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A Modern American Fairy Tale that Didn’t Come True
Dark Knight - The Un-finished Story of Barack Obama

By Scott Rohter, with assistance from Paula Bunyard
September, 2012

Once Upon a Time in a land not far away there came a great storm, the fury of which its people had never seen before. There were dark clouds on the horizon as far as the eye could see in all directions. Until the moment that the storm arrived this land and its people had always enjoyed the blessings of divine providence. It was a great land blessed with vast forests, huge mountains, and endless prairies. It was a land that contained many rivers which nurtured thousands of different kinds of animals. The land contained vast wealth... endless deposits of natural resources for the people to use in whatever way they saw fit. The land possessed riches in great abundance. It was a place where if you were willing to work, your wildest dreams could come true...

The people of this land enjoyed tremendous success and prosperity for over two hundred years. Then prosperity was followed by hard times and because the people had experienced success for so long they were totally unprepared to deal with failure. Those who took their success for granted were now faced with having to make some difficult decisions. Some of the choices they made were not good. They had to chose between traditions which had always served them well in the past and some very new and strange customs which they had never followed before. Many of the people blamed the nation's problems on their current leaders. They believed that if they just followed a new path that it would eventually lead them back to prosperity, but there were older, wiser voices that counseled caution.

Into the midst of this storm there arose a Dark Knight. He swept across the land like the welcome warmth of Spring after a cold and dreadful Winter. He offered the optimism which the people longed to hear. With his eloquent words and lofty rhetoric he lifted their spirits and convinced them to abandon their traditions. He gave them hope and he promised to bring fundamental change that would improve their lives. As he spoke of better days to come he won over the hearts and minds of the children. Many of the elders still remained skeptical, but no one could resist the pressure for change, and no one could utter a bad word about the Dark Knight as he continued to weave a great spell which captured the hearts and minds of the nation's youth. The momentum for change became unstoppable. The Dark Knight's goal was to win over as many people as possible so he could fundamentally transform their lives forever. All of his talk about a future where no one lacked for anything was just a huge lie that he used to obtain power, but it was the big lies that he promised which the people came to believe in.

They believed he would solve their unemployment problems. They believed he would solve their economic woes. They believed he would restore prosperity to their troubled land and heal their racial and ethnic divisions, but there was no real basis for them to believe that he could do any of these things that he promised. He never had a job in his life that taught him how to do what he said he wanted to do. He never ran a company where he demonstrated the slightest ability or the expertise to accomplish what he wanted to accomplish. He didn’t have any practical experience in anything that could possibly help him solve any of the nation’s problems. Nevertheless the people chose to believe in him anyway, and they entrusted their future and the future of their country into his less than capable hands.

Eight years went by. The hope and change which he spoke of never came to pass. He didn't keep most of the promises he made. People were growing desperate. Some were sorry they had ever trusted him. Others were locked up without being convicted of a crime. They were denied the presumption of innocence. They were denied bail. They were beaten and placed in solitary confinement. The people were more divided than they had ever been before. All of the Dark Knight's optimistic plans for the future had fallen short of their expectations. When the promises he failed to keep and the dreams which were never fulfilled became too much for people to bear some tried to have him removed from power, but there were more who still believed in him. and they continued to make excuses for him. The Dark Knight still has many apologists in the land. The situation will have to get much worse before anything can be done... Now the people are faced with another choice... It is a choice to continue down the same path on which they are being led or they can return to the more familiar traditions of their past which have always stood them well. What choice will they make? What choice will you make in 2016? Will you chose to make America great again or will you chose to manage our nation's decline? The choice is up to you.

~ to be continued ~

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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