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E tu John?
To the Chief Judas of the U.S. Supreme Court
“Dear John”... A Dear John Letter That I Didn't Want to Write

-by Scott Rohter, July 2012

When a tax is really not a tax, but is still considered to be constitutional

How Conservatives Got Robbed by John Roberts !

When is a tax really not a tax? And when does something that is really not a tax, but rather a penalty for failing to buy insurance become a tax instead? Are you about as confused as I am? Well apparently it is whenever the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court decides that it is, because he is the only man in the whole country that has the power to actually change the definition of words, and to give them new meaning! He is the only person in the whole country who has the capacity to redefine the English language to suit his own whims. Now with the Court’s permission you can do just about anything you want in America that is un-constitutional. Supposedly all you have to do is get the Chief Justice’s permission to change the definition of what is, is!

Wait a minute! Bill Clinton tried to do that, and he failed miserably with disastrous results. But apparently he was just a little bit ahead of his time. Now it is perfectly acceptable according to John Roberts to redefine the meaning of anything. A penalty, a tax, a fine, a punishment, the definition of is, they are all interchangeable terms now. Whenever this George W. Bush appointee to the United States Supreme Court says that a penalty for not purchasing insurance is really a tax instead, then I guess it is, depending on just what the definition of is, is. And this is in spite of what the President of the United States says, and what the Congress says. End of story!

In a close five to four decision, twenty six States and approximately 150 million people who listened the President of the United States and to their elected representatives in Congress, and who took them all at their word and believed what we were told, that the penalty in the Affordable Care Act for failing to purchase insurance was really just what they said it was, a penalty, we were told to our bewilderment Thursday to basically go fly a kite! The penalty really wasn’t a penalty after all. It was a tax all along! April Fool’s Day! Oh, but this is June. It was all very nice and legal of course. They wouldn’t want us to violate the law or the Constitution I’m sure. Only they can do that!

This double standard to which Washington D.C. has risen, and the stench from the “swamp on the Hill” has now spread to all three branches of government.  It has risen to the attention of the utmost Supreme Being in the whole Universe, to whom even our own Supreme Court must answer some day. If the penalty that isn't a penatly which is now called a tax, was really a tax in the first place, then this challenge to Obama Care would have been tossed out of court over a year ago, because under our laws in order to sue over a tax issue, one must first need to have paid the so called tax in dispute. That is the law of the land. In other words if this penalty is a tax, and the litigant bringing the lawsuit has not paid the tax, then they don’t have any legal standing to sue, because they can’t prove any damages. That’s the truth!

John Roberts who is supposed to be a conservative member of the Supreme Court sided with the Court’s most liberal members on three of the four decisions regarding Arizona’s illegal immigration law and ruled against the State of Arizona. Now our “legal Judas Iscariot” on the Bench, our Chief Betrayer on the Supreme Court, John Roberts has sold his alleged conservative principles down the river once again, and sided with the Court’s four liberal progressives: Ginsburg, Breyer, Kagan, and Sotomayor in order to deliver up this very unpopular decision in favor of President Obama’s very unpopular Affordable Care Act.

First of all let me say that no matter what this duplicitous Court or the lying politicians in Washington D.C. say, the Affordable Care Act is still un-constitutional to me! And it is still un-constitutional to millions of other Americans in at least twenty-six different States. Just because four progressive jurists joined by one duplicitous Chief Justice say that black is white or up is down isn’t going to make it so! Sorry!

This Law is wildly unpopular, and a Democrat Congress, Democrat President, duplicitous Supreme Court, and a lap dog media cannot make it popular! It was forced through Congress without a single Republican vote, not one! The Democrats used lies and bribes, and threw temper tantrums in order to drum up the necessary votes in both the House and Senate. It was passed in the wee hours of the morning on Christmas eve, with the Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi threatening to just “deem it passed” if she didn’t get the required number of votes. In a sane world both Nancy Pelosi and John Roberts would be tried for their high crimes and misdemeanors and hung!

Nobody knows what kind of pressure and duress were used on the members of the Supreme Court to get them to vote to uphold the Affordable Care Act. They are not saying, but it is safe to assume that it was at least as bad as the vote buying that occurred in Congress with Ben Nelson of Nebraska and his “Cornhusker Kickback”, or Mary Landrieu and the “Second Louisiana Purchase”. So the Affordable Care Act was leveraged through the Supreme Court by only God knows what kind strong arm tactics, and passed by the slimmest of slim five to four split decisions.

Five to four is not a consensus to move forward on anything so drastic or monumental as an overhaul of our nation’s entire health care system. It is not a mandate for sweeping change, just as Obama’s election in 2008 wasn’t a mandate to transform America as much as it was a repudiation of the policies of his predecessor. Just because this Democrat administration and four very partisan members of this Court, plus one duplicitous Chief Justice say that this monstrosity called the Affordable Care Act is constitutional, will not make it so to me, nor to millions of other Constitution loving Americans! Twenty-six States sued the Federal Government over the Affordable Care Act, because they did not believe that Obama Care was constitutional. They weren’t wrong. It isn’t!

Never before in American history has our country’s future been in the incapable hands of such arrogant leaders! We are $16 trillion dollars in debt and the nation’s leaders are taking powers that do not belong to the Federal Government, that have no precedent in law, and are not permitted by the Constitution!  Never before in the history of our Republic has one Party increased the size and scope of Federal power so vastly over the unanimous opposition of the other Party. Twenty-six States and 150 million people aren’t wrong! Never before has one political Party instituted such sweeping change without even a single member of the other Party voting for it, to at least give it a thin veneer of bi-partisanship. The nationwide conspiracy in our country is completely out in the open now. It is a Democrat conspiracy!

So while five federal judges in black robes put what they think are the finishing touches on their conspiracy to consolidate power in the hands of Washington D.C., Americans all over the country are waking up to today to the fact that we have all but lost our freedom. States are learning that the Federal Government "monster" that they created has all but stolen theirsovereignty. And the founding principle of federalism is all but being totally ignored by our national leaders in Washington!

Five judges in black robes say this egregious exacerbation of contempt for the Constitution called Obama Care is constitutional, but tens of millions of Americans strongly disagree with their opinion and shout in unison, “Nay, but this is not so! It is not constitutional, and you will never make us like it!”

When the Affordable Care Act was sold by a Democrat controlled Congress to a reluctant America, its chief proponent Barack Obama said that the penalty for not purchasing health insurance was not a tax. Today the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts contradicted the President, the Congress, and the Democratic Party, and said that it actually is a tax. All of this treachery and underhandedness surrounding the Affordable Care Act, and playing footloose and fancy free with the clear intent and meaning of the words in the Constitution and the limited powers and un-enumerated rights amendments will only serve to increase the power of the Federal Government!

Justices Scalia, Thomas, Alito and in this case an unlikely ally, Justice Kennedy stood opposed to this decision, but they were in the minority unfortunately. The majority decision was written and read by the Chief Justice Betrayer himself, Justice John Roberts, and agreeing with him were all of the liberal Justices on the Court: Breyer, Ginsburg, Kagan, and Sotomayor. Five to four! Liberty, freedom to choose, and the Constitution lost. We were robbed of our rights by Chief Justice John Roberts.
"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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