is no actual proof that anyone will be more secure, or more healthy if we give up our freedom for a little bit of Government run health care! Here is what President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said. (You better pay attention because I almost never quote a liberal to justify a point.) "If you are willing to give up your freedom for a little security, than you don't deserve either, [and you will probably lose both!]" - FDR, reprisal by Editor

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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