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Postmortem Election Analysis 2012
Were We Set up to Fail?

(Keeping Things in Perspective after a Disappointing Defeat at the Polls)

By Scott Rohter, November 2012

“There are things that we know, and there are things that we don’t know. Then there are the things that we don’t even know that we don’t know! Those things are the hardest...”
– Donald Rumsfeld Secretary of Defense

There are things about the 2012 General Election that we know, and there are things about the 2012 General Election that we don’t know, not yet at least. Let’s see if we can sort some of these thngs out… We know that we lost the election. That’s obvious almost a year later. But why didn’t the Republican Party challenge the results of the election shortly after it occured, like the Democrats did eight years ago in 2004? After all, there were plenty of allegations of fraud, voter intimidation, and electronic voter machine tampering…Just look at this one for example involving Congressman Alan West of Florida. Please click the following link.   

What more does the Republican Party need to mount a legal challenge? Apparently they need a lot more. What about this in Wood County Ohio where the FBI is investigating how it was possible for President Obama to receive 106,258 votes in a county where there were only 98,213 eligible voters. Click here. It isn’t humanly possible to get 108% of the vote, not even in an America that is run by Barack Obama with the help of Acorn and the intimidation of the Black Panther Party. But I am sure that the progressive Establishment of the Republican Party led by John Boehner and Reince Priebus will just let Congressman Alan West hang out to dry along with the Tea Party who supporterd him. In any case we know that the Republican Party is never going to contest the 2012 Election.

My personal opinion is that we should outlaw all electronic machines just. It is just too easy to tamper with the actual numbers on electronic voting machines, and there is virtually no oversight to the process.  Only a limited number of insiders who are hired to count the votes actually know what is really going on! Let me ask you a question. What foreign owned company in what overseas socialist nation was hired to operate the software for our German made electronic voting machines? Do you know? It was a Spanish firm with its headquarters in Barcelona Spain called SCYTL for short which purchased a company called SOE Software, which is the leading supplier of software for our American electronic voting machines. Click here.

Here are a few of the other things that we still don’t know and we cannot assume. First of all we cannot assume that the actual counting of the ballots especially in the key battleground States was done honestly and accurately, whether it was done electronically or not because most Americans don’t have a duplicate copy of their ballot to ensure the accuracy of the results!  There are many ways to steal an election… Only some of them have to do with the actual tabulating of the votes. For instance, we don’t know how many illegal aliens who shouldn’t even be in our country, more less voting in our Federal Elections were allowed to cast a ballot. But we do know that the laws requiring voters to show a valid I.D. before actually voting were struck down in several key States by Democrat Judges acting in co-operation with officials of the Obama Justice Department.  We know that!

We also know that Democrats were determined to win this election by any means possible. We know that Nancy Pelosi, the former Democrat Speaker of the House said they would, “…climb any wall” to achieve their single minded goal. If they couldn’t scale the wall she said they would “pole-vault over the wall” and if that didn’t work then she said they would, “parachute in over the top of the wall” in order to achieve their illegitimate ends. We know that. And knowing that doesn't leave me with a very good feeling.

We know that 2,916,811 votes were cast for President Obama in Illinois and only 2,090,116 votes were cast for Mitt Romney. But we do not know how many dead Democrats got up out of their graves on November 6th in Chicago with the help of Rahm Emanuel, and voted for another term of excessive government overspending and government entitlements for their children and their grandchildren.  We know that is precisely why Rahm Emanuel left the White House two years ago in order to become the Mayor of Chicago… because Democratic Mayor Richard M. Daley had announced his unexpected plans for retirement.

Emanuel left Washington so that the former White House Chief of Staff could secure the Nation’s 3rd largest city for Democrats, and deliver up the State’s twenty Electoral College votes for Barack Obama. Where was the Republican Party when Rahm Emanuel was running for Mayor? They were way behind the curve just like they always are. Even I knew that’s why Emanuel left the White House and perhaps the second most important job in the free world in order to become the Mayor of the Nation’s 3rd largest city. And the pied piper of dead Democratic voters did exactly what he was expected to do on Election Day, or as it is known in the Windy City“Dia de los Muertos” which translated means “the day of the dead”. Apparently more than 825,506 dead Democrats did rise up out of their graves again, precisely at Rahm’s command, and they pulled the lever once again for the community organizer from the South Side of Chicago.

We don’t know how many hundreds of thousands of other people, even millions of other people also voted in this election who were not supposed to vote, or who voted more than once, or who stuffed the ballot boxes while we weren’t looking, or how many votes for Mitt Romney failed to ever be counted by the offshore firm that runs the software for many of America’s electronic voting machines. We don’t know how many absentee ballots were either shredded or trashed, or how many military ballots never went out, or were sent out late and couldn’t be counted. We don’t know any of that!

On Election Night they were throwing President Obama re-election parties in many foreign capitals and foreign cities all over the world from Nairobi Kenya, where his father was born, to Moscow where he promised Vladimir Putin that he would be more flexible after the election, to Jakarta Indonesia, where he spent most of his youth in a madrassa, to London, to Barcelona Spain where the headquarters for the company is that owns and manages the software for our electronic voting machines. They were all celebrating President Obama’s re-election victory. That we know.

We don’t know if the Republican progressive Establishment who supported Mitt Romney two years ago, long before the hotly contested Republican Primary began, cut another one of their shady back room deals like the one they did in Tampa to change the Convention Rules. Perhaps this time they cut a deal with their progressive counterparts in the Democratic Party in order to give Barack Obama a second term in office in 2012 in exchange for a moderate Republican candidate to win the White House in 2016…a candidate like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, or Governor Jeb Bush of Florida. We don’t know if we were sold out, how bad we were sold out, and exactly by whom we were sold out. But the Conservative Movement was certainly infiltrated and successfully co-opted, and all of our conservative candidates for President were defeated in the Primaries. Please read my article “Wasted Opportunity – Who Pulled the Plug on the Tea Party” Please click here. 

We were told that none of our real conservative candidates could actually win the General Election. While the only thing that we really know for sure is this:  After two straight attempts in the last two General Elections… we know a moderately liberal Republican cannot win the General Election. And he certainly cannot win by trying to blur the distinctions between himself and his opponent, or by trying to look like a moderate Democrat. That’s what we do know!

Mitt Romney’s loss in the 2012 Election should usher in a new way of thinking inside of the Republican Party, but it is unlikely to come from the Party’s current leaders. It should portend a gigantic shift to the right inside of our Party because this is the second straight time as many Presidential Elections that the Republican Establishment has forced a moderately liberal Presidential nominee on our Party only to lose have their plated handed to them in the General Election. The first time it was with John McCain in 2008, and now it is Mitt Romney in 2012. They were two liberal losers that are cut from the same Republican Establishment bolt of cloth.The RNC has milked all the rest of us like we are some gigantic cash cow that is just there for the purpose of milking. They have done it to us for the past six straight years, and they have taken every spare dime many of us have just in order to deliver up the same losing result each time.

There can’t be that many stupid people in America can there be? Or maybe I should rephrase that. There can’t be that many stupid people in America who have come to our country legally and who have a legitimate right to vote in our elections! We need to stop illegal immigration now, and secure our borders, and we need to make sure that every person who votes in our Federal Elections actually has a right to vote! We need to put an immediate end to illegal alien voting! We are not going to do that with compehensive immigration reform or a pathway to citizenship either. That will only legalize the illegal Democrat voting bloc.

The Republican Establishment foisted Mitt Romney on us in 2012 over our strong objections in the Primary, yet like good little Republicans we went along with the plan and supported Mitt Romney all the way to the end. The Establishment carried the day back in August at the National Convention, but we all lost in November at the General Election. And I would like to point out that many of us took this loss much harder than Mitt Romney apparently did judging by his cheery concession speech. He fought like the dickens to win the Party’s nomination including rigging more than one State Primary and caucus, but then he just seemed to roll over play dead in the 2nd and 3rd Presidential Debates for Barack Obama. And he took his loss when it was all over very good naturedly, curiously enough…

In order for Mitt Romney to win the Republican nomination, the Republican Establishment had to manipulate more than one State Primary or Caucus.. They finessed the vote counts in Iowa, Maine and New Hampshire in order for him to prevail over his Republican rivals. There is just no disputing the fact that the Republican Establishment was solidly behind Mitt Romney long before he officially became the Party’s nominee. With the Republican Establishment solidly behind him, Mitt Romney was able to raise and outspend all of his rivals by huge margins in the Primary only to deliver us the same disappointing result that John McCain did in a head to head matchup with Barack Obama in 2008. Why was that? 

Well, in spite the fact that millions of illegal aliens voted for Democrats who shouldn’t have even been allowed to vote… and besides the fact that Rahm Emanuel made damn sure that there were enough fraudulent votes in Chicago to deliver Illinois’ twenty Electoral College Votes to Barack Obama, and besides all of the absentee ballots that were trashed, and the military ballots that were never mailed, or mailed out so late that they couldn't be counted, and besides the  1,154,275 Jehovah’s Witnesses who don’t vote because they think voting is cooperating with evil, and the 750,000 Amish, Mennonite and other Anabaptists who don’t vote for similar reasons, and the 1,139,562 Libertarians who just threw their votes away simply by voting for Gary Johnson, and besides a very small, but still significant percentage of mainstream Christians who didn’t vote for Mitt Romney because of his Mormon religion… besides all of these things why else did Mitt Romney lose this election?

As if all of the above mentioned reasons were not enough, Mitt Romney lost this election because of who he is... not because he is a Mormon, but because of his political beliefs which were so inconsistent over the years. It was his own damn fault that he lost the election, and he lost it by an even wider margin than John McCain did four years ago because Mitt Romney’s prior record of inconsistency on many of the core conservative issues that mean so much to Republican voters i.e. 2nd Amendment rights, abortion on demand, individual mandates were anathema to most conservatives. His positions on these issues and others had shifted so many times over the years that it was obvious to most observers that he just had no core values. He was completely unpredictable…The impression was that he would say anything to get elected.. He was a typical politician just like President Obama who also lied and flip-flopped by the way.

The average independent voter did not know what to expect from Mitt Romney, and unlike those of us conservative Republicans who were willing to take a gamble for the sake of the country, many of the Nation’s independent voters were not.  So he was actually hung by his own words and contradictions over the years, and by his own record… Many of us tried to warn the Republican Party about that several years ago and all during the long Republican Primary, but our leaders merely turned a deaf ear. There is only so much you can hide about a public figure as well known as Mitt Romney. His political record was out there for the world to see, and his contradictions over the years, as glaring as they were became his undoing.

Because of his shifting record over his long political career, Mitt Romney was forced to make his campaign about one central issue… jobs. That was all he had to run on where he could show any consistency. That was all he had to run on where he had any credibility; business and the economy! He had been on both sides of almost every other issue over his long political career. And it really didn’t matter that President Obama was just as big of a flip-flopper as he was because when actually faced with a choice, independent voters decided that they would rather have the flip-flopper they knew than the flip-flopper they didn’t know! That was really why Mitt Romney lost the election. Although I certainly don’t agree with them, from their point of view their way of thinking is totally understandable.

In the final weeks before the election starting with the Second Presidential Debate, Mitt Romney tried to blur the distinctions even more between himself and Barack Obama on a number of different issues, the foremost being on foreign policy. That was a big mistake. He wasted ample opportunities at the 2nd and 3rd Debates to criticize the President over his failed foreign policies… the so called Arab Spring, the murders of our embassy personnel in Benghazi, the attempts to cover-up those murders and blame it on an inconsequential YouTube video, the take-over of the largest country in the Middle East by the Muslim Brotherhood, his administration’s feeble response to the threat of Iran’s growing nuclear weapons program, the bombing of Libya, and the sale of guns to Mexican drug cartels which got totally out of hand and resulted in the death of at least one of our Border Patrol agents. All of these were glaring targets for Mitt Romney to attack President Obama on, but he failed to do so. Why?  Instead of criticizing the President he kept saying, “I agree with the President”. Well, if you agreed with the President Mr. Romney than why the hell did you run against him? That’s what I want to know. If that was all you had to offer then you shouldn’t have run in the first place.

More importantly, what possible advantage did Mitt Romney gain from publically admitting that he agreed with the President’s foreign policies.  Even if he did he shouldn’t have said so! Mitt Romney should have accentuated his differences with President Obama not just keep repeating, “I agree with the President”, or “I congratulate the President".  From a moderate’s point of view or an independent’s perspective why should they vote for an expensive look alike when they can actually vote for the real thing? Whoever was advising Mitt Romney gave him some very bad advice.

So my question is this. “Was the outcome of the 2012 Election just a forgone conclusion from the very beginning just like the National Conventions were?”  Was this all just an exercise in public futility?” Was it the result of some grand conspiracy? Were we all set up to fail just like we were the last time around in 2008 with John McCain? I will report the facts.You can draw your own conclusions.
All of the debates were hosted by the liberal mainstream media. There was not one single host from conservative talk radio asking the questions. There was no Glenn Beck. There was no Michael Savage. There was no Marc Levin, or Rush Limbaugh, or Sean Hannity, or Laura Ingraham, or Mike Huckabee, or Lars Larson, or Michael Medved, or Roger Hedgecock to moderate the debates or to ask the questions.  Not a single conservative commentator/ journalist was allowed to be on any of the panels to make sure that certain questions would be asked! The Republican National Committee agreed to these terms. Reince Priebus should resign immediately! He shouldn’t even wait until his term is up as the National Republican Party Chairman. He should just fall on his own sword.

I pointed out after the 2nd Presidential Debate that Mitt Romney failed on numerous occasions to take advantage of the golden opportunities he had to attack President Obama’s foreign policy record. Why didn’t he? Why did he keep saying that he agreed with the President? His strategy seemed to be to try to blur any distinctions that existed between the two of them, and to try to make himself look not too different than Barack Obama. He tried to make this election appear to be about one thing and one thing only, jobs and the economy. Who gave him that advice?

I wrote two years ago that this election was not primarily about jobs or the short term effects of the economic downturn. It was about freedom triumphing over tyranny. It was about independence over growing co-dependence. It was about the ballooning National Debt and the annual Federal Deficits that we are running every year. It was about our children’s future and our grandchildren’s opportunity to even have a future! It was about the growing power of a run-away Federal Government in Washington D.C. that is totally and absolutely out of control. And in the final few weeks of his campaign Mitt Romney said that he would not drastically cut the revenues to the Federal government. When I heard that I almost choked. He also said that he would not repeal all of Obama Care. At that point I almost had a heart attack. His Mr. Rogers like strategy of trying to be all things to all people has left him being almost nothing to anyone.  Mitt Romney has apparently never learned that very important lesson in life, “To thine own self be true.” That is why he succumbed to Karl Rove’s strategy of political gamesmanship.

This election was never about whether you lost your job at the local bank. It was about the bigger banking scandal that brought the whole world to its knees. This banking scandal began in New York City and some of the biggest culprits who caused it have still not been punished! As a matter of fact some of them haven’t even been apprehended.  It’s just too bad that a category 1 hurricane can’t be a little more selective!

All of the current Republican leaders who mismanaged the 2012 campaign and led us down a path to this heart-rending loss should step down now from their positions in command and control of the Republican National Committee. From National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus all the way down to Oregon State Chairman Allen Alley they are all of them about as worthless as a wooden nickel. They are as useless as political strategists as Mr. Rogers from your childhood memories. And most of them are already two time losers by now, first in 2008 with John McCain, and now again in 2012 with Mitt Romney. If you want to keep listening to them then you must want remain irrelevant.

They don’t have a viable plan to lift the Republican Party out of the ditch it has been in for the past 24 years. When Barack Obama’s second term in office is up in 2016 it will have been 24 full years since 1992 when the Republican Party last had a commanding presence in America. That was with Ronald Reagan. But since then we have not been able to duplicate that success. The record of the past 24 years is not a record of success that should be rewarded. It is a record of failure that should be replaced. Our current Party leaders do not have their finger on the pulse of what inspires and motivates the next generation of freedom loving Americans. They should all be tossed out of office at the very next Central Committee Meetings. Most of them are moderates like Mitt Romney who have led us down the wrong path, but there is nothing even remotely moderate about their long losing record.

Their Mr. Rogers like strategy of trying to be liked by everyone has left them liked by almost no one. Their strategy is right out of the political play book of Karl Rove, who was a senior advisor to the Mitt Romney campaign. It was Karl Rove after all who advised Mitt Romney not to appear to be too aggressive against Obama in the debates because it could cost him votes among women. Now Mr. Rove should take these disappointing results as a cue and exit stage right. He should get out of Dodge and get the Hell out of the political consulting business altogether.

The Republican Party is like a losing baseball team with some pretty good talent, but it is being poorly coached and mismanaged. We should take a lesson from former New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner. Whenever he got poor results from his baseball team he used to fire all the coaches and the managers. In this case we should fire Reince Priebus and all of the State Republican Party Chairmen who supported Mitt Romney long before the Republican Primary ever began and before he became the Party’s eventual nominee.

We also need to get rid of the consultants that we trusted like Mr. Rove and Dick Morris who misadvised us.  We need to stop listening to phony conservative pundits like Charles Krauthammer, George Will, and Ann Coulter and the T.V. and radio talk show hosts who keep having them on as guests. I won’t list them all. You know who they are. If we keep doing the same unhelpful things that we have done in the past then we will keep getting the same unfortunate results in the future. To expect anything different is the classical definition of insanity, which by the way just happens to rhyme with Sean Hannity.

All of these people that I just named, some of whom are leaders of the Party and others who are influential are already thinking about their next pick in 2016…their next moderate candidate they plan on running for President in four more years. It is either going to be Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey or Governor Jeb Bush of Florida. Both of them would be a disaster for the Republican Party and a total disaster for the Conservative Movement. Therefore we need to be one step ahead of them or we will find ourselves too far behind them to do anything about it. And If we are not able to stop it we will be encumbered once more with the same type of phony conservative that they have chosen for us in each of the last four Presidential elections going all the way back to George W. Bush.

We lost the 2012 Presidential Election (apparently because I don’t actually know how much cheating there was) but we must not lose the fight for control of the Republican Party at the next Central Committee Meetings that are held in their wake all across America. We must remove the current Republican Party leaders who have made these poor decisions that have resulted in our Party losing the last two General Elections.

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