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By Scott Rohter - November 2010

"The greatest threat to our future and our freedom is our own Federal Government" - Scott Rohter

The #1 job of our government is to keep us safe, yet we also need to be kept safe from our government. Dangerous animals are kept behind bars for a reason. They are restrained in a cage for our own protection. The Federal Government is like a dangerous animal. As such if we are going to have an effective form of government... a government that can both keep us safe, and also a government from whom we are kept safe, then for our own protection that government needs to be confined inside of a strong cage.

The cage that keeps us safe from our government is the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These two documents serve to restrain the harmful impulses and the wild tendencies of the "Government Beast". Safely within its cage, the Federal Government is able to perform all of its designated functions and yet it cannot harm us or the state governments that created it, but if it is ever released from its cage, then we are all in grave danger.

All animals need to eat from time to time and so it is that every so often we need to feed our Federal Government in order to keep it alive. But we should never reach our hand inside of the cage because it will invariably try to bite the hand that feeds it. In other words if we give it an opportunity then our government will surely consume our hands right along with our meal offering. I respect my government. I do not love it, nor do I readily trust it. I am always very careful when I place my food offering inside of the cage. Under absolutely no circumstances do I ever open the door of the cage or let the government out to forage around, lest I be devoured right along with the berries of the field.

Now what the Federal Government likes to feed on is money, lots and lots of your and my money, private property and our personal freedom too. So if you value your life, your money, your property and your freedom, then keep your hands outside of the cage, and your government safely inside of its Constitutional limitations. Don’t ever let it out to feed.

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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